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  1. Are we going to shun the page seveners?
  2. I’m going back and reading my own posts.
  3. It all depends on what they want. If they don’t want to play pro ball or have a job lined up then come back. If you have a chance to make money then get the hell out of college.
  4. Just like Roosevelt Smart. It’s easy to score when you are the primary option. It’s hard to be efficient and effective when you get half the looks.
  5. God that wil be a final of 22-30
  6. We are the highest NET team and we were really affected by COVID-19 cancellations.
  7. WKU expects top 25 teams and NCAA tournament wins. They think they are Gonzaga but they are more like Marquette.
  8. What are our odds of a play in game?
  9. If UNT ever plays WKU in finals at the start again it will be a sell out.
  10. Football lies. Who is this Benford you speak of? Did he play here?
  11. I like to leave it up to the UNT COUNCIL to start game threads. Us against the world baby!
  12. After you turned the tv off did you keep up with the score? We are UNT fans just because the game is over doesn’t me we stop caring! That’s why this game means so much to all of us!
  13. You thought it was over don’t even lie!
  14. Somebody who makes the basketball threads start an ncaa tournament one so we can start talking!
  15. The entire Mean Green nation thought this game was over! That’s all!
  16. Simmons looked bad against the UAB big then came out and balled in the tournament!
  17. My good friend commented on how well Simmons did. Simmons never looked scared and took it to Bassey.
  18. Bro step your game up! No excuses!
  19. We are playing like we don’t want to lose.
  20. They will put there shooters in to open up bassey and we will have to make them pay
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