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  1. Yep and it also explains why the Liberty transfer QB decided to come here. He probably knew the Morris hire was pending and he was going to get the starting nod.
  2. I agree. Last night convinced me that we should be putting all available resources into basketball now. I am not proposing shutting down football but basketball is the future and deserves much more.
  3. Yes it was a very special moment for all of us indeed.
  4. We have officially become a basketball school now! That was a very quality SMU team tonight folks.
  5. He must have been frustrated after the big loss.
  6. He won’t be here long if he keeps this up
  7. Why do get to be judge and jury? If you think it is a bad take you should have the decency to provide some facts or data to support that opinion.
  8. Deeply disappointed in the loss. Typical UNT we lose momentum right prior to the attendance game at home against SMUt. Have a good weekend.
  9. Dello is doing zero and same for Matt. Someone has got to step up jees!
  10. I think he is referencing this guy https://meangreensports.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/coaches/mike-petersen/51
  11. I don't disagree that a challenge could end up helping us but I did not see that his push off was extreme enough to stop a game at the very end like that. Also I think the ref had an obligation to allow the hail mary to play out. Had he called the foul at that time it would have been a shame. People forget, the conference wants these games to be entertaining. Have you seen how many replays we have gotten on ESPN and the like from this play? Conference benefits from that as well.
  12. Crazy to think we are ahead of Memphis but I also think this may put a target on our backs for the remainder of the season.
  13. Who threw the pass? I couldn't tell. That was a great pass there.
  14. A frustrated East Carolina coach Michael Schwartz sat at the podium to address the media after the team's heartbreaking 60-59 loss on Wednesday night to North Texas inside Minges Coliseum. Just moments earlier, ECU appeared to have a dramatic game-winning shot from RJ Felton with 3.1 seconds left, only to see North Texas execute a cross-court pass, potentially with the help of a push-off, to lay in a go-ahead shot with 1.3 seconds left. Schwartz addressed the media after the contest, with his right hand bandaged and bloody, presumably after punching something out of frustration. He was asked about the push off, the final sequence of the game, and more. Here's everything he had to say. OPENING STATEMENT "Very tough loss for us. Obviously a very disappointed locker room. Frustrated. Just weren't able to obviously make the plays down the stretch. And North Texas did. Very good North Texas team, they're undefeated in this conference for a reason. They're the program they are for a reason. They've established it over many, many years and a lot of respect for them, and just tough loss for our guys. And we have to find a way to bounce back from this." read more: https://247sports.com/college/east-carolina/longformarticle/michael-schwartz-ecu-basketball-north-texas-postgame-quotes-225656280/#2349282
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