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  1. Thank goodness those idiots at USC took him (and the other P5's that would have taken him). We all love Mason, but if your going to continue to blame GH for the issues then you should also give him credit for the successes.
  2. Maybe we just have to accept the fact that every time Fine has a bad game it is NOT the OC's fault.
  3. Our history of taking a step back. I appreciate where we have come, but so damn tired of hearing "same ole NT".
  4. Give Buechele credit, he is a step up from what we are used to seeing. But, I think we will see just as good from Cal and a lot better from Houston.
  5. I would be a little more worried about the Defensive coaching
  6. If we continue to play like this we will be lucky to #Hit6
  7. Will give SMU credit. They look better coached and seem to have much better players. Maybe we should try to "load up" on transfers.
  8. This is what the SMU bosters wanted but the school thought is might get them in hot water
  9. Only way it could have been better is if he had given himself the name "Not the Ghost of Bobby Kim"
  10. I think the NCAA will have to do something with the cluster F that is the "TRANSFER PORTAL". I think you will see more and more schools, especially FCS, where they end up with transfer after transfer starting at QB. This past weekend it was crazy with how many transfers seemed to be on every team. I am very interested to see how the transfers are going to impact the recruiting process. Example, at what point is SMU going to be impacted with all of the transfers they signed? Also, they need to get consistent on eligibility after transferring. Too many "high profile" players are being granted immediate eligibility while other have to sit out. I, for what it's worth would like to see the following - No schools can sign more than 4 transfers per signing class Each player who transfer gets one transfer where they do not have to sit out There needs to be a cutoff date. There were players entering the portal right before the season started once they learned they had been beaten out. Other impacts I think we will see coming - FCS schools will get more and more players who were highly recruited out of HS but did not work out You will see more schools (SMU example) who will go all in on transfers in an effort to turn around programs. More players who are not starters, or top backups will see their scholarships not renewed to make room for transfers (again, very interested how the NCAA will account for transfer scholarships)
  11. Hopefully Seth can use the underdog role to motivate the team
  12. I think we we have to score 50+ to have a chance to win the SMU and especially UH games
  13. I thought Wren had said useable by Sept 19
  14. I don't know how someone could not appreciate what UH has built. They continue pushing forward. I hope we can emulate their success
  15. End of the 3rd of the latest. I really believe we need to have the Backup get some reps
  16. Think they were keeping things very basic. My biggest concern was the D not wrapping up on tackles. They seemed to be trying to knock them down with big hits.
  17. Believe it was said he was not 100%, but could have played if needed
  18. I am thinking, especially getting up so big, we ran the most basic schemes on both sides to not give away anything for next week. Also hoping as the say for big improvements from week one to two.
  19. Does anyone know how this will impact their scholarship situation? At some point it seems like their would be a big hole?
  20. Also, wondering why Mason's jersey is missing the "150" logo?
  21. If you go to FB and search "MEAN GREEN FOOTBALL" you can find it.
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