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  1. Harry's post in Link to last night's podcast was marked as the answer   
    Postponed to next week?
    Technical issues.
  2. Harry's post in North Texas Home and Home with Tech was marked as the answer   
    Wren didn't make those schedules, RV did! Why are you blaming Wren for stuff he didn't do?
  3. Harry's post in Dave Campbell's Texas Football 2016: UNT worst in Texas was marked as the answer   
    So ready to get to the season and put this past couple years behind us.
  4. Harry's post in Creighton (12/21/14) was marked as the answer   
    UNT vs. Creighton Box Score

    Voss 16 points and 8 rebounds

    DeAundre Harris 3 for 3 from 3 for 9

    Combs had 8 boards.

    UNT 18 of 23 from the line.
  5. Harry's post in Attendance? was marked as the answer   
    Here's a picture of the UNT side prior to kickoff. Kudos to Stebo for sending it!

  6. Harry's post in UNT student discount information on Wednesday was marked as the answer   
    This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Harry's post in There is AD sponsored trick or treating for kids was marked as the answer   
  8. Harry's post in New Orleans/Tulane Game Role Call and 2013 Trip Details! was marked as the answer   
  9. Harry's post in UNT hires former Marquette Asst. Scott Monarch was marked as the answer   
    Update Monarch hired http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2013/07/scott-monarch-is-unts-new-assistant.html/
  10. Harry's post in GMG.COM SOFTBALL GAME - July 13th was marked as the answer   
  11. Harry's post in New Nike Tee To Commemorate Our 100 Years was marked as the answer   
    Nice find +1!
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