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  1. The same bunch of unethical coaches who go behind other schools backs and contacts their players while they are on scholarship with that school are going to Patrol themselves? I don't know which is more laughable the NCAA leadership or the school presidents.
  2. I think Aune is someone Seth feels "safe" with. However, I see nothing that says, or has shown, he can put the team on his back and be the reason we win. Would be nice to have the faith in our QB that he can do something special when needed.
  3. Per footballscoop.com https://footballscoop.com/news/need-to-know-rule-changes-heading-into-the-2022-season ** Since #4 was named after a player, I say we petition to rename #3 in remembrance of the Twins.
  4. Maybe now we will see what the SEC has planned. No way there will be more viewers for Big10 games than SEC.
  5. All you need to know about the state of our program is when someone is talking about beating UTEP as being a milestone for our program
  6. Maybe I am different than most, but not the exact quote I want to see from the starting QB -- "Having coach Bloesch in the [quarterbacks] room helped me learn more about pass protection...."
  7. This is a good question for Wren in the next interview. They should have had a plan in place to make sure merchandise was available. This should have been a part of any agreement in place before they allowed them to start running it.
  8. As a Grad Transfer it's possible in these days on open tampering someone called him and said if you can still come then we have a spot and a good chance to start .... or maybe more likely he see's WKU is not going to have the same team and coaches in place to put up the video game numbers he was hoping for.
  9. Good ole UNT ... striving for another generation of students who will not care about the athletic programs once they leave, and most won't care while they are there.
  10. I hear NMSU is being courted for their baseball team
  11. Seems some want to pick and choose what they want to believe
  12. Other than DBU whose programs count on Baseball to "advance" them? Too many people on here bitch and whine about the things we don't have and always want to complain.
  13. Will they also be working on the funding and structure for the required Title 9 additions?
  14. Well I guess since NIL is not pay for play there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. They get what they paid for since they were trying to cheat the system from the start.
  15. What would be very interesting is if we used every shade of green the mean green have used over the years. The field would probably give people motion sickness
  16. Your asking a guy who is a big Carthel fan. I think he would do an incredible job here
  17. Not sure if this is more up to date https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NCAA_Division_I_FBS_football_stadiums
  18. The fact UCONN and Temple show in the American might make it a little out of date
  19. I LOVE the fact we continue to bring coach from the same level or smaller schools. I believe these are coaches we can build the future with!
  20. Can he really do less, as far as getting Texas HS talent as our current coach?
  21. Thanks. I noticed this time Wren mentioned mentioned raising the fees to the maximum amount that does not require a vote. I am sure he realizes that if it were left up to the ones actually paying it would not stand a chance.
  22. Crazy me, I thought an opinion forum, was well for opinions. Why do you think the PGA is losing money? Have any sponsors pulled out? Why do I care - I like the fact that Golf has been the one sport where week after week you have to stay on top of your game to me at the top and earn money. But then again you might prefer participation trophies and every team in a HS football district making the playoffs. PS - While your talking about the evil PGA for their money, take a moment and check which professional sports league routinely give the most to charities. This is another reason I support the PGA
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