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  2. Green Dozer

    Mike Petersen

    After all, it's just a ball.
  3. Green Dozer

    Traveling to Ruston for the first time.

    Herbie K’s in Shreveport for’s an adventure. Famous for a po boy called the “shrimp buster.”
  4. Green Dozer

    Littrell post game FAU

    There was no organized or formal pool party. The pool was by the meeting rooms. Some guys took their shirts off and sat on some loungers for a few minutes during a break from team meetings. As for the wives, except for sharing a room, they were not with the coaches the whole time. Wives did dinner on their own Friday evening and had their own activities Saturday morning before leaving for the game. They didn’t even ride on the same buses as their husbands, and no, they didn’t have their own bus.
  5. Green Dozer

    Report from Apogee

    I don’t think 93 degrees in October helped much.
  6. Green Dozer

    DRC: UNT's 2013 team to receive bowl rings

    A couple of donors are paying for it.
  7. Green Dozer

    DRC: UNT's 2013 team to receive bowl rings

    I think giving team rings is a great idea. The players are more apt to wear the rings over the course of their lives than the watches. Also, more people will ask them about the ring which gives creates more opportunities for North Texas to have some positive exposure of it's athletics.
  8. When I asked why Lamar had not come up early, I was told their budget was just to small to put everybody up in a hotel for an extended time. It's fine to have a place to practice, but food and sleeping for 75 +_ people (players and staff) is costly, plus the cost of transportation to get around while they are here.
  9. Green Dozer

    Is the Lamare game happening this week?

    I was told at luncheon that for financial reasons, Lamar couldn't make the trip early. Also, transportation may become an issue as buses are being sent to Houston for evacuations. And yes, Wren said it was a go at this point.
  10. Green Dozer

    Help an Alum Make the Olympic Skeleton Team

    Going to be a great event! Kelly is a hard worker and she has represented the Mean Green well!
  11. Green Dozer

    Help an Alum Make the Olympic Skeleton Team

    Still need some teams for the cornhole tournament. John Williams actually has a whole league fornthis game.
  12. Green Dozer

    Help an Alum Make the Olympic Skeleton Team

    Kelly was not only a cheereleader, but she lettered in track and was a member of the UNT Angels. So please come play in the tournament, buy a raffle ticket, or show up for a beer!
  13. Green Dozer

    All-time best UNT FB player you ever witnessed

    Walter Chapman Iseed Khouri (just kidding, but he was unique and funny)
  14. Green Dozer

    Ticket Question

    FWIW, UPS and FedEx did not deliver today, they were shut down.
  15. Green Dozer

    Why not a State Fair game for North Texas?

    Call T.G. Shepherd and ask him about the great crowd we had there when we played Oklahoma State.