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  1. rhaprez03-04

    And the rich get richer

    Do we really think the Kid after Murray was ready to step in? Bring in Hurts does give them an easy out for a season.
  2. rhaprez03-04

    Matt Rhule Expected To Accept NY Jets Job

    I would like to thank everyone on the forum for giving Waco something else to talk about than Chip and Jojo.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if its a defensive game. Give me a Ticket Friendly 13-10 North Texas.
  4. rhaprez03-04


    Board: FIX THIS S**T, WREN!!! Wern:
  5. rhaprez03-04

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Me thinks someone is vying to be the new Communications Director of Athletics. Great points Jason. Please also keep in my that charity starts at Home. So I would share your quote with all UNT Alumni and Student across the state and the country. Your University needs you to step up the support the Mean Green in every sport and classroom. We are the Mean Green! We are THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS.
  6. rhaprez03-04

    Everyone needs to calm down.

    This is the " I need clicks and Views" era. You can ask Vito how some reports are not always squared out. Twitter is now a source. Listen, no matter what happens, as long as North Texas is positively portrayed in the Media. I count that as a Win.
  7. rhaprez03-04

    Official North Texas Eagle Nuclear Winter Prediction

    Maybe....just Maybe... Saban gets tired of the Alabama BS from the Fans. If Seth is hired away to greener Pastures, Saban thinks to himself "you know what, I should try to turn a Mid-conference School in to a SEC boogieman. Then Jimbo and me can resume our weekly Golf game" Ha ha Ha Ha
  8. rhaprez03-04

    Well well well

    So in my YouTube feed. Saw this interesting entry that peeked love of dilapidated domes and look who makes a appearance .
  9. rhaprez03-04


    For those able to attend the Game. What sections of the Alamodome are you sitting? I'm buy tickets now and want to be close to Fam.
  10. rhaprez03-04

    Unis for Thursday?

    Something like this,Dark Green or Tartan Green numbers and Chrome Eagle on Helmet.
  11. rhaprez03-04

    Unis for Thursday?

    Black on black maybe?
  12. rhaprez03-04

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    It kind sad and exciting to see Fouts go to the big stadium in the sky. It is a testimony of how much progress UNT has made. One idea they should do in the new parking lot is mark where the 50 yard line was annnndddd where Sinbad said "we about to Paaaty"