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  1. In all seriousness I would look for 2 winnable home games
  2. @Harry and mods - Please link this video at the top so everyone can see it
  3. If this do not make you feel good them PLEASE seek immediate medical attention!
  4. Want to get depressed/ If my Math is not wrong .... If Mason had red-shirted his Freshman year last season would have been his "SR" year. With the Covid rules he could still have been here this year
  5. You are correct that we need to let people know what is happening at UNT with the facility improvements. We also need to make sure the next FB coach is a proven winner. There are a few things most of these people do not stop to think about - The AAC does not want the MWC to get an inroad into Texas. Leaving UNT out (who by all indications was at least talking with the MWC) would not accomplish this. The AAC realizes there is enough market in this area for 2 teams. If this argument is true, then wouldn't it be the same as say the Big 12 already has TCU. The AAC also see there are potential fans to gain that chose not to follow SMU (perhaps for their elitist attitude). As Emmitt pointed out they have a top 25 team and their attendance it not that great. The AAC is covering their bases with their Home Turf. SMU follower's are not hiding the fact that they want the Big 12 even if the Big 12 does not want them. The AAC does not want to be left without a local team if SMU departs.
  6. This is a momentum building point in history similar to when Dodge was hired. DO NOT LET HISTORY REPEAT AND NOT MAXIMIZE THIS! IMO, we do not someone who is learning to be a HC as we try and build. I think it is also important that this coach, or a top assistant (even if we have to overpay) that can recruit the hell out of Texas. I would hope the new HC and Wren make a serious play for Ra’Shaad Samples(assistant HC and running backs coach for SMU) even though they would go overboard to try and keep him.
  7. @emmitt01Great points. Money might buy SMU on the field success but it seems that it cannot buy fan support. If UNT was in the same position record wise the stadium would be sold out. Tired of hearing them on one side say "well we only have 6K students" and then brag about how they are Dallas' team. Hopefully joining the AAC will give us a ratings boot and I think that scares the hell out of many in pony land. Not doubting that SMU is a fine school but hopefully when some of the recruits/transfers start having another option in the Dallas area, where if they did not play football they would still be welcomed it will help (they can use their sales pitch of making connections with the Dallas elite all they want, but if those same players don't star on the field there will not be any "connections" after they finish at SMU). And yes, I do think some of the old money at SMU will do everything they can toy buy players and buy their way into the Big 12. One positive to think about that is they (B12 schools) feel the same way about SMU as they feel about us. This about, the Big 12 has expanded 2 times and both times SMU has not been invited.
  8. If you're this freaking upset with us coming and don't want to be in a conference why the hell do you keep coming on here
  9. I believe someone had reported the SMU is in the neighborhood of 60 million
  10. @Brett VitoAs a condition of these 6 teams joining are their any conditions such as increased budgets that they are being asked to meet?
  11. Our pay for the head coach may be in line but our budget is nowhere near most of the schools in the a AAC
  12. Correct and it is also not permissible for schools to talk to someone before they go into the transfer portal😉
  13. SEC takes 2 Big 12 takes 4 AAC takes 6 Does that mean the next conference takes 8? Could the next move be to merge the remaining 8 with CUSA
  14. If, as reported the payouts for the existing members remains high for a while then is will have to be a heavy knock. If on the other SMU feels that the MWC might offer them a better path to the Big 12 who knows.
  15. You put him at 1.5 and make it incentive laden like Michigan's contract with JH. Use the other money to make sure he can have very good assistants
  16. As Chairman of the CUSA board of Presidents?
  17. Let's see - If the math is right. If 8 teams end up leaving CUSA (6 to AAC and 2 to SBC) that will leave 6 teams 8 teams @ $3 million each gives the 6 remaining $4 million each? They could help during the transition. I believe a conference must have 8 football members. They would need to add 2 fast. I would add NMSU (travel partner with UTEP to offset the trip) and Liberty. Both are already FBS and you would be back to 8. If you want to grow from their you could add FCS teams that want to move up or you could look to UMass and UConn but I they would probably want to keep their BB separate so I don't think it would be worth it. If Army wanted to join a conference they would have.
  18. Well said. In others words (or pictures) - Don't be this guy
  19. If the feeling for Tech based on the way they have acted towards ULM?
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