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  1. I appreciate that he ran a clean program and appreciate what he did for the program. I wish him the best going forward. …but it was time to turn the page.
  2. There are 45 replies to this thread. …so apparently folks care enough to discuss it. If YOU don’t care, take your own advice, and shut up. Go Mean Green!
  3. Boy, I’m so there with you! I love my school, I’ll probably go. …but many of us have been living this for decades. It is understandably frustrating.
  4. I respect your opinion, but I have to say, this doesn’t reflect the tone or attitude of most wealthy people I know, work for or with. Most are the first to acknowledge something isn’t working and shifting gears quickly. It is this flexibility that often allows them to dust off from setbacks and mistakes and keep going. The “rich guy” ego is more of a movie myth than a reality in my experience. There are exceptions, but think about the “wealthy” UNT alum. Likely wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is self made…
  5. This is EXACTLY what I’m driving at. It doesn’t make any sense.
  6. I keep hearing about these “big money donors” who love Seth and have shielded him. Who are they? Do we know for a fact they are shielding him? Most “big money” people run businesses, and usually care more about performance than protecting people. They might “like” someone, but results are results. You don’t become a “big money” donor by sitting on people who don’t perform. What am I missing?
  7. This. Wren is screwed. He pisses off a bunch of big money guys who love Seth for some reason, but if he doesn’t do it now and then we get crushed in AAC completion, he’ll go out with Seth next year. Better do it now. To me, the only way Seth should survive from here is to run the table - win a title on Friday, and then win our bowl game.
  8. This game was ugly, and I’m frustrated, despite the fact we’re about to play for a title. We have lost games we shouldn’t have this year, and I think most of the gap has been in coaching and prep. My fear is that this staff can’t or won’t come up to a higher level of competition next year. …win a title, win a bowl, you might convince me it’s possible. Perform like we normally do in post-season, and I’m not going into our first year in a new conference with this staff with much confidence.
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