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  1. Winning 2 out of 3 against Texas Tech Scoring on opening drive at OU in '98. crowd got quiet quickly. Ultimately the first four games of 98. One against a preseason top 10 and one against a final ranked #7 Texas A/M. Worst loss was to Texas Tech and they were not that good ha. The towels and DVD players at Utah St. also, jumping the fence because they did not leave the stadium open for the Friday walk around. the changeout from Simon to Dickey. Camp Sparta's did suck. Out of shape guys would be passed out on their knees. they would look like they were resting but would be completely o
  2. UNT has completely lost all contact with their Lettermen over the course of the last decade. I do know some of the previous players who have donated/given to the program over the last couple years and they mentioned that it is all give give give to the program with nothing in return. The Lettermen of the program can and will whole heartedly support this program again if they feel wanted. Most of the them absolutely love the program and would jump at the opportunity to be part of it again in a support function.
  3. Dickey will do great where he is at. If he would have been more hands on as a head coach here the teams could have been even better. Too much trust put in assistant coaches that did not do much for him.
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