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  1. UTEP had the luck of a front loaded easy schedule - but they took advantage of it and now seem to have momentum. I think to Dimel's credit he has stayed true to his plan and recruited players who fit the system he is trying to run. Who knows, they may fall flat from here on out but at least they are enjoying the ride for now.
  2. 100% agree. Aune is not going to change what he is - a spot backup. I am not sure in their evaluation what they saw in Ruder, other than they knew they did not want to start Aune. Did they rush Jace and maybe he was not ready for the system? I find it hard to believe he could be competitive in NC's system and look so out of wack here. Could it be like last year when we ran the 3-3-5 that did not seems to be a fit for the players we have? Do we have a roster full of QB's who are not suited to run Seth offense and our coaches have an unwillingness, or inability to modify o fit their skills? I put this squarely on the HC, OC, and QB coaches
  3. It would be interesting to know. I would think with the massive amount of games the "in-person" reviews are probably focused more towards 4/5 star recruits. Hopefully someone has a little more insight.
  4. Good points - A question for the recruiting experts - How is it we have recruited better and better yet our talent goes down? Starting to think a big portion of the ratings/stars given are maybe a little too heavy weighed on nicely edited videos. Need a coach and staff who can recruit talent that translates to college ball and not players who might have peaked in HS
  5. I would still like Holtz. My others - Keeler and Carthel
  6. Not sure about transfers, but he made a comment a couple of years ago when someone was asking about the star rating for players. He commented that at this level stars are not as important as finding players who fit your system and will compete.
  7. Our luck ... Dykes moves on and Traylor takes his place
  8. Maybe if Napier takes another job he could take over at Louisiana
  9. Your telling me you would not want Holtz? You can look at what he has done and then say he is not a good coach?
  10. I guess if they keep saying it .... Maybe they meant back to losing?
  11. I keep hearing people talk about PB as an interim. Keep in mind, he has stated he only came here because of his relationship with Seth. If Seth was fired would PB take the position on an interim basis?
  12. Recruiting is vital but in the age of the portal you have to find contributors. Can you look at and discuss our transfers for the past couple seasons and how they have or have not contributed? Thanks!
  13. Freeze is coaching this season for a P5 job. Not to sure he will show any mercy
  14. Future contracts should be based on the Michigan model
  15. Seems to be a correlation to Seth turning over the Offense to MB
  16. You are correct. This is an opportunity to show that he is serious about his commitment to athletics and especially football.
  17. Sadly you are probably correct. Even sadder this will probably lead to another generation of Mean Green alumni moving on to support other schools
  18. If Neil and the BOR does not back it there is nothing Wren can do even if he wants to, and he will not come out publicly against them.
  19. If these people choose to put a personal friendship above the University we might be screwed. But don't ask the alumni to support "your school" if you are not going to do the same.
  20. This aged about as well as a bottle of wine from a convenience store
  21. Marshalls quarterback set an all time Marshall record for completions in a row. Their offenses 42 points in the first half was their highest in 19 years. Seth Littrell team have a way of making all Americans out of every team we play
  22. Aune still in. As low as he has set the bar Seth continue to go even lower with his ignorant play calling and coaching
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