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  1. With all the North Carolina connections in my family by marriage, I am frankly embarressed by this incident, and (I almost hate to say this in the context of a report on crimes against persons), have been somewhat embarrassed by the state of football at UNC Chapel Hill and NC State. And, since I am putting this in a geographical context to some extent, I do agree that Wake Forest has the football program that the other well known church related (although WFU is no longer church affiliated, don't know about Duke) college should strive to emulate. I think the words were to the effect that Wake
  2. Well, I went over to Trinity tonight and paid my $35 to ride on one of two game buses with Trojan fans to San Antonio for the State Championship game (Class 5A Division I) against Converse Judson Saturday, Dec. 20 at 2:00 p.m. This is a rematch of the 2005 State Championship win against Converse Judson, which was the first ever state football championship for Trinity. Just based on some of the posts I've seen here, I was thinking of making a sign to the effect of "Mean Green fans love Robert Griffin and Samir Baker". Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great experience.
  3. I was a pacifist paratrooper; never fired a shot except in practice...actually, I spared quite a few bullseyes at the range.
  4. And who could have imagined those darn tele-phones taking over the world the way they did!
  5. Yes, THERE IS such a thing! Actually fat is required for nice skin; what do you think the botox injections are about, other than to "fill out" things? Just today, there's something on Yahoo about stem cells from liposuctioned fat being found useful for breast reconstruction. And, by the way, a skinny woman will bruise you up!
  6. I wish I had been able to see the FCS championship game last night, but just don't have cable (hey, don't feel sorry for me; I get to see plenty of good football by actually going to Euless Trinity and UNT games). That said, I think that some posting on this board (the success of ASU and Moore isn't relevant), and the Pony board (hey let's hire this guy from ASU) are missing or dismissing some points I think have SOME relevance for these times in college football AND to those in the Mean Green Nation. 1. Moore has a sense of loyalty to ASU, coming from being recruited as a coach there when h
  7. Thanks for the correction, NT80; my post now edited for correct time!
  8. Well, there's this little town, Euless, where Trinity high school defensive players have been praised by all who have played (and lost to) them lately, including Odessa Permian, the only team to beat them this year, and who lost to them in the playoffs. If any of you have some spare time this coming Saturday, Dec. 15 at 7:00 p.m., you can see them and the Plano Wildcats go at it for about $10 at Texas Stadium. Mao Leota seems to leaning towards Hawaii and another out of state school, but Robert Griffin and some other standout linemen on either side of the ball for Trinity are as yet uncommit
  9. I'm not sure if "jonesing" is the proper term for wanting something which the"joneser" has never had! However, I'm glad others here have noticed that talk on the SMU board. And it won't just be a new stadium we'll need in the not-so-distant future; it's the ability to pay our head a competitive salary in today's market. How many others are starting to think that UNT fans need to start an independent group to support UNT football, similar to the "Razorbacks Foundation" for Arkansas or the "Football Project" for Wake Forest University. In other words, a boosters club for North Texas athletic
  10. It's 6,739 for 2006-2007. Here's a link: Wake Forest Quick Facts
  11. You have made some good points, SUMG. The Arkansas and Michigan actions should raise questions about the wisdom of running off existing coaches with good records, at least until those schools have hired new coaches with even better records. This reinforces a thought that I'd been having concerning fans calling for the firing of coaches or assistants; who do you propose to replace them. By the way, I have mentioned here before that Wake Forest has done well in football under Jim Grobe. They might provide a model for UNT in other undertakings, such as: 1. Designing their stadium in such a w
  12. A recruit should come to UNT if they find the programs that can fulfill their (1.) academic and (2.) athletic goals. Many who have succeeded at the highest level in their chosen careers have been educated at North Texas. There are many people here in Euless who believe that Todd Dodge will recruit many of the outstanding players at Euless Trinity and SLC. Of course, I like many posters on this board are disappointed we didn't do better this year, but I didn't really expect we would win more than 3. As to the character development mentioned by Mr Mosley, I think what is even more important
  13. One thing I've been wondering about is how much longer will UNT be making payments to Dickey? Once those cease, those funds would seem to be one source of increasing our coaches' salaries.
  14. I have to agree with you on this one. I believe our punter, Truman Spencer, a great punter when he gets good blocking, has been performing kickoffs. There are certainly some hs seniors out there who have performed well as placekickers, Pery Negreiros, from here in Euless, has done a great job for Trinity. I have certainly appreciated seeing him kick it to the back of the end zone on frequent occasions. I would certainly be in favor of any combination of measures to improve our kicking game. Possibilities: 1. Offer a scholarship to the best placekicker coming out of high school that we ca
  15. Did you (or anyone reading here on the board) attend the Trinity-Permian game?
  16. Ronnie Jones Currently defensive coordinator at Arlington (TX) Martin HS, but he IS experienced. He served in coaching staffs at all levels, notably as DC for the Arizona Cardinals in 1994 and '95. However, had some inglorious departure at West Texas A&M, after he was fired in April 2005 for moonlighting. Euless Trinity had no trouble scoring, and won 31-0 against Arlington Martin 2 weeks ago. Maybe Jones is still moonlighting.
  17. QUOTE(PerryG2480 @ Nov 28 2007, 01:20 PM) Wow, does Marcus King ever see the field? I thought he was pretty highly regarded coming out of HS. I'm really surprised, and a little disappointed at the lack of love for Marcus King in this thread. True, he did play in a run oriented offense; that's what the kind of talent, for the most part, that Trinity has favors. However, Lineweaver never assumes he can get by exclusively on the run in playoff games, and that's where King made some significant contributions. Some examples: From the Dallas Morning news, after the 2005 semifinal win over A
  18. I agree with you, GrayEagleOne, as to Briles having a chance to become a real winner at Baylor, and in the ways you describe. Baylor reminds me of another University in a way, the formerly Baptist affiliated Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Here's some tidbits about their recent football history, under someone who seems to be the right coach for such a place. Wake Forest under Jim Grober up to 2006 WFU 2006-2007 results WFU 2007-2008 results Differences? Yes, Baylor has many more students, WFU is in the ACC, but WFU always seems to find ways to be competititive.
  19. I know Evan. Thanks again for the homecoming tickets Evan, and for the enjoyable time Arlene and I spent with you and your family!
  20. Folks, I doubt if it adds that much to the image of our own superior education to be assigning some guilt by location to those in Western Kentucky, or Kentucky in general over the actions of some college football players among them. As for usage of the English language, Perhaps I could feel a certain Mean Green superiority as a wordsmith if I hadn't taken my required English courses at a school I previously attended (Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, if you must know). However, I DO think there are some serious issues regarding maintaining discipline and order among student athle
  21. Thanks for your insight, galojay, I DO however, hope they got away from carrying that sledgehammer around with them!
  22. Welcome to the board; It's good to hear from you, Galojay, and I did notice while following our North Texas fans on the internet that some of them were complaining about the personal foul penalties on North Texas players. Also, while looking around on the Internet for reports of such incidents involving WKU, I did notice your criticism of WKU racking up the personal foul penalties. From a not so rosy point of view, I noticed our fans, and you also, Galojay, were bemoaning the problems that causes in winning the games more than that intentional personal foul penalties (which I would have to c
  23. QUOTE(eulessismore @ Nov 26 2007, 04:06 PM) I've become convinced it's pointless talking to idiots anyway.
  24. I'm not prepared to divulge where I learned that, ok...I'm lying; I can't remember where I learned that.
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