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  1. I think. Thomas will get a shot at the NBA
  2. Franklin is killing us and he wasn’t supposed to. What can you do?
  3. Love this damn team no matter what!
  4. Best of luck to you as well kind and classy Hoo.
  5. Some of you guys are on crack! Virginia is one of the best teams we’ve ever had in The Superpit. Have we ever gotten a recent national championship team? Weather is awesome and students will be back from spring break. I’m guessing 7-8K
  6. The cream of the G5 crop will always rise to the top. Build your program well and the rest will take care of itself…
  7. Stone Cold would be fun to see. Would love to see Craig Robertson now he has retired.
  8. I mean these guys just won the national championship a couple of years ago! Sunday people can get off work. Students will be back from Spring break?
  9. Nice guys but damn their format sucks bad.
  10. I think they are off this week @UNTLifer
  11. Great summary GC Hoo. Welcome!
  12. It works well now. And let’s face it, attendance has been damaged by it. For 6 bucks a month you can basically watch every college game in the country! I laugh 😂 when I see some of our fans bemoan attendance when arenas at Baylor, OU, Texas etc are much emptier than they have ever been in the past. ESPN + = lower attendance.
  13. @CMJ if we best Virginia does that mean the team gets to go to play in the Garden?
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