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  1. Wait his son is a senior in college now?! Where do us old people get our meds nowadays?
  2. I think it should be a student thing.
  3. Picture of the credit card or it didn’t happen.
  4. I thought we were playing better basketball but just missing shots. They were playing like they were missing their point guard and taking bad shots.
  5. Every WKU fan I heard said they wanted La Tech to win.
  6. Can goMeanGreen.com moderators demand tickets from the athletic department for the most loyal fans? Or how bout somebody leave an exit open for the rest of us!
  7. 7 dollars for small beer. I have no idea of this water he speaks of.
  8. Oh there will be some back and forth between these fans!
  9. This game might be packed. Four of the top five traveling fans are playing today.
  10. Instead of pick and rolls we have to let Hamlet go one on one with off the ball movement and screens. They just switch on Hamlet, double, or the everyone just shows on him.
  11. Hopefully Bell has a full tank. He at a lot this game and he will be key to beat LA Tech.
  12. God just three wins! How do we still have hope? Even though MTSU sucks I’m gonna enjoy this win and I’ll be there tomorrow.
  13. How many cusa tournament wins do we have?
  14. Don’t want it too loud for the other game.
  15. Are they really gonna wait an hour to start the next games?
  16. Hamlet and Bell need to play every minute this tournament?
  17. I got tickets for Thursday and Friday morning sessions.
  18. Ya it went by priority though and I’m bottom barrel. I also tried winning them and tried frontline worker (teacher which I don’t think counts).
  19. Well my three attempts at getting a ticket looks like they didn’t work. If anybody has an extra for tomorrow night hook a brother up.
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