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  1. 28-7 Houston dominating Tulane. 13:16 left in the 2nd quarter..:👀
  2. Houston up 14-7 end of 1st quarter. Houston going to be tough... lots of talent offensively.
  3. It is very encouraging to see players like MaKyle coming along and contributing.
  4. Don’t knock it. It hasn’t been too bad actually and I’m doing better financially.
  5. Great scouting opportunity for our next home opponent the Cougars from Houston. This should be a good game. Tulane is building a good program under Coach Fritz. That said, I'm pulling for Houston to win.
  6. Audio Link: http://gomeangreenbarbershop.libsyn.com/barbershop-podcast-204
  7. Join @Evan, @BeyondTheGreen and @Harry as they discuss the tough loss to Cal on the west coast, the 2nd half re-birth of the defense and the upcoming huge home game against rival UTSA as well as other interesting topics. Also some good news regarding future broadcasts which will allow for fans to interact. Audio Link: http://gomeangreenbarbershop.libsyn.com/barbershop-podcast-204
  8. Hate to see this but it is what it is.
  9. What really blows my mind is even back when I was in school back in the dark ages they had major issues with not having enough dorms on campus to allow for full time student to live on campus! So fast forward to now and it's like WTF? Do we have some sort of mental block because they have been predicting this growth for the area and the school for decades now. The good news in my mind is that more students are electing to stay on campus and at UNT for all four years. That was a BIG problem in the past. Students would attend and then initially and then transfer out to other schools. My sister was an example. There was no effort to retain anyone,. Looking back it was really quite pathetic. I am pleased to see the growth and retention. Now we need some damn politicians fighting for our funding at the state in kind. Instead of trying to be best pals with the politicians that represent UNT at the state we need to start holding their feet to the fire for results.
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