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  1. This is absolutely correct. Part of it is personnel but part of it is strategy and execution. With Fines quick release we really should not have that many sack issues. I also think Jeffery Wilson his a lot of the lines issues.
  2. Wow —.both teams are Big, athletic can shoot lights out..... Interesting perspective. I realize they are cream of crop AAC but I am impressed. Especially Cincy.
  3. No it really wasn’t. They were very fortunate to get an extra year of eligibility for Mayfield. Imagine if they hadn’t? It’s a tough position (o-tackle) for any p5 for sure and it has always been a struggle for UNT dating back to Simon and Dickey. It seems to me that the plan has been to try and develop HS players with a few jucos and transfers sprinkled in. I just don’t believe that strategy is working. I think at certain positions you have to go heavy juco and transfer to ensure that you have a better shot to address the critical importance of a serviceable o-line.
  4. I think @BillySee58 is spot on as usual. To me it is a recurring theme for football basketball heck any sport that we participate in. We just have to recruit better athletes. WKU has more of them last night. Yes injuries can play a part for sure but that hits all of the programs. Given our location and facilities there is no reason we can do better in this regard. It is just going to take more work and support. We need to hire good coaches who can recruit. We need to up the recruiting budgets and do everything we can (academic support, facility improvements etc) to get the very best student athletes.
  5. Disappointing loss. Back to the drawing board.
  6. Feel free to test it out. Basically just click the gif button on the far right of the posting or reply box (to the right of the preview icon with the magnifying glass) . Here's a brief video on how it works:
  7. That's just sad because Woolridge is as good as it gets in this conference... you are right though @Wag Tag bottomline is you have to win.
  8. Both of our most recent former head coaches in basketball have become head coaches for LSU?
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