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  1. I walk by it a lot and have yet to go in but it looks like it would be a good place to watch a game especially if multiple TVs were on the unt game and it had audio. East side is fun but you have to stand the entire time if you want to be inside.
  2. That must be why the crowds are getting smaller and smaller...
  3. We are going to the giants game as well Friday. Game is the priority Saturday. Victory cigars back in San Francisco after. Cowboys game Sunday at a bar in the fisherman’s wharf and then Alcatraz at 2pm Sunday.
  4. Hope to see you there. Beta Theta 

  5. Me and 8 others are making the trip. Staying in the mission area of San Francisco but will be in Berkeley bright and early Saturday. Hope we get a little pregame going somewhere before the game.
  6. I imagine so, got to wear them again and have a better outcome this year.
  7. I yelled it on the student side when I was in school and if you’re not listening for it you don’t know what they’re saying. I don’t use it on the home side precisely bc of kids but complaining about it every year is pointless. I’d rather the whole stadium including the kids yell mother F’in eagles than “really awesome” eagles. Go ahead and kick us back to the sun belt if we go that route.
  8. I always get frustrated when I go see the state championship games in Arlington and see their bands have a better pregame than we do. Happy to hear that may change.
  9. Or get over it. Different strokes for different folks.
  10. You’re stuck in old Denton. I’ll buy you 3 beers if it’s under 23k
  11. I think I’ve got 10 people committed to going who usually only make it to homecoming. In 2015 and 2017 we weren’t coming off that great of seasons either. With mason fine and back to back 9 win seasons I expect the largest unt crowd at Ford stadium thus far
  12. Nice! My group of 7 are going to the giants game Friday but we are doing Alcatraz Sunday. We wanted to spend most of Saturday prior to the game getting a feel for their college bars. I messaged unt a month ago about tickets and they said mid July so should be soon.
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