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  1. Greenminer (responding to my post on the Mean Green Opponents links) says he had no problem going to the Hillhumpers haven web site, but I encountered a browser hijack there and had to use the system restore. I've become convinced it's pointless talking to idiots anyway.
  2. It's interesting what you can find by doing an internet search on "Western Kentucky Unsportsmanlike" (you don't even need to use quotes). Western Kentucky U(nsportsmanlike)
  3. Wow, Griffin is still undecided? If we are not recruiting this guy, I'd like to know why. He has actually played on defensive AND offensive lines this year, as well as playing on the special teams. Also, he's not a Tongan, but anchors the Haka, so is pretty good line dancer for a big man. It's really strange to see someone tower over the rest of the Euless Trinity players like him. I've seen his weight listed as up to 360, but he looks height/weight proportionate. I was really surprised not to see Mao Leota listed among the Startlegram's area top 50-very solid as a nose guard since switc
  4. The copy of the Sunday, 11-25 DMN I just bought has the "State Top 100, as provided by Rivals.com". I thought it was interesting that no Euless Trinity, Odessa Permian, Arlington bowie, or Lubbock Coronado players were listed. Those are the Division I, Area I semifinal teams. Maybe being part of a winning team doesn't count for so much, although many of Trinity's starters this year are juniors.
  5. Excellent choice there, eulesseagle. CC can make music out of some things that really don't make sense. That just made we wonder if you and I should team up and attend a North Texas game together sometime!
  6. I'm thinking, based on the quote by their head coach, that he had nothing to do with planning their choreographed end zone celebration (his words are in quotes): “In this life, I think sometimes you get what you deserve,” said Elson, whose team was flagged for an excessive celebration penalty - which led to a missed extra point and the one-point scoring difference. “We didn’t handle ourselves well there at the end of the first half, and then we came out in the second, turned the ball over and let them right back in it. “It was their Senior Day, giving them momentum, and then we just didn’t h
  7. I MUST recommend against anyone going out to the Western Kentucky site; it brought in browser hijack hell to my computer, but I got rid of all of it (I hope and pray) with the "system restore" thing. Man, I just regard that whole outfit and their board as pure evil!
  8. Well then, maybe we should pray...for North Texas to win, and for you to get out of it without going to the ICU!
  9. Sorry if I took the original context wrong, but if the Intended context is that we cannot recruit players of Samoan. or more generally, Polynesian heritage to North Texas, I also disagree. Perhaps it is not as well known to most of the board members that the Euless Trinity football team has performed very well in recent years (state 5A Division I champ 2005; lost in bidistrict to SLC 22-21 in 2006), due in no small part to the large Tongan population in Euless (although, as I said, there are also players of Samoan and Hawaiian heritage here). Trinity had 4 players recruited to D1 schools in
  10. I don't know if that's the most ignorant post I've seen on this forum, but it's right up there. The capital city of American Samoa has produced more NFL players per capita than any other city anywhere, and there's certainly no close second. I hope none of the guys I'd like to see come to NT from Euless Trinity, yes many from Tongan, but also Samoan and Hawaiian, take your attitude as typical of Mean Green supporters. We thrived when we were ahead of other schools in the south on racial issues; let's not forget where we came from!
  11. Last Saturday I was getting a haircut at the usual place (only barbershop in Euless?). Imagine my surprise when, not instigated by me, the main topic of conversation was Mean Green football. Honestly, I do not know if they were serious (although they weren't laughing) when one said North Texas would beat LSU next year. I do know they were serious when they said North Texas had a great football future. Some conversational items: When the offense scores 67 points (thier number, not mine) and the team doesn't win, it's an indication of defensive problems. No saying that Mendoza would/should
  12. Or perhaps, realistic. I agree with the implied assumption that negative posts are of little use as information; maybe they provide some release to those sending them-venting has it's purposes. In a broader sense, I view this particular thread as being useful criticism, whether of those playing/coaching or of those forum members posting an opposite viewpoint. In other words, maybe some of us are arriving at that "clear headed" state Dodge once mentioned on his radio show. I would like to say I've considered TFLF as being negative; although I feel I should respect him due to his longer "te
  13. In football worthy fashion, you just took what they gave you!
  14. Ok, it was worth experiencing what was an emotionally devastating evening just to laugh that hard. Also, before eating, drinking, or any other hand to mouth activities!
  15. Also great points by you, Rick, particularly in regards to Gmoney on going for 3. I was wondering before that fg attempt if it might not be better to go for it, since we've been giving up lots of field position (and points) recently by playing conservatively on the exchanges. I'll continue to support Dodge and the move to a "wide-open" offense, as long as he doesn't forget that it's "wide-open" that got him here, and not "close to the vest".
  16. I've found this on the EulessTrinityTrojans web site. Those of us who drool at the prospect of seeing their defensive line anchor, Robert Griffin (No. 88, all 6'7", 360 lb. of him), play at UNT may enjoy watching him anchor the "Haka" on CBS tomorrow. Here's the link: Euless Trinity on CBS, doin' the Haka! Here he is displaying his dancing skills: A little game and dance video! Coach Dodge, PLEASE DO NOT let these guys (or anyone other than North Texas) sign this guy! Let him name his own defensive coordinator if he wants, but DON'T lose this player! What we can't let happen. Sorry I
  17. You will not be disappointed to see this young quarterback and offensive unit "in person". The statistics are great, but feeling the excitement they bring to a game just makes you feel that whatever struggles we may go through, the future will make it all worthwhile.
  18. Pardon me if he's been mentioned, but this guy has some Texas connections, and has done great things as a coach at TCU and North Dakota. Somebody who's been there.
  19. Not pissed; exhausted. Even with football, there's things we still have to do around the house on Saturdays, and the time it takes for the drive each way, the game, and going out to eat afterwards, it's at least 7 hours. I can't really claim any particular negative emotion, except perhaps numbness. Even that can't really overcome the positives; we've found a great quarterback and have some great young guys already playing this year, not to mention some redshirts I'm confident WILL be great, such as Marcus King and Jordan Scoggins from here in Denton. Plus, I really believe in Dodge, Villar
  20. Hey, had a great historical time last night; talked the wife into going and sitting in the student section (much better noise there, c'mon alums, admit it). Of course I was disappointed, yet highly entertained, by the athleticism and pageantry of the whole thing. Then I was gobsmacked (ok, this old man had to look it up in the Urban Dictionary) this morning when talking to my neighbor here in Euless, when he asked, "Why would over 26,000 show up for a team that's only won 1 game?". Well, I gave some kind of forgettable response, but am thinking, "Why didn't I have a Top Ten list of reasons
  21. Well said, PlummMeanGreen. The really powerful stories these days (maybe always?) are about redemption. Anyway, I AM starting to think you're the one to lead us into new stadium promised land. Hey, have you ever checked out the one Wake Forest has? A bit smallish, but a little upsizing and.....
  22. Great news; Bradshaw is having a big year, and has been a stabilizing influence on our offensive line. And the Trinity offensive line has overcome early season injuries with a nine-man rotation that has worked great!
  23. I absolutely agree, Cerebus. After working for a local government in this area for over 20 years (that has often NOT handled such things well), I have nothing but admiration for the way our coaching staff and administration have handled this matter. If they've been getting advice on handling this, it's been good advice, well taken. The best revenge is living well.
  24. Agreed. I do know that Dodge is a Christian, and has said, as far as he is concerned, this matter is closed. Perhaps we should follow his lead.
  25. The story just aired on both Channel 11 (first), and then Channel 8 news. It was basically a reading of the contents of Dr Bataille's official notice. Should I be bothered that Channel 11 referred to our President as "Dr. Bastille"?
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