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  1. 97 and still kicking it. Pictured with Craig Way here.
  2. God bless you UNT Lifer. You are a great fan. Good write up as always.
  3. UTSA is not looking vulnerable at all to me! UTSA might win the whole damn thing!
  4. Hedlund will have his hands full. This conference has much better talent than what he has had to compete against in the past.
  5. Bean played pretty well at times in the last game I thought. I know the score doesn’t seem to indicate that.
  6. You gotta stop three different plays every play. And they are big and physical.
  7. Yes, if he wins on the road at Navy all sins are forgiven here.
  8. College football realignment reached the halls of the Oregon State Capitol on Thursday, when representatives from the University of Oregon and Oregon State addressed their diverging paths in the wake of the Pac-12 Conference’s demise. During a public hearing before the House Interim Committee On Higher Education, school presidents, athletic directors, one student-athlete and a small business representative detailed how the implosion of the Pac-12 — and Oregon’s defection to the Big Ten — will impact the schools and their athletic departments moving forward. The conference fell apart last month, when Oregon and Washington announced they would be leaving for the Big Ten at the beginning of the 2024-25 season. The news came roughly a year after USC and UCLA made a similar move, and days after Colorado said it would leave for the Big 12. It started a domino of departures, with the rest of the conference bailing for the Big 12 and ACC. Only two schools were left without a future conference home: Oregon State and Washington State. During Friday’s hearing in Salem, Oregon State President Jayathi Murthy said the “consequences” of the Pac-12′s collapse will be “devastating” for Oregon’s largest university, causing a $42 million budget shortfall created, mostly, by a loss of television revenue. The funding deficit, Murthy said, will threaten athletic scholarships and jeopardize the future of non-revenue and Olympic sports and women athletes. Conversely, Oregon President Karl Scholz said the university bolted from the Pac-12 to remain financially stable and self-sufficient, noting that its athletic department was self-funded and would remain so. The move to the Big Ten, he said, will provide “stability and visibility” for the Ducks. read more: https://www.oregonlive.com/collegefootball/2023/09/oregon-state-paints-devastating-financial-picture-oregon-says-move-to-big-ten-adds-stability-and-visibility-at-legislative-hearing-on-college-football-realignment-pac-12s-demise.html
  9. Notable home conference games include a Jan. 25 matchup versus Metroplex rival SMU at the Super Pit, a Jan. 31 home game against UAB who North Texas defeated in the NIT championship game, a Feb. 15 home game versus Memphis who made the NCAA Tournament last year and a March 6 home contest versus Florida Atlantic who reached the Final Four a year ago and won the 2023 Conference USA championship. The March 6 game against FAU will be the final home game of the regular season.
  10. No doubt he was a nice guy. Not sure he cultivated a lot of new big donors but he was real nice to hang out with.
  11. When TCU joined the Big 12 Conference, in 2012, SMU’s leadership could only look on in disgust, and envy. TCU had the hook, and national exposure, it wanted. The idea that TCU was better than SMU in anything wasn’t a slap-in-the-face to a lot of Hilltoppers, it was a 3-wood to the face. Alas, from 2000 to its current state, the rivalry between the two has been in name only. TCU is the Big 12 member, while SMU was in a Group of Five. SMU has won a few games here and there, but TCU and SMU has been big (rich) brother versus little (also very rich) brother. When the Big 12 announced in 2021 that it would add American Athletic Conference members Houston, Central Florida and Cincinnati, some SMU officials were livid that the AAC invited North Texas as a new member. Disregard whatever they may say publicly, SMU does not want to be affiliated with North Texas. SMU has spent tens of millions of dollars in upgrading its facilities, and earlier this year SMU officials passionately lobbied to join the Pac-12. The Pac-12 could not sell to its member schools that SMU was a value add, so the lead died. When the Pac-12 died, SMU played its hole card. Money. Money, and influential members of its community who have no problem spending it. link: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article279596899.html
  12. Who cares? And why is this in the football board. I agree, we don’t need this position anymore with NIL do we?
  13. This was really good but am wondering when Part 2 will be released????
  14. I am not believing any stupid UNT fan would criticize Coach O. Dude does more for UNT than anyone. His social media game alone is a full time job. Get a life people!
  15. FAU is trying to won the whole damn thing this year! And I don’t mean just the AAC.
  16. Good catch. I saw that as well from the latest offers. Bennett said he opted for speed over size prior.
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