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  1. Riley Dodge because of his position and skill.
  2. We have so much coming back and the portal has been like very uneventful. Jake wasn’t thag good (they just wanted his lit e bro) and we got some bad bitchez back - I see you Gumms!
  3. Very valid point. I don’t always agree but you have some vision of things.
  4. We GAVE them that game. We were up by 9 with minutes left and blew the lead.
  5. Jalie needs to hit the road! Hire Karen Aston!
  6. Students arent back yet. Are you dumb?
  7. Dude I like you but I’m calling bullshit on this. Heck he played a lot against us in our game and actually played well. He probably got pissed off that he was playing well and working hard and you all were paying some scrub from Bama a bunch of fun money to ride the bench. You have no business crowing after all yall spent and the results in 2022.
  8. Sorry CMJ but there has not been this level of blowout in the nationaL championship game ever or at least in the modern era. Just an absolutely pathetic and embarrassing showing for TCU.
  9. It’s really tricky. She’s an alumnus. She’s in the Hall of Fame and perhaps the leading scorer in history. But she absolutely needs to be fired and we should immediately get on the phone with Karen Aston at UTSA.
  10. I’m sorry @UNTLifer and all due respect but just because he isn’t a high round NFL draft choice diesnt mean the coaches and fans like yourself should have pressured him to play in a meaningless bowl game.
  11. Super sad news. Hate to see our own coaches steal our guys
  12. I wish the best for Jennings but he has the most pressure on him. I think our secondary is in really bad shape.
  13. I agree. We need to be tougher on ourselves if we want to get better.
  14. Look forward to your updates. Is the weather pretty cold?
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