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  1. @ArkstfanQuestion. In you opinion do the Sun Belt go to 12 if they expand, or do they go for 14? Also, what are your thoughts on ULM remaining i the Belt? It looks like their budget in around 15 million, around half of the next lowest. The belt got rid of NMSU, should they try and part ways with ULM and perhaps go after La Tech?
  2. It's about markets. Houston and San Antonio are covered. I think it's clear SMU has goals to get to the Big 12 and with the supposed interest in UNT from the Mountain West, the AAC is covering it's bases so if SMU does leave at some point they are not left without a team in their home market (think of it like Green Bay who keeps drafting QB's to make sure they have someone available). The plus side for the AAC will be if UNT continues to invest in facilities and can build up football. Don't underestimate the potential strength of having access to games on non-internet ESPN.
  3. Was with you until the end. SMU's "prestige"? Bottom line is if you did not have some big money boosters SMU would be Rice. You speak about the high level of education at SMU and while that is true you also have lowered the requirements to allow athletes in that if they could not play ball the vast majority of SMU students and Alums would not want them at their school because they did not deserve to be there. You have done a very good job selling transfers on coming back to SMU and I know your coaches have pushed the ability to build connections in the Dallas area. Hopefully this works out for those athletes and only time will tell what happens once they're no longer on the field at SMU. So yes, I think SMU needs to continue to strive to improve and get their ultimate goal of returning back to the Big 12. But for people at SMU to continually act like they are this high and mighty institution that is somehow superior to all others hopefully will change. You talk about growing attendance and while winning does help I think there are a lot of people who will never support SMU for the elitist attitude many have.
  4. I think a lot will be depending on how much we improve our budget. We need to step up our game and not only hire the right head coach but also put the money into having very good assistants. Continue to improve facilities (Hello locker rooms) so we can take advantage of a better conference to get better players.
  5. When you look around the college landscape it's amazing to see how many fans at schools that do relatively well year to year want their head coach replaced. Think back to schools like A&M who ran off RC Slocum and Texas who ran off Mack Brown.
  6. And they both may well be. And just think, the members of the Big 12 think about SMU the same way SMU feels about North Texas. SMU has done some good things lately in football but they have to figure out a way to get their attendance up.
  7. Agree. Totally different missions for a State School and a private school.
  8. So on the UTSA site do you have a Green roadrunner?
  9. We need to move forward. Make the change so the new staff has time to right the ship if this does start in 2023
  10. Natalicio was a behind the scenes killer of the Football program at UTEP.
  11. I agree. It's just hearing so many out hear talk about how UNT did not deserve and years of their BS attitude towards NMSU. But, your right.
  12. Does anyone know what the CUSA by-laws say about kicking a team out?
  13. I think that might be the only way UTEP stays in. This this could be Football only with the other sports in the WAC
  14. Starting to take calls. Has been mentioned that maybe they stay in CUSA as Football only?? Here is my projected 2024 UTEP schedule
  15. AAC will still have access to ESPN channels actually available on TV.
  16. They are realistic that UTEP is in a bad spot. Seems a lot of people out here are wanting to say look how good we are this year and that should be what matters. They really want to be in the MWC. Still seem to think they are too good to be in a conference with NMSU
  17. When my son was at UTEP he worked at the stadium. He said you would see her show up to the games and walk in and 15 minutes she was gone. She is the reason UTEP is where they are.
  18. Listening to KROD 600 (El Paso sports talk). Interesting.
  19. What are the budgets for the AAC schools? I would guess were 15Million+ behind most? Hopefully this will force UNT to step up.
  20. The freaking AAC headquarters are in Irving. Hopefully Wren hand carried them!
  21. Not to dampen spirts, and I hope this is a done deal but as far as I can tell were not in the AAC yet. Let's some of the fans from SMU act like spoiled twats and let other schools in CUSA and the Sun Belt make their jabs at us and the other schools. Let's focus on the potential and stay away from making parting shots before were actually invited.
  22. At the end of the day if they do this they will be looked as as being afraid to be in the same conference as UNT, similar to the pushback that was starting to happen to A&M when they were complaining about UT. If you look at facilities and investments there is no way to justify excluding UNT based on the other schools. Let's sit back and see what happens So to the SMU delusional fans -
  23. No, there will be 15 members. Navy football only and Wichita State for everything except football
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