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  1. CBS.Sports liked the pick too ... check out this nice glowing review:
  2. Like the idea ... but guess not. See attached snip from the UNT website. Thanks a lot Bin Laden ...
  3. This is #1. I think he's still around as far as I know.
  4. Have no idea why you got some downvotes for that take. (Unless it's just a reflexive "Liberty team bad" vote). I think you're 100% correct. That's the only team on our schedule that regularly appears on the various "super-early" Top 25 lists out there. They were 1 point away against NC State from going undefeated. Personally, we should look forward to the rare possible Top 25 team playing in our stadium. I guess the question for the board is when was the last time we had a ranked team in our house? I'm class of '93 and don't recall any that I'm aware of from like 1990 --> forward. ?
  5. Per Vito's article, it looks like we ARE getting Novil back. Sweet! Torrey, Novil and Davis are among the UNT players who elected to take advantage of that opportunity. Torrey led UNT with 656 rushing yards and six touchdowns in nine games last fall. Novil posted eight tackles for loss and was UNT's lone first-team All-Conference USA selection.
  6. I think the NCAA created more problems than they thought they were solving with this stupid "one year free transfer" rule. Think about how P5 schools could really screw G5's around this year. EX: Grayson McCall is an unbelievable QB at Coastal Carolina and he's only a freshman. Waaaay too early for a graduate transfer and immediate eligibility. But this year, if some P5 needed a QB, voila!, the G5 schools becomes a de facto minor league for the P5 schools. Thankfully he's staying from what I hear at Coastal. Either way, I can't wait for this dumb rule to be one and done.
  7. Our RB's are pretty kick-ass year after year. I personally wouldn't put Patrick Cobbs in the "mediocre at best" category. I think he's doing a really good job of coaching them up.
  8. I think the better poll would be who would win if it was 13-0 Alabama vs. 1-15 Jacksonville? I think Alabama has the advantage at the skill positions. Mac Jones --> Gardner Minshew // DevonteSmith and Jaylen Waddle --> D.J Chark and Keelan Cole // RB's likely even. Etc. I'm guessing Jacksonville would have the edge in the trenches.
  9. I guess we got our answer to this question yesterday! Texas fires Tom Herman and hires Steve Sarkisian within like 3 hours of each other. Wow! What a quick interview. Wink, wink. 😂😂
  10. We had that coach. Darrell Dickey. And 80% of y'all complained about those low scoring games, not enough passing, etc.
  11. Let the record reflect that the "crappy" conference we left ended up with 2 teams ranked in the CFP Top 25. Coastal Carolina at #12 and Louisiana-Lafayette at #19. Let the record also reflect that the allegedly superior P5 Pac-12 ALSO has 2 teams ranked in the CFP Top 25. USC at #17 and Oregon at #25. Who woulda thought the SUN BELT ends up having a better conference than the Pac-12? That's really impressive and good on 'em. The gap isn't so big between certain superpower conferences and others IMO.
  12. Welp, yet another CA institution heads to TX. Haha
  13. More unimpressive than Andrew McNulty slinging it around the field for 105 yards in a stellar 17-14 win over FIU back in the McCarney era? I think that's some "recency bias" kicking in. 🙂
  14. I guess I'm a little confused. All week I've heard that UTSA is not our rival, it's not really a big game, yada, yada, yada. But when we lose, NOW it's a big game, now it's Seth can never win big ones, yada, yada, yada. It's in basically every thread. Can we at least be consistent about this? Maybe do a poll to determine once and forever more if UTSA is our rival? Otherwise, nothing says inconsistency more than a GMG football forum.
  15. Mike Doocy and his diary is feeling kind of down today.
  16. Does anyone chuckle at people with unrealistic expectations? "Hey, great job North Texas! You went 10-1 ... but you had a bad game against SMU. Littrell ... you're fired. Let's get an all new-coaching staff in here and rebuild this thing in 3 to 4 years with their new philosophy". So it sounds like you'll only be happy if we go undefeated every year? Pretty tough bar to clear. My advice would be to buy a lot of TUMS because we're not going 10-1. In a related note, I'm assuming you picked UNT to go 11-0 in Brett Vito's "get your rear on the record" contest or whatever he calls it?
  17. I think the Stars Stanley Cup game had something to do with the amount of people leaving early. We actually were one of those groups. Our 10 left at the end of halftime to set up the TV in our tailgate area and watch the Stars kick some ass. Pretty memorable experience watching the Stars underneath the stars. Yes, it's a one-off to leave that early but a Stanley Cup appearance seems to come around once every 20 years or so around here, so gotta take advantage.
  18. Let me 2nd El Paso Eagle here. Sometimes I can't believe what I read on GMG. Scoring 57 points and setting a school record with 700+ yards in total offense (perfectly balanced between rushing and passing BTW) is "terrible" and you weren't impressed. What exactly would impress you? 700 yards passing from Bean and 8 TD's? If a record setting offensive night is lame for you, I'm sorry but you're going to have a miserable season.
  19. The SEC is only doing conference games. All non-conference games were canceled. (Thus, why A&M is out).
  20. Hello -- I'm here for the topic of "C-USA to decide on fall sports soon". Can someone please point me to the correct link? I seem to have stumbled into another "RV sucks" thread. Thanks. 🤪
  21. I have an idea -- change the title of what we're doing from "football games" to "protests" and the football season is saved! Thousands will be allowed in the stadiums with little to no social distancing and the benefit is you'll have media and local politicians behind this idea 100%. Win-win for all.
  22. Another add-on to the 1988 team -- not only did they beat Texas Tech and pretty much Texas (if replays were done back in 1988 like they are now it would no longer have been North Texas 24 Texas 13 Referees 14) but they also beat the heck out of Rice as well. Going 3-0 against the Southwest Conference for all practical intents and purposes is not too shabby.
  23. This is why a certain side of Congress is trying to get immunity for businesses & institutions as it pertains to Coronavirus claims. Otherwise you will see MANY businesses and colleges close their doors waaaay longer than necessary in fear of exhaustive litigation expenses from ambulance chasing trial attorneys who are looking for their next big meal ticket. Nevermind that a customer or employee likely can't prove they got the virus from a particular establishment -- it'll be the "hey, you made me go into work and that's why I caught the virus -- I'll settle for $______ to make it go awa
  24. That is crazy! Only one -- repeat ONE -- 6-6 team was left out this season. If the same # of eligible teams held true next year, that means FIVE teams with losing records would go to a bowl game. Are there no such thing as standards for the NCAA? They have the power to say no more. SMH.
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