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  1. On the brink of a historic settlement decision, the NCAA is facing pushback from one of its most prestigious basketball conferences. In an email Saturday to her members, Big East commissioner Val Ackerman expressed “strong objection” to the NCAA’s proposal on how it is determining back damages related to the consolidated settlement in the House, Hubbard and Carter antitrust cases. And she is seeking ways to “alter the plan that the NCAA and A5 have orchestrated,” she writes in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by Yahoo Sports. The settlement, in the final stages of adoption, consists of three main concepts: back damages owed to former athletes ($2.77 billion); revenue-sharing for current and future athletes (upward of $22 million annually per school); and an overhaul of a variety of NCAA elements, including scholarship and roster limits, governance structure and enforcement arm. Over a 10-year payback period, the NCAA is responsible for paying 40% of the $2.77 billion with the other 60% coming from a reduction in school distributions. To determine how much each of the 32 Division I conferences contribute, the association created a formula based on the amount of distribution that a league earned over a nine-year period starting in 2016, according to separate documents shared with commissioners. Most of the distribution that the NCAA divides among leagues— more than $700 million annually — is derived from revenues of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Under the formula, the Big East will be responsible for about $5 million to $7 million annually, or as much as $70 million over the next decade — a figure that works out to about $600,000-$700,000 per school per year. “Based on the numbers we have reviewed, the liability of the 22 non-FBS conferences under the proposed formula appears disproportionately high, particularly because the primary beneficiaries of the NIL ‘back pay’ amounts are expected to be FBS football players,” Ackerman wrote. “I have voiced the Big East's strong objections to the proposed damages framework through recent emails to [NCAA president] Charlie Baker and his counsel and through comments during commissioner calls over the past two weeks.” Read more: https://sports.yahoo.com/ncaas-settlement-proposal-facing-strong-objection-from-big-east-194238228.html
  2. Everything he says is true. It will impact Texas Tech and many others at that level as it does us.
  3. Agreed! Calmer heads will prevail.
  4. Best available talent all things being equal a pg.
  5. If this group stays healthy, I will come out and say it right now, we could be a LOT better. We have more size and more guards that can handle the ball in my estimation. Fantastic job by Hodge. Wish I could say the same for football.
  6. Plus, more financial differentiation might only accelerate the rate at which top G5 players transfer up to play at P4 institutions. “These jobs are even harder now because if one of your players has a great season, he’s probably getting plucked away,” Dykes said. “Your only chance is to build a great culture and hope that keeps most of your roster intact.” And for Morris, the question then becomes about keeping the G5 teams relevant and thriving if they’re more formally in the second class of college football nationwide. link: https://www.on3.com/news/sonny-dykes-predicts-future-split-among-p4-g5-schools-alabama-and-la-tech-arent-playing-the-same-sport/
  7. I also think we could have done better in AD hiring as well myself.
  8. DENTON – The UNT men's basketball team has signed former Pac-12 All-Freshman forward Grant Newell. The transfer joins the Mean Green after playing two seasons at California where he started 39 games for the Golden Bears, scored in double figures 14 times and was named to the conference's all-freshman team honorable mention in 2023 after receiving three votes from league head coaches. Newell was one of just seven Pac-12 freshmen to earn at least three votes. He will have two years of eligibility remaining. The 6-foot-9 Chicago native played in a total of 63 games over the two years for Cal and averaged 6.8 points and 3.7 rebounds per contest over those two seasons. The big man showed his range as he knocked down 39 3-pointers too. Newell has recorded three double-doubles in his career, all against Pac-12 opponents, including a 21-point and 10-rebound performance at Washington as a freshman. He was 10-of-18 from the floor in the game. Newell had another double-double his freshman season against Colorado when he pulled down a career-high 12 rebounds to go along with 13 points. Newell became the first Cal freshman since Jaylen Brown in 2016 to record multiple double-doubles in a season. He also had a double-double last year with an 11-point and 10-rebound performance against rival Stanford. Newell graduated from IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, in 2022. Prior to that he played at Whitney Young High School in Chicago where he was an All-City Special Mention in 2021. Newell was a three-star prospect by ESPN and held offers to DePaul, South Florida, Nevada, St. Bonaventure, East Carolina, Kent State and Youngstown State in addition to Cal coming out of IMG. This summer he chose North Texas over UAB, Charlotte, Wichita State, Rice, East Carolina, Tulsa, Arizona State, Saint Mary’s, Stanford and New Mexico among others. Newell joins a North Texas signing class that includes incoming freshman Tyran Mason (Plano HS) and transfers Jasper Floyd (Fairfield), Latrell Jossell (SFA), Johnathan Massie (Longwood), Brock Vice (Creighton) and Atin Wright (Drake). For more information on UNT men's basketball tickets, contact the Mean Green Ticket Office at 940-565-2527 or at ticketoffice@unt.edu. Fans can visit the UNT Athletics Ticket Office located at Gate 2 of DATCU Stadium between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  9. It is truly sad to see many of our best posters come on here and try to pretend that we should be ok with our best players leaving to go to other schools. This system sucks and will ultimately kill college sports and I refuse to adjust my views on it,
  10. No, I agree with everything you stated up to that point. We cannot support HOF for players who voluntarily choose to leave. What next, will we start enshrining players from other teams to our HOF? Rubin will forever be considered a Michigan graduate in his professional career.
  11. How do you know this? Seems like some of our other players did not get $ as promised.
  12. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1981/01/19/North-Texas-State-University-named-Bob-Tyler-former-Mississippi/4417348728400/
  13. Would like to see him, Rondell and Matt be back.
  14. This appears to show where all this is going. Back to the athletic departments who distribute to the players.
  15. Don’t get me wrong I love Hodge’s defense and it has elevated us to a new level of success. I would not trade that. Can’t help but wonder if this defensive focus doesn’t lead to some of the defections? Most bball players want to play offense more than defense. Just feeling like this is an elephant in the room nobody wants to deal with.
  16. You are right. I sense that you will start to see the best G5 head coaches leave to become assistants at the richer programs. The money and greed of the coaches and schools are to blame for this. I do not blame the networks. It is ridiculous for coaches to be paid millions of dollars and same for AD’s when the players can’t pay their bills. I fear our programs as we know and knew them to be are basically over. We are North Texas State Junior College now.
  17. I think that players who are leaving now are looking to cash out knowing that they probably won't be starters. That is the rub. The big P5 powers have the budget to throw around 100K like it is nothing and our guys can take that money and in their minds justifiably sit the bench. Tylor Perry was different, as he had the ability to start right away. My point is that we need to go after guys that want to play ball and not sit the bench for money.
  18. Good point. Again, the secrecy of this regime is part of the problem. Morris really limits access and info unlike any other coach I have ever seen. He supposedly got this from Leach but I didn't notice it as much with Littrell.
  19. UNT in the past would never likely have done his. This tells me they realize the stakes have risen and they must adapt to the situation they face. I applaud them for it and hope the young man finds a rightful home.
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