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  1. I think all is fair at 6-6 and above There are 42 bowl games with 84 bowl spots available for 130 FBS teams in 2021, not including the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Teams with a 6-6 or better record are bowl-eligible, but teams that are 5-7 can be given consideration if there aren’t enough bowl-eligible teams after the season ends. 5-7 teams are chosen in order of their current Academic Progress Rate (APR Score). But all 6-6 teams must be given a postseason berth first before any team under .500 can be considered. FBS teams are allowed to count one win against an FCS team. If that FCS opponent offers at least 90% of the FCS football scholarship limit (which is 63) during a rolling two-year period, that win is prioritized over a win against a team with an FCS win that doesn’t meet the 90% threshold. Teams from the Pioneer League, Ivy League, and Northeastern Conference of FCS by conference rule don’t meet the 90% requirement.
  2. I think the players know he has been fighting with the AD and President to invest in their infrastructure and recourses for the players. I think they will look at their AD and think he failed them
  3. For BK I do not think it was the salary alone (I am sure NB could/would match). Seems he has been pushing them for a while to improve facilities and resources for the players. As crazy as salaries are (and hopefully some of this money will be seen by the assistants) I think we are about to see a wave of "improvements" to facilities and resources devoted to players with the big boys spending multi-millions to keep up with each other. Personally, I will be happy when the "Super League" breaks off and pulls away for football.
  4. I agree Bennett has been a welcomed addition. Here's the issue - The bar was set so freaking low last year that we are overjoyed (as we should be) at a team that is statistically middle-of-the-pack in CUSA. I realize that we will not see similar improvements next year, but will be interested in seeing what PB and crew do next year.
  5. I think there were more behind the scene issues at ND. Seems Kelly was not happy that ND was not putting more of the piles of money they make towards facility improvements for the players
  6. From Footballscoop.com There have been twenty three FBS head coaching change so far this season. Number of changes over the past 11 seasons: 22 (2008), 23 (2009), 24 (2010), 28 (2011), 31 (2012), 20 (2013), 15 (2014), 29 (2015), 21 (2016), 21 (2017), 28 (2018), and 24 (2019) 17 (2020).
  7. Or do they have to wait for an official invite?
  8. Tulsa would also give us a better indication of how we size up against our soon to be conference mates.
  9. Noticed where Sunny D was able to take both of his best recruiters (Samples and Riley) with him to TCU
  10. NO chance BK is using this to leverage a raise and facility upgrades at ND?
  11. Guessing he might become the highest paid coach in FBS
  12. LSU is starting to make themselves look bad. Started early and still can't find a coach, In the end, someone is going to be making a LOT of money
  13. Reported $110M Bought both his homes in OKLA for $1M over market Purchased a $6M home for him in LA 24/7 - 365 access to corporate jet
  14. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32746483/sources-jacksonville-state-hire-rich-rodriguez-head-coach-ahead-2023-fbs-move
  15. I think if we have a new QB coach to pair this with it could work. If not, and I am recruiting against us, I play up the "look how they messed up these other guys" route.
  16. I think a lot of very, very good JUCO players are going to be available. More and more P5's are treating G5's and FCS schools as their "JUUCO's"
  17. Based on our history with transfers, how would you convince a high, heck medium profile transfer to come to UNT?
  18. Pretty sad life you must have. If you think .500 in year 6 is OK the nothing is going to change your #OLDDENTON mindset. I guess if we have another bad year you will be leading the charge to talk about how young we are (still) and how we have had a rash of injuries.
  19. AA seems to be closer to a Wildcat QB for UNT who can also complete around 50% of his passes.
  20. This is the kind of crap that shows the NCAA and more importantly the P5 Presidents are full of crap for not having rules in place. Seem LR was already calling recruits before the deal was finalized to get them to switch to USC. I understand based on recent rulings they are worried about interfering with players, but seems there needs to be something in place for a coach to leave on his on and be able to potentially tear up a programs recruiting.
  21. We need a QB coach who can work with these guys and help them
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