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  1. He called a great game offensively. Defense still stinks to high heaven but him sitting Earles butt on the bench took some gutz. long live Eric Morris!!. .
  2. Yes it is horrible and not much we can donto fix it unfortunately.
  3. Not at all this whiny bitch has been complaining about facilities and asst salaries for years now.
  4. Limit the turnovers which Rogers is better at anyhow.
  5. How dare he wear another teams shirt. At least Seth wore a North Texas State one.
  6. UTSA is down 37-21 at home to Army. He never favors UTSA of course but he is still a little sad tonite for the state of Texas.
  7. Yup. Out for the season likely.
  8. Great interview JD. We lost a very good one in Phil. I hope Jared and Coach Eric learn their lesson on this. Old is not always bad.
  9. Great points. The numbers at position matter.
  10. NIL has made Michigan players richer, of course. It has also made the program better. Rather than fraying the team’s culture, NIL has reinforced it. In the past two years, the Wolverines have played harder, with a hyperfocus on team performance. They have grown closer. Their bonds with one another and the fan base have strengthened. Since the Supreme Court ruling, Michigan has won back-to-back Big Ten championships and earned berths in the past two College Football Playoffs. It has done so by fitting a blue-collar approach into a flash-and-cash era. The best players get the most playing time and the most endorsement money. Seniors show freshmen how to succeed in the Big Ten and in marketing. Stars look out for the lesser-known. The offense is built around a power run game, players routinely outperform their recruiting rankings and, while individuals can make big money, the team still comes first. read more: https://www.si.com/.amp/college/2023/09/13/how-nil-money-made-michigan-football-program-even-stronger
  11. He’s not working for anyone as I can tell and perhaps we could pay him as a consultant to assist our young DC through his learning process.
  12. I think it’s more the Jimmies and Joes more than the system but you may be right
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