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  1. One of those is not like the others though. If you look at the series records, the team that looks down on the other team has dominated the series. UNT OTOH is 3-3 against UTSA and was down 3-1 at one point. All games except one have been one possession games. I'd call that having delusions of grandeur, not dominance.
  2. Please kill us. Don't take your foot off the gas pedal. Shut us out and hang 60 on us. Make it abundantly clear that Wilson is a complete fraud. Inspire our AD to hire a real coach like Litrell instead a f'ing "recruiting guru".
  3. edit: can a mod please remove my old school email from under my username? thanks.
  4. All in good fun, ladies. Relax. Looking forward to the game. Should be a good one. I know both sides like to look down on the other, but this year atleast, it's looking like we are both contenders to win the West.
  5. Y'all could also combine the press box and have two separate fields.
  6. I didn't know band teachers had people working underneath them? Has UNT added a College of Engineering yet?
  7. UTSA was absolutely outrecruiting UNT under Coker. We weren't at the top of conference recruiting rankings like we are with Wilson, but hauling better recruiting classes than UNT isn't a novelty. Neither is recruits with offers from both schools picking UTSA over UNT. Ask BillySee.
  8. It's a shame recruits don't agree with your assessment of UTSA and San Antonio. I'm just saying, two coaching staffs since joining CUSA and the results are the same on the recruiting trail. At some point you have to start looking inward instead of blaming it on someone like Litrell, who again on paper looks like a solid recruiter. Although tbf, I understand that it is a difficult thing to accept.
  9. Your apathetic alumni has shown that it comes out for bowl game in Dallas. Unfortunately, they've also shown that they won't do the same for regular season games in Denton. Regardless, not sure what any of that has to do with UNT's recruiting struggles. I'm talking about the general scene of Denton. Personally, I've only been there once and it was really just for a UTSA/UNT game but the general vibe I get from the place is that it likes to be out there. I've seen the "Keep Denton Beard" slogan. I really don't think kids who were star athletes in HS click with that scene. Again, just my opinion. Littrell is young and energetic. On paper, he should be a great recruiter that kids can relate to. Not even trolling, I honestly think he is at a disadvantage because of the scene/vibe of UNT/Denton. I think his recruiting would be considerably better if he was at UTSA or Texas State. I'm not even trying to crap on Denton...if you're an artsy or music kind of person you probably love it there. I just don't think that athletes are typically artsy or music kind of people.
  10. That's pretty delusional. TDECU cost $130 million. Regarding UNT's struggles recruiting, I just don't think the typical athlete can relate to UNT or Denton very well. It's full of hipsters that are proud of being weird and can be pretty stuck-up towards outsiders. If you're a star athlete, which all these recruits are in the HS ranks, that probably isn't your scene. I mean you have a new stadium, new young, energetic coaching staff, bowl game...at some point you have to start pointing the finger at UNT and Denton. Just my opinion.
  11. Are you the same guy that ran a UTSA website? Now you openly root against them? Jesus you suck.
  12. GMG's delusions of grandeur are always good for a chuckle. Just curious, what in the world makes such a historically bad program have such arrogant fans? What makes y'all think a $70 million stadium is the standard for college stadiums? Since when is Denton more than just an unknown, Austin wannabe little town? For the record, UTSA doesn't want a rivalry with UNT. Six years old and already hold a 3-1 series lead. Already outrecruiting you. It'd be dumb to want to be associated in that way with such a historically mediocre program. And before anyone pulls the "why do you post here" card. I'm here to chuckle at your delusions of grandeur. Not because I want you as a rival.
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