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  1. We are 3 point dogs. Any win will be great for the program and a last minute one would prob be better in terms of entertainment to an outsider.
  2. We are gonna try and get there at 9 and hopefully they don’t care on the 10:30 am gates opening thing.
  3. With another 2k going to be sold this week and 1k on Gameday. Yeah, I’ll take 16 thousand on a Tuesday at 2:30 2 days before Christmas.
  4. Count me in for 50 bucks annually
  5. Completely agree and yet there are those out there that think that way.
  6. It’s first come first serve and I’m going for that same southeast spot
  7. This was one of the student sections yesterday. It’s now sold out. Other section is going quick too. Doesn’t seem to be any student verification either so who knows who’s really buying them. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some alumni who think 25 is too steep lol.
  8. I’m not sure how many seats unt got in the first place but I assume it was something like 5k and if they’re gone already that’s really impressive. Might be a sell out.
  9. On mean green sports the link for tickets is gone already. Does that mean unt sold their allotment already?
  10. Yeah I called the athletic dept. yesterday and said we had around 40 people who wanted to sit together and they didn’t seem to have an answer if we could do that. On axs section 104 finally had multiple rows together instead of every other one so we went after it.
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