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  1. My buddies 3 year old was at the game with his grandparents and I went into the store to buy him a gift. Something to commemorate his first apogee experience. Was very disappointed that they didn’t have anything but shirts and some basic stuff. Why does rally house have dozens of stuffed scrappys but apogee doesn’t? Not really connected to this topic but I had to vent. The music idea is a good one. Also the beer tent they had at fouts was awesome. If they had something like that for the students to go to instead of the fraternities tailgates that would be cool. I’m sure there are lots of students who want to go to the game but don’t think there is anything for them prior to kickoff.
  2. We could get beat by a combined 100 points against utsa and western and I’d bet my salary homecoming would get more than 10k. Even in the crappiest years people come for homecoming. On the other hand if we came back 5-0 in conference be ready for 28k
  3. Then 11-3?? What expectations do you have? I don’t get how you can say there’s no scenario where you think he shouldn’t be retained? I mean we aren’t winning out but we are playing hypothetical games here and that just makes no sense.
  4. No amount? If you wouldn’t take a coach back after an 11-3 season with a conference title and a bowl win not to mention 14 straight conference wins then you are part of the problem
  5. This is the weirdest tradition we have here in Gomeangreen. Is this a thing on all message boards or we just being creepy “adopting” players.
  6. It’s a new era. Getting season tickets for the first time next season. Let’s keep this thing going and growing.
  7. Whatever group you’d like to add me to is up to you.
  8. I would agree it is that dumb. A sweet 16 is greater than any nit run could be. I love a good would you rather but that was one wasn’t balanced well. You’re welcome to come by and have a beer any time. Gmg
  9. If someone on Gomeangreen doesn’t make it to Nola are they suspended for a year?
  10. Data shows the tailgates hosted by people who think it’s ok for the students to say that bad word are 10x better than those who are against it.
  11. Was still saying it Saturday and won’t ever stop. #nevergraduate
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