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  1. If so you could promote Bennett as the Head Coach and he would probably be very good in my opinion. He’s proven that he can coach as the defense is miles better from last season.
  2. This is very sad news. He was out bestvrecruit and was always talking up UNT online. Why can we not give the legal process time as he may be innocent!
  3. Look at this letter from him signed from him. He is in cahoots with Judy on this thing. It is stupid. He should be doing backroom deals not aligning himself with the worst commissioner in college football. I am very disappointed in him. He is a good man and has been good for athletics but this time his advisors let him down.
  4. These men fought hard in all three phases but at the end of the day…
  5. Agree 100 percent. How sad is it that I hated us getting the gimme TD late? Tell you lot about the state of this mess.
  6. Player to Watch Another week, another prolific running back for the Tigers to tackle. North Texas’ DeAndre Torrey comes into Saturday’s game ranked No. 3 in the country in rushing, averaging 129 yards per game. He’s averaged 5.7 yards per attempt and scored four touchdowns for the Mean Green. The bulk of his production came in a Week 1 victory over FCS opponent Northwestern State (244 yards, three touchdowns), but he’s coming off a 119-yard game against Louisiana Tech. The 5-foot-7, 199-pound senior is in his fourth season at UNT after arriving from junior college. read more: https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/tiger-talk-an-early-look-at-mizzou-vs-north-texas/article_903ec42b-e768-58e2-8f54-e5b692668394.html
  7. That’s one way to look at it but another way is he may be due for a stinker.
  8. Again which is why we should have a full time designated salary position. to manage the portal and transfers. Most of UNTs woes under the Littrell regime are directly tied to piss poor roster management and basically ignoring the juco and P5 G5 transfer market. Look at SMU and other CUSA programs like USB bad La Tech and you will see they have done way more in these areas.
  9. Solid post as usual. I am beginning to wonder if being a college that is subordinate to the flagship university is not a detriment for schools like UTSA, UTEP etc. and frankly even UAB. Doesn’t the flagship school become the default for big donors in the state and also won’t they always limit the budget ceiling for the other “lesser” campuses. Had always heard the UT forced UTA to drop football way back when.
  10. I mean honestly do those ranking amount to anything in the end? I think based on our performance on the field they are bullshit.
  11. Jim as much as I want to disagree with your analysis sometimes, I have to say you are typically right in the end. So for that I have to give you much credit. GMG
  12. Oregon has stolen are damn helmet uniforms!!! Oregon stole it. Paging Wren and Dr Smat!
  13. Air Force was “enamored” about the AAC because of the major markets of Tampa, Dallas and Philadelphia, a source said. Air Force also was intrigued by having AAC member Navy as a conference game, which would allow the Falcons the ability to add another nonconference opponent, a source said. read more: https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/mountain-west-staves-off-aac-boise-state-san-diego-state-air-force-colorado-state/amp?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=BrettMcMurphy&__twitter_impression=true
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