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  1. I'm guessing they have to follow the same dates as HS players? After 12/15 can they sign at any time or do they have the same windows?
  2. @BillySee58Do you think he will be our only "portal" QB this year?
  3. Have heard some talk that this will be eliminated or moved out to January. Seems if they move to Jan then they might as well combine both dates into one.
  4. TJC has a history of having good players. Hope we keep this pipeline flowing!
  5. Our D-line has become a strength. Also watch out for the Twins!
  6. Hopefully we will be surprised (positively) on NSD
  7. We should win, but I think a lot of people are underestimating the MAC
  8. I will trust the guys recruiting know more than most of us, but if what we are seeing as far as transfers is the best we are going to do then it looks like getting invited to the AAC has had absolutely no bump. I know we have found success with the running game, but is it keeping transfers away? Hopefully there is stealth recruiting going on and we are all going to be surprised.
  9. Do transfers have to wait until the early signing period to sign?
  10. I think the App State v WKU could be a good game. BYU looks to be the G5 that got screwed the most. How does BYU go 5-0 against the Pac 12 and end up in Shreveport?
  11. @BillySee58 @TheReal_jayD Can you shed some light on the N Iowa QB? Looks like he lost his job to a transfer from Michigan State
  12. https://meangreensports.com/gameday/football-vs-miami-ohio-/football/174/
  13. ESPN https://www.espn.com/college-football/insider/story/_/id/32790032/college-football-bowl-picks-predicting-score-every-game
  14. So with someone like this it seems the focus will continue to be on the run game. At some point soon will this impact the quality of the receivers we are able to sign?
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