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  1. I am sure the financial situation at La Tech had something to do with the decision. If he had dreams of bigger jobs the next five years of financial hardship probably isn't the best way to bolster your resume. I think Tommy had also been open in the past about his son's autism and how he has reached a point where he needs more care than they can get in Ruston. I am sure Vandy has more resources for that situation as well.
  2. Agree 100%. Would love to see some regional conferences with UNT, SMU, UTSA, Rice, Houston, La Tech, UL-L, Tulane, USM, UAB, etc.
  3. UL-L has repeatedly tried to get into CUSA but we (along with USM) have been in opposition. They might not even want to move now that the belt has improved a little bit. Personally, I would not be against letting UL-L in under the condition that they go by their state mandated name UL-L and drop the UL/University of Louisiana crap.
  4. At this point it looks like they are better than the Big 12
  5. Sun Belt just bagged three P5 wins in one day...We need to collectively pick up the pace or we will soon be known as the worst conference in America. Outside of UNT, La Tech, UAB, Marshall and sometimes WKU, the rest of the conference is more or less god awful.
  6. Not to toot my own horn but your friendly neighborhood bulldog told you guys last week not to hit the panic button. Now here I sit just hoping we can beat HBU in two weeks.
  7. 2 pt no good. TTU 35 HBU 33 with 3 mins to go
  8. HBU with ball inside TTU 5 yard line trying to tie game. 4:13 to play.
  9. You guys are on a great path. With the budget and the facility improvements I think UNT has a really bright future.
  10. All good. Many Tech fans complain about the state screwing over Tech, which they do, but LSU football has been pretty good to Tech when compared to the other state schools because Coach O and Holtz have a good relationship. We have held camps together that ULL has not been allowed to attend and I think Coach O steers kids to us that LSU doesnt have room for (see Amik Robertson)
  11. I am in McKinney but I understand that it is devastation in Lake Charles. Still no power three weeks later.
  12. I am not sure what your point is or if you know about the hurricane, but Laura made landfall in Lake Charles near the TX/LA border and rode the border norther before turning east around Shreveport. Baton Rouge is hundreds of miles east of where the action happened.
  13. That should be a good one. Y'all played Memphis tough for 3 quarters.
  14. I posted the same in the other thread. Word is now that there were not 38 positives, but an unknown number of positives and a bunch of contract tracing. The remnants of Hurricane Laura knocked power out in parts of Ruston for almost a week so apparently there were a lot of sleepovers at places that had electricity that contributed to the contact tracing issues. Given that is a 14 day quarantine this puts our game @ USM in jeopardy as well. Could have ripple effect across CUSA scheduling.
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