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  1. Jackson is not keeping his head into the game tonight.
  2. Is it now clear to the UNT fanbase now that we have to hire someone who can win?
  3. Don’t smdisagree with anything said here. Perhaps Seth and Wren could emulate what Sonny is doing with SMU?
  4. Sadly I think we have to stick with him for the rest of the year as we owe him too much money.
  5. Could this come down to which school has the money to pay exit fees or not? With Covid times are tougher to write big ole check you know what I’m saying?
  6. Yes bad timing. It would be funny if we ended up in the Southland which is where we started this journey from.
  7. My biggest worry about the Mountain West is it would be a very tough league for us to win in basketball.
  8. Could the Big 12 add beyond Memphis and Boise State? Other than Memphis and Boise State being next in line, look for visits and/or discussions to take place with Tulane, SMU and possibly even Southern Mississippi. Sources say there's a method to this madness and while on the surface many won't see or understand the appeal, ESPN will have its hand in which teams would be added. Despite animosity or legal maneuvering, the Big 12, Texas, OU, SEC and ESPN will need in some way to work together to make this happen sooner rather than later. Don't overlook Texas wanting to make it feel or look like they have something on the Big 12, but bottom line is that Texas has all the money to spend and will spend it if it comes down to being the last hurdle. read more: https://sicem365.com/s/10554/big-12-expansion-update-texas-oklahomas-exit-fees-pac-12-vs-big-12
  9. You read my mind man. Absolutely think CUSA should add Liberty and maybe another couple of the better Sun Belt programs.
  10. I would like to hear from many of the posters on this site.
  11. No problem coach Inwill let everyone know they are out! See that wasn’t so complicated!
  12. DENTON, Texas – Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker announced the addition of Jessie Gardner as North Texas’ new Senior Associate Athletics Director for Leadership and Personal Brand Development Friday. Gardner comes to UNT after serving the last seven-plus years as Assistant Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Enhancement at Alabama. While in Tuscaloosa, she created the D.R.I.V.E. For Success Career & Leadership Development program in 2014. She oversaw total operation of the program, and in 2015, added direction of the Life Skills & Community Outreach initiatives. "We are thrilled to welcome Jessie to the Mean Green Family,” Baker said. “She is a skilled leader, with a strong belief in the holistic growth and development of student-athletes. Her addition will allow us to continue to move forward our mission of Building Champions and Preparing Leaders.” Gardner was also responsible for the design, coordination, and implementation of the Emerging Tide Leaders Academy. She also led in the organization and execution of all efforts related to the annual Alabama Athletics achievement show. Additionally, she served as the primary advisor for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. “I am honored and excited to join the Mean Green and I want to thank Wren Baker, Jared Mosley and Natasha Oakes for this incredible opportunity. The mission of Building Champions and Preparing Leaders is evident in every aspect of UNT’s operations, and I look forward to working with the student-athletes, coaches, and staff. I am thrilled to support the Mean Green’s future success!” Gardner began her career in collegiate athletics as Life Skills Coordinator at Nebraska from 2011-14. A former soccer student-athlete and three-time graduate of UCF, she earned two Master’s degrees through the DeVos Sports Business Management program after completing her undergraduate degree in Orlando. Gardner fills the newly created role of Senior Associate AD for Leadership and Personal Brand Development. Responsibilities of the position include supporting and fostering personal, social and professional growth for the more than 350 student-athletes at UNT. The position is also charged with overseeing, enhancing and continually creating leadership development programming for student-athletes and staff.
  13. Yes but warts can be removed. He’s learned a lot since his stint here andnI for one think he will make a great HC one day. OC at USC is no small feat I’ll have you know.
  14. I don’t get why we can’t hire Briles? It’s the daddy that got in trouble not the son right? So we are going to blame the son for the sins of his father or what?
  15. Sad to say it but you are right. Our administration has never had the guts to hire people who can get the job done. They care more about their pensions than they do about good ole UNT.
  16. Why so? Why can do many schools like Houston who hired Kelvin Sampson after he had been clearly indicted or say High Freeze at Liberty. There are very few coaches who can win and move the pendulums where they need to.be. If we are not serious about winning then WTF are we paying someone 2.5 million a year?
  17. That may indeed be the case however would you like to explain this in more detail?
  18. We have great support we have great alumni and with the right leader we could go some very special places. Even with a very sub par product we still have tons of support at these games and on campus. It’s just a damn crying shame Seth has squandered this tremendous opportunity at UNT. 😪
  19. I mean I hear where you are coming from and all but damn man he has a very large like 3 million dollar or more buyout and our big money donors got stung badly when Coach McCarney refused to get another coaching job and we had to pay him every red cent. All I am saying is people here gotta understand that Wren added a lot to Seth’s contract when he extended it after the K-State offer. That said we obviously need to make a coaching change but it may need to be in a year or so once we have paid off most of what we owe Seth. I seriously doubt there are tons of donors in line to pay Seth off after what happened with paper bag Danny.
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