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  1. It would be interesting to see Bean/Addaway combination in the backfield.
  2. I am likely wrong on this so please correct me: I thought Aune was suppose to have "some speed" too. The difference being Aune was never really allowed to use his (some) speed by the play calling. Regardless, Bean brings a different look to the offense with his speed.
  3. Me too, but that isn't a strength of this coaching staff. I would love to be proven wrong.
  4. That was a more creative play call for the TD
  5. Something is certainly way way off with this team. It may be that Seth has checked out. It could be some of his players checked out. It could be both. Whatever it is, this team hasn't been the same since the Kansas State job flirtation happened. It would seem those in leadership positions would be questioning the locker room culture of this team and coaching staff. Seth isn't going to be the head coach at OU. They simply have better options. We don't seem to have options other than to wait this ****show out. In all the disappointment and frustration, I really admire those on this board who sti
  6. We run the ball well enough - WRONG - and we're good enough up front - WRONG - that when we go for it on fourth and one we expect to get it - WRONG - and I won't change that call - UNFORTUNATE.
  7. Let's be honest, he has no choice at this point. If he actually called something creative on 3rd (or 4th) down, it would likely initiate this reaction.
  8. The reality of it is there is not enough alcohol in our home to watch this team. Even if there was, it would not be good for the liver. It has been really bad when playing at home. Hard to imagine what it will look like when they play on the road.
  9. Getting beat by 21 points at home by a team that has not won a game...it is time to put in another QB to try something different.
  10. That’s because some of his throws are not catchable by anyone.😜
  11. Another stupid play call on 3rd down. The run up the middle doesn’t work.
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