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  1. I definitely laughed, but it also made me want to beat the tar out of em on Saturday.
  2. It certainly says something that he came in and won the job over a 3 year guy in just a handful of months. I hope that means there's something special about him and not rather that he was the highest on the totem pole of suckage.
  3. Awesome. Those were some major props. Thanks for posting.
  4. I predict that Berry Tramel is not very thorough. On a side note, who the hell spells Barry like that?
  5. Oh man I wish I would've known this before I bought my season ticket package.
  6. Sweet! It brings me just a little joy knowing that I'm viewing their content without making them ad money.
  7. And if you'd like to view it without having to click through the slides and give that awful excuse for a website more page views: http://deslide.clusterfake.net/?o=html_table&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbleacherreport.com%2Farticles%2F2175808-texas-vs-north-texas-complete-game-preview
  8. It works better if you drink it
  9. Yeah and he's pretty much implying that he should be listed as starting.
  10. Why not just drive up to Denton and watch it there? Lots of MG folks watching in that area as you'd imagine.
  11. Nope. Vito reports today that Moore "won the kicking job".
  12. Yeah I was kind of hoping for an actual callout Ali style. But that doesn't really sound very personal to me.
  13. Nope, this guy was just subtweeting BR so they will pick up on the news.
  14. Hot diggity damn! This place is gonna explode regardless of who is chosen.
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