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  1. DallasGreen's post in USAtoday college fb countdown (SMU must beat UNT) was marked as the answer   
    SMU game will determine our season. We have tough P5 games before and after (UT & Indiana). Treating SMU as another ho hum non-conference game would be devastating for the remainder of the 2014 season. I hope for a good showing , no injuries, and a confident team coming back from UT. The amount of marketing and game day atmosphere we get for SMU will have much to do with on the field performance. I just have an underlying personal fear that our fans, students, and the Denton community will not give this SMU game the credibility and all out passion that it deserves. Those of us who have long supported this program know what a convincing win over these arrogant snobs could do for our local image immediately, BE THERE, BE LOUD, BE PROUD-- MAKE EVERY SNAP THEY TAKE BE A REMINDER OF JUST HOW MUCH THEY ARE LOATHED IN MEAN GREEN COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. DallasGreen's post in Schools playing dominoes vs. C-USA was marked as the answer   
    FAU and MTSU have more potential and are better tv markets. Let ECU and Tulane lie in the bed they made.
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