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  1. Georgetown (12/20/17)

    Temara owns the corner!!!!
  2. Georgetown (12/20/17)

    It is so refreshing to see our guys moving without the ball.
  3. 2017 FBS Attendance

    That's where we want to be. Don't know if it is realistic, though.
  4. Question about ticket costs
  5. Fine's knee brace

    Cerebus = Iron Sheik? Question, no info.
  6. Fine's knee brace

    You're lucky we can't down vote you.
  7. Things Not To Do in New Orleans

    This pretty much goes for every city in the USA.
  8. The Changing FBS Football Landscape

    How many people watch the NIT as opposed to the NCAA tournament? I think it would be along those lines.
  9. Student Travel Package Extended

    What a bunch of horse manure. 2002-2004 we took at least 10,000 fans to the NOB. Hell, in 2002, the reported attendance was 19,000. Cincinnati had maybe 1500 fans there.
  10. Sonny Dykes to SMU

    Is Mason Fine still going to transfer?
  11. DRC: Source: Littrell not interested in SMU job

    Trust no one. Except UNT90
  12. Late night or early morning breakfast in the Garden District:
  13. Mason Fine

  14. Head Count for NO Bowl

    I know that Pollock is going with 3.
  15. Head Count for NO Bowl No secrets. We'll see you there, Ruthie!