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  1. Emmitt, I hope for the best in your research. This is certainly not a topic you want to take to lightly or brush aside. I really commend your leadership. this is another testament of the value anyone lucky enough to call North Texas their Alma Mater. Thank you for you service.
  2. So what about some "(I Wanna) Chat UNT over my Naming" --Not sure what for. See video below.
  3. Does anyone else feel like this?
  4. All I'm saying is just, play well and come tourney time.
  5. So my list will be tiny, But have enjoyed every moment of it. Fouts Field x 20+ Apogee Floyd Casey DKR Superdome x 3 Gerald Ford Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Alamodome I'm looking at you Kyle Field, and McLane
  6. Bowling for Soup said it best (even though you didn't leave Texas) "...Denton County will be waiting here for you... Welcome back to North Texas."
  7. I LOVE THIS THREAD!!!! and hope this conversation keeps going. If not, so where else on GMG.com. The Band plays just as an important role in make football, football. Thanks to media formats YouTube, Twitter and Netflix putting a spotlight on College Bands especially the Green Brigade. Just as I am proud whenever I hear people talking about NT Football, I am equally proud when and if the GB is mentioned. Please keep this Convo going and I hope the GB director has a chance to read this and see that we Alumni are proud of you. #GMG #GGB
  8. Solid review. yes this is a tough loss to a so-so AAC team. This is an much need bye as we get into the depth of Conference . To win the Conference is the ultimate goal. Let's get rested and finish strong.
  9. Also forgot to mention. All-Texas College Team Best QB Mason Fine First Team Offense: Mason Fine, Rico Bussey, DeAndre Torrey Second Team: Kelvin Smith, Sosaia Mose, Elex Woodworth Note: Sam Ehlinger UT QB and cover model on Second Team. First Team Defense: Khairi Muhammad Second Team: LaDarius Hamilton
  10. So, The Texas Sports Hall of Fame, in Waco, is the first to receive the New Dave Campbell Texas Football. Now granted that we are non to happy of UT's Sam Ehlinger on the cover and not Our Mason Fine They do have us going 9-3 overall (7-1 conference) in the 2019 Season. In fact, Greg Tepper of Texasfootball.com ask "Can a Texas team finally break Through in Wide-open C-USA?" He goes on to say that "The Lone Star State's best hope appears to be North Texas." Small Breakdown: Mean Green Offense : QB's = A+ RB's = A OLine = B- Receivers = A Defense: D-line = C LB's = D+ D-backs = B Special Teams = C Game of the Year: Mean Green at Southern Miss Oct 12. that being the conference loss. Let the debating continue....
  11. Does this mean an new woman's sport to the program? If so, cool, which one. Mean Green Baseball.........Nice!
  12. Congratulations all around to the Mean Green Women. This was an amazing season and credit goes to all the players and coaches that worked hard to give us more North Texas Glory. Though the outcome was not what we wanted, this team showed great heart and determination throughout the season. A big shout-out to Coach Mitchell!!!! She is proof you can always come home again. This was a season in the right direction. I look forward to more. Again congratulations on awesome Season and Go Mean Green!!
  13. Hit the Breaking News Sounder Expo! Texas Rangers University of North Texas night will be May 30, 2019. https://www.mlb.com/rangers/tickets/specials/university-days/university-north-texas Not sure what the Cap will look like, but I can 100% Guarantee it will have Green on it. (Safe bet?)
  14. Hello Mean Green Nation, Just wanted to see if anyone in the nation at the Texas Ranger Front Office, or close to the Rangers Office, would know when North Texas Theme night might be? I plan to make a lot a visits to the Temple. STILL the best ballpark in the majors HANDS DOWN!!!. This last season, the park is going to shine like a diamond!! #gorangers #stilldoingtheclaw
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