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  1. Thanks, NT80! I believe I've got it now. And, sorry to answer your question with another question (or 2), but who is our special teams coach, and are we cutting him a little too much slack in this forum?
  2. Sorry that I missed the start of the game, or if someone else has posted about this, but how was it that Arkansas got the ball at our 35 after we received, I do understand there was a North Texas penalty, but how did it result in Arkansas at UNT 35?
  3. Hey, I noticed one guy in the game chat tonight seemed to be making fun of my town (which is evident from my screen name, I guess). One reason I came up with that name was to call attention to the kind of hard hitting Offensive Linemen AND defensive players we have in the Euless Trinity program. Call me old fashioned, but it's a thing of beauty to watch the local kids moving the line of scrimmage towards the opposing secondary.
  4. I like your "quarterback rotation" concept. So far, I've only watched a small part of UNT football in person, at SMU; perhaps for that reason, I haven't decided whether Meager or Vizza is best. But, since the Sun Belt School schools are really playing for the conference championship and a chance for the New Orleans Bowl, I must agree that the Arkansas game could be viewed as an opportunity to evaluate talent. I do think Dodge has the background, having lived through a quarterback controversy at UT, to finesse the situation. I like what the TCU coach said last week, to the effect that "We d
  5. Thanks for responding Greenminer; I just picked the Avatar off the forums "base avatar" list, although I must admit to bearing a physical resemblance to my own avatar (the glasses?). Also, I agree with your assessment of Vittatoe; a great kid with great character. Too bad UNT missed out on him, but I predict a great career for him at UTEP. Wish he could have pulled out the win against Tech last week, but just another great back and forth game there!
  6. Thanks for your kind words Rick; I am thinking that rather than " can't imagine us recruiting MANY Trogans in future years", you meant " CAN imagine us recruiting MANY Trogans in future years". Just my guess. By the way, your name sounds kinda familiar; I'm wondering when you left Euless Parks and Rec. I live next to Wilshire Park, and have talked with some Euless Parks and Rec staff over the last 6 years that I lived there.
  7. Thanks for the kind comment. I met Lineweaver once while out walking my dog. I decided then that he was an excellent person and that I would start following Trinity football. After watching some games, I also came to consider him a "great coach". I can't wait to see their home opener weekend after next...from what I've heard, they have another bunch of great players this year! I'll have to check that schedule; hope it's not another Saturday game like Tyler Lee!
  8. Hey there neighbor! Thanks for making me feel so welcome on my first posting here.
  9. Well, i wasn't going to bring that up, but now that you have...I just didn't want to appear to be blaming Steve Lineweaver for that loss. Hey, I never would have though of that fake punt, but then, his staff came up with a great defensive strategy for that game, putting Trinity in position to (darn it!) almost pull out the win!
  10. I'm hoping this first post works! I just thought I'd mention that both the passing game (hallelujah that we're throwing now!) and running game (need more of it) could benefit from improved blocking. I've been lurking in the forum for months now, and couldn't help but notice mention of injuries in the offensive line. Solid offensive line play has been a hallmark of Euless Trinity football in recent years. Trinity won state in 2005 (5A Large School division, while Carroll was winning in 5A Small School division) behind great blocking. Many (myself included) think Trinity would have won agai
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