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  1. I just sawr Emmit!! And Forefightn Rick!
  2. Why is Bell still on the bench? My god game is over.
  3. It really seems quite broken. TSU coach is doing a fantastic job against us!
  4. Aaron Scott needs to improve his D down in the paint!
  5. Another NCAA tourney win for Johnny Jones. What a great coach he is!
  6. Maybe it's just me but damn I can't shake the down feeling I am experiencing. It is almost as if the season was a mirage in some respects. And I am sorry but the NIT is a very small consolation. I know it will get better but at least for now I am pretty down.
  7. Sad to say but you are 100% correct here. Big big lost opportunity for UNT today.
  8. I hope they will bench Ousmane after this terrible performance. He had a horrible game.
  9. This will be a battle of the giants, Abou and baby Shaq!
  10. I understand that but I just wanted it to be on a channel I could click to. No big deal.
  11. Yes but I am trying to get it on me TV. Not just me phone:
  12. This will go down to the wire. Please let Jalie win!!
  13. He was such a great coach for us and watching this reminds me how much he has been missed. It has become very clear what happened to our offense as it coincides with when GH left.
  14. It’s really quite ridiculous that UNT AD can sell that we can’t afford baseball but nUTSACk with their paupers budget can. What’s worse is some on here have bought that story hook, line and slinker.
  15. Has this link worked out well for everyone. About to use this myself.
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