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  1. Excellent find. I loved this quote: "Coach Mack Brown credits Young for helping chill him out and for removing what felt at times like a fear of failure. His personality infused everything about the Longhorns. Daniel elicits very similar praise in Columbia." I never had any real doubts of Coach Dodge's ability to take UNT to great success, mostly based on what Daniel has done for Mizzu. I'm just hoping they can beat OU; they may be as good as any D1 school in the country right now.
  2. Dude! That was brutal, but wicked good...
  3. Euless Trinity roster If anyone has an "in" with the radio announcer, and want to suggest ways to improve Polynesian pronunciation, let him know about all the Tongan football players at Euless Trinity. They could watch a game at Pennington field some Friday night; maybe the Trinity announcer could give them some tips; none of the announcers at the neutral playoff sites can pronounce their names well. Check out the link to the varsity roster at the top of this post; the Tongan names start showing up in the 30's.
  4. Again, not to harp on the kicking game, but I hope the 42 yard limit increases, through coaches mentoring the kickers or whatever. After the Cowboys game last Monday night, I was thinking back a few years when Jerry Jones talked about not spending money, draft picks, etc. on kickers...glad he changed his mind.
  5. I couldn't agree more; if 2 points was needed , it's just a judgment call whether to try it earlier or later. That's what head coaches are paid for. Making the one point conversion isn't guaranteed, as was already proven earlier in the same game. I read that a missed extra point kick by USC was what turned out to be the margin of victory when Stanford won Saturday. I agree with what I just wrote, Dwayne Taylor
  6. I think it's something reasonable to consider; I've started wondering if some of the major upsets happening this year are partly a result of the change in the kicking rules. There were some big runbacks in this weekend's games.
  7. I did advocate looking around for kickers to recruit and perhaps use a scholarship on during the off season. I do think the kicking game needs attention; missed field goals were big in the FAU game as well as last night (also for FAU against South Florida yesterday). Perhaps it could be done in a positive way; I've read somewhere that Dodge has a field goal kicking drill to simulate the stress of an actual game. If our kicker is not on scholarship, perhaps the possibility of getting one for him or whoever the kicker is for next year should be considered. Not to sound too high schoolish, bu
  8. Seeing Dodge being quoted in the DMN today saying Vizza is the quarterback for the rest of the season is quite encouraging to me. In this system especially, it's important to have a quarterback know he's the man! I don't think Dodge enjoyed playing under Darrell Royal with his "when you pass, 3 things can happen and 2 of them are bad" philosophy. I do think many could agree with another Royal saying; "A confused team can't play aggressively". Dwayne Taylor
  9. Hey, they're having college games on Friday as well; and people wonder why things are falling apart.
  10. I think if we had more speed on defense, the interceptions we had when struggling offensively would have been returned for scores.
  11. Hey, we've got some tough guys here in Euless. The first thing I realized when I moved here was "I'm not gonna whip anybody's a** in this neighborhood". I'm glad to watch the hard hitting from the stands!
  12. I really like the "no head lock" idea.
  13. My wife's side of the family has deep roots in Utah (yes, they're LDS, for the most part). I wish DD and the family I've met in Logan well! We could stay busy here focusing on our own problems!
  14. I've always heard head coaches and quarterbacks get too much blame and too much credit; I certainly have to think they won last night as a team and lost the week before as a team.
  15. I just thought this might be slightly amusing. Posted: 10/01/2007 12:54 PM Do our coaches even see what Doc and others are seeing? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- johnnyo53 wrote: “LET ME REITERATE- WE ARE A VERY BAD FOOTBALL TEAM. BUT WE DON'T HELP OURSELVES WITH AN OFFENSE THAT REFUSES TO CAPITALIZE ON A DEFENSE THAT FINALLY SHOWED UP AND ACTUALLY MADE SOME INSPIRED STOPS. ARIZONA STATE IS VERY BEATABLE, THEY PLAYED LIKE THEY WERE EITHER LOOKING PAST US OR DIDN'T WANT TO WIN. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF OUR DEFENSE, BOTH TEAMS HAD THE INT
  16. Nope, I hope I can insert my first link. Moon Phases
  17. The recap on Yahoo sports mentioned that the Stanford backup quarterback, I can't remember his name right now, (the starter got sick midweek) is a nephew of Jack Thompson, famed as the "Throwing Samoan" at Washington State a few years back...this looks like another good year for those with Polynesian roots playing college football. I think we'll see some lined up against us when we play Navy.
  18. Couldn't all the "Fire Mendoza" threads at least just be combined into one? It's not like each one sounds incredibly original.
  19. Well said; unfortunately i passed throught puberty a few decades ago, and hope I've matured enough to justify carrying so many years around. I hope I don't seem like to much of a copycat for also making Euless part of my nickname; I DO want to promote the concept of a Euless Trinity to North Texas recruiting pipeline, but hope to do so in a positive way. And I DO, appreciate Dodge (and coach Lineweaver at Trinity publicly mentioned this) for opening up North Texas to so many area recruits. Marcus King and Jordan Scoggins in the 2007 recruiting class are prime examples of Trinity Trojans who
  20. Can he teach geography? That's a really important subject (I'm a UNT geography graduate, 1977). Still, I think, more outside speed on defense!
  21. Well, we seem really vulnerable to the running quarterback, as well as to the big plays in general. Are we lacking speed on by the DT's and OLB's, or is it all just the schemes?
  22. I'm guessing the 3 missed short fga's and the missed extra point may have caused Dodge not to attempt others. I think the LaLa kicker made all his extra points and a field goal.
  23. I'm not sure much can be done about it this year, but, I think at least one scholarship should be used on the best high school kicking recruit we can sign. My candidate: Euless Trinity (of course) kicker Perry Negreiros. I've never known of him to miss an extra point; last week he kicked a field goal of over 50 yds.
  24. Time to create a distraction? Look for my "Where can we find a good kicker thread, opening at a forum near you soon.
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