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  1. Marshall better polish off its resume and get ready to return to the MAC. Lol.
  2. Tech, Baylor, TCU, and now Houston will NEVER let it happen, for various reasons. And no one in the Texas legislature is going to force you down the Big 12’s throat like they did with Houston.
  3. My point is, the AAC is only going to look worse once schools start leaving. And it doesn’t look great now.
  4. I wish we were going to the MWC. It’s an awesome conference. I’m disappointed today. Once the MWC pilfers SMU and Memphis, the AAC will look ever worse than it does already.
  5. What about their OC, Rich Rodriguez?😊
  6. Do you see another win on the schedule, let alone 3?
  7. I understand what you are saying. But if you aren’t good enough to play for THIS team, then good riddance.
  8. Thank you for your past and current support. I appreciate your story; this gives us all perspective on how far we’ve come in a (relatively) short amount of time. PS - Do you still have the blazer?
  9. How about telling us something we don’t know? Telling us Torrey is important, or that things are not going well right now, is not news.
  10. Ok, fair enough. How about a feature on how our freshmen/new recruits are progressing? Talking with coaches to get details on young depth?
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