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  1. Here's a link from the Navy Message Board discussing the triple option. The diagrams are interesting, but it's all about one formation and one play. Still, the graphics might be helpful. Triple option; the "reads".
  2. Could there be any better way to support Coach Dodge, the players, and our school than to fill Fouts Field Saturday, cheer the Mean Green enthusiastically, and stay until the last North Texas athlete or musician has left the field?
  3. Follow the advice of others here and put another one within reach...as far as the existing one, there's something called "abandonment in place".
  4. I must agree with Smitty on this one; the "REQUIRED" front page story should be the one which details the pounding of the nails into the coffin of the original story, the one about the complaint. I'm reminded of this quote from the movie "Shipping News", where the veteran newsman is indoctrinating the wannabe reporter on headline writing: Billy: It's finding the center of your story, the beating heart of it, that's what makes a reporter. You have to start by making up some headlines. You know: short, punchy, dramatic headlines. Now, have a look, what do you see? [Points at dark clouds at th
  5. I must agree...at this point, I think we all (including those of us like myself, who believe Dodge has been unfairly maligned), should agree that the kind of incident you mentioned is exactly what we don't need. It's frustrating sometimes, but the American system does work. Trial by media doesn't work, and neither does violence or intimidation by either side. As a Bob Dylan song says, "Don't hate nothing at all except hatred". As my employer (probably the same as yours) once said, in a memo after 9-11, "remain clam" (their spelling, not mine).
  6. Put me down as supporting Todd Dodge, his assistants, loyal players, and the University of North Texas!
  7. Sorry to be double posting this from an earlier reply to the "Tired head" thread, but thought it might generate more discussion as a separate topic. EagleMBA says this link is interesting and worth some study, so don't just take my word for it. If any of you have any thoughts about this link or anything related to it, such as whether this describes Navy's triple option, if so, which version of it, how can our defense play it as far as schemes, personnel etc....I just thought it might be fun! Triple option discussed.
  8. Good idea, cause WE NEED A WIN! I found this discussion of the triple option and wondered if anyone who had watched Navy play on TV this season could comment as to whether any of these schemes apply to Navy's version. Triple option discussed.
  9. Neither would I really wish to laugh off such issues; I found it quite painful reading about the racist remarks directed towards minority athletes on their campus visit in years past, resulting in the suspension of a fraternity, and certainly bad publicity for the University and its sports programs. However, I say, let's give everyone the benefit of the doubt which we would all hope to be given. In all fairness to coach Dodge; (1.) I do remember a black man I met back at the City of Dallas (when his team was going up against ours in bi-district the next weekend) talking about a special relat
  10. I'm ok, as a white dude, with one of ours depicted "in the hood"..it all really takes me back to that great "The World is a Ghetto" song (by War?).
  11. This month's national geographic has an article on Tonga which is quite fascinating. I feel fortunate to live in a town with a major connection to the Tongans. Here's the link: National Geographic, "The Two Tongas" I have noticed Arizona State fans chatting in their forums about their good fortune in recruiting Dmitri Nance (Euless Trinity RB from the 2005 State Champion team), who scored 3 tds for them last weekend. Of course it didn't make the local Sunday papers, due to the time zone difference. They also mentioned Saia Falahola, all state offensive lineman from the same class who wen
  12. I guess you're the first perfect individual I've encountered since my sister was in town last Christmas.
  13. I feel it's somewhat hopeless saying this to someone who makes two words out of "Metroplex" and "bandwagoner" (granted, there's some historical basis for two "g's" in that), but you seem to be hearing something I was not (projection?). Why should we be more than North Texas, because you never were? We ARE North Texas; although I suppose "Texas State" is no longer "Southwest Texas", that was their choice, and one I hope we will not make. The directional prefix appeals to the geographer in me, seems accurate, and "North Texas" is the name of a school that is great in many ways.
  14. I have been offered tickets, but since the above post from BonfireBrian provides useful information, thought I'd leave this topic up.
  15. Hey folks, I got the wife interested in football 3 years ago (married 6 years as of last May), after we met coach Lineweaver here in Euless and decided he was such a great guy we had to support his team. Now I've talked her into going to the homecoming game tomorrow (first college fb game for her); she asked if we'll be able to get tickets there. Does anyone know how hard that will be; or will anyone have an extra couple of tickets you could sell us? We will be in Denton by about 4 p.m. tomorrow. Dwayne Taylor
  16. Hey, here in Euless, we're supposed to be sitting on top of that gas field called the "Barnett Shale". But, I don't think it's any coincidence that there's a Pancho's right in the middle of where that "natural gas" is supposed to be.
  17. By reading this article, you can see the names of some Euless Trinity O-Linemen that need to be recruited by North Texas. The Trinity coach, Steve Lineweaver, has mentioned how much opportunity Dodge has opened for area players at NT. These guys need to be recruited, and NT needs the talent. Euless Trinity O-Line
  18. It's always good to see a home town favorite like Vittatoe doing well for himself; honestly, he's a good all around guy, and has worked very hard to get where he is. Like you say, Trinity isn't real pass happy, but Vittatoe made opponents respect the pass, which helped the running game work. Trinity coach Lineweaver knows you have to pass to win championships. I thought these game highlights from last weekend, Trinity vs. previously unbeaten Irving MacArthur, give a good idea of Trinity's offense this year. I was skeptical of a small guy like Samir Baker (20) at RB, but the guy can find th
  19. You guys make me proud to hold a geography degree from North Texas, (B.A., 1977), and a Rand McNally Road Atlas (1993). Dwayne Taylor
  20. Well, I think there's been some improvement in QB and defensive play, areas that have been much discussed. Honestly, I'm of the school of "Let's get some offensive line muscle in here". I did feel I took some criticism for advocating a recruiting pipeline to Euless Trinity for that kind of talent (like "I'm sure our coaches are looking at all the schools"). Simply speaking, UNT needs some hosses on the offensive line. I'm never sure offensive linemen attract as much attention as other players; Euless Trinity, now as in years past, has some good ones.
  21. At this time, I'm advocating improving the kicking game by whatever means it takes. The kicking game has always been important, but this year's rule changes, not to mention the close games decided by field goals this year, make the kicking game increasingly important. Haven't some pro teams used "kicking consultants"? I'm generally opposed to consultants of all kinds, but if it would help, I think it should be considered; the sooner the better.
  22. It's good to keep some perspective. At one point as an undergrad at then NTSU, I was foolishly attempting a music major. Fortunately, my piano teacher pointed out to me, "Dwayne, you're just not getting it, but our best students can only get jobs playing in lounges in Las Vegas. And then, some who don't make it will jump from the 6th floor of Kerr Hall." Years later, I'm ok with being a geographer, and do enjoy singing in the church choir.
  23. I just thought this was an interesting perspective from the recap of today's OU at Iowa State game. The link is interesting, but I like this quote, "Under first-year coach Gene Chizik, Iowa State took a major step forward in defeat. The Cyclones had been outscored 133-37 in their first three Big 12 games, falling to Texas 56-3 at home last week." Of course, OU went on to win 17-7, but not without a fight from a 1-7 team, led by a coach who was defensive coordinator at UT when they won the mythical national championship in 2004. I've actually been so far out in the North Carolina mountains i
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