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  1. How many layups has Sissoku missed today and now Aaron appears to be injured.
  2. An example would be moving Roderic Brown to Mazin’s down lineman spot instead of being the nose. And them move Mazin to his natural postion of linebacker or outside edge so he can rush.
  3. I am picking SMU to win the whole conference. They should handle Memphis easily. SMU is paying more NIL money than Texas or A&M right now.
  4. - Jeff Trailor will be named head coach of Baylor football - SMUt will defeat Tulane in AAC champ game and will get the G5 playoff spot - UNT will lose their last two games but it will be close - Eric Morris will ultimately decide to retain Caponi primarily due to the fact he has a 2 year contract - UNT basketball will win a thriller today against St John’s
  5. Morris will get another year but man he has made some major mistakes. Very disappointed in his decision to hire Caponi. He can only own things fo so ling until the fan base gets tired. We hired him to be a McCasland type coach. We already had Littrell.
  6. More proof of mismanagement from Litty.
  7. Should he get another shot to develop the 3-3-5?
  8. Great win! These guys are just damn winners.
  9. Suffered a terrible injury just now.
  10. Off the top of my head Maclin and Rogers are the biggest targets.
  11. Basketball is our only hope given the current state of affairs with the NCAA and whatn
  12. The North Texas rugby club opens its season under the D1A Red River Conference along with Baylor, Oklahoma St., University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M, TCU and Texas Tech. The club is one of the oldest sports clubs to be around at the university. Currently, the team is managed by former rugby alumni players. These coaches do not get paid for their positions, as they see it as a way to give back and keep the legacy going. “I had the opportunity to go play professionally after playing here at UNT so [I’m] just trying to give back where I can,” assistant coach Austin Becker said. “Give back to the boys and also try and create a pipeline with the local professional team at Dallas Jackals just trying to create every opportunity I can for the guys here, you know opportunities that weren’t there when I came to the school.” Coming into the new season, the team lost half of their players due to graduation or professional academy teams. Recruiting was one of the things members emphasized during the summer, whether that be attending high schools, hosting watch parties or tabling around campus. However, the team roster saw many new names join. A good portion of them joined the team having zero experience. “I would say in our conference we consistently have the least experienced recruiting class compared to other schools,” assistant coach Andrew Marshall said. “We only have two practice sessions so only twice a week, so [newcomers] are told they must watch rugby whenever they can. Just watching a sport when you are brand new to it, you’re going to absorb it very quickly because of all of the things you get from watching a broadcast of it.” LInk: https://www.ntdaily.com/sports/north-texas-alumni-look-to-keep-rugby-clubs-legacy-known/article_33f59e0a-7dc0-11ee-8b80-ef367a8640b2.html
  13. Really proud of how the boys fought back tonight. Very gutsy win. Congratz to Hodgy for his first of many.
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