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  1. He’ll be looking for a job after this season because Helton is 100% getting fired. New AD will want a new coach and a new coach will likely want his own OC.
  2. Houston has better athletes and better size, but this final score was 100% a coaching failure for Seth and his crew. Fine & the receivers look borderline lost out there on most offensive snaps. That’s not deceptive shifting before the snap; that’s dudes who don’t know where to line up. Our special teams play tonight was the worst I’ve seen since the McCarney days. Houston watched enough film to see we were sloppy on backside containment, and they put their superior athleticism to work twice to exploit that.
  3. No. If we win the CUSA Championship and win a bowl game, I’ll be thrilled. SMU will be a Top 25 team before the end of the year. We’ve got a long way to go to run the table and win in the postseason, though.
  4. Thou shall not question the suits in Bristol! Also, I think that bowl’s committee really loves playing in an empty stadium.
  5. Bowl Selection Day, aka Angry Christmas for college football fans.
  6. Might want to tap the brakes on playing Utah State as an upside. They had a great season this year. Yeah, Wells took the Tech job so we don’t know how that will impact them, but we better be ready for a 10-2 team.
  7. The early bowl games are a killer for our attendance precisely because they’re happening while our students either just finished finals or are graduating and they’re happening before most alums’ holiday vacations start. It’s such a damned buzzkill. The value of 10 or more wins and CUSA championships to us isn’t a New Year’s Day bowl; it’s a bowl that is played when we have a chance to turn out fans.
  8. If Littrell were to leave for a P5 now, it makes sense to me that it would be to school that’s not “a football school.” I think that Seth or a guy like Neal Brown aren’t going to get a shot at a big time P5 program that’s football-first with their resumes as-is. Both have had success in places where success has been difficult to come by, but when “I brought winning back to Denton/Troy” is your closing argument, that’s not going to be enough at Tech or another P5 where football defines the entire athletic program. At a place like Indiana or Kansas or NC, though, it might be enough. To get a shot at a P5 football-first school, Seth and Neal need to go the PJ Fleck route: crush your recruiting every year, win more games than you did the year before, play for conference championships and win them, and win/be competitive in your P5 games and bowl games. I think Neal is further along that progression than Seth, but I don’t think either of them are on the radar of a P5 football-first school right now. EDIT: while I was writing this drivel, it looks like UNC is going #BackToMack!
  9. Both of them admitted they should have handled the situation better, which sounds about right to me.
  10. Murray is what he is. I think Harrell needs to appreciate what his QB has in front of him and quit it with the slow boil plays downfield. We did a great job of moving the ball tonight on slants, digs, and curls. When the OC was calling plays based on longer routes, the Blazer d-line was getting to him. I understand we want to take downfield shots, but when your o line is getting rolled and you’re losing momentum, do more of the stuff that works and less of the stuff that’s riskier.
  11. That’s what it looked like to me. The way he grabbed at his leg and the way he was hobbling around in the 4th quarter looked a lot like a grade 2 strain. I was surprised he remained in the game and I was very concerned for his health.
  12. Last play of the 3rd quarter. Grabbed the back of his left leg.
  13. I hope I’m wrong, I deeply hope I’m wrong, but I think we will hear the following tomorrow: Fine, 2-4 weeks; Easly, season. I missed Kemon’s injury, but I’d guess he’s day-to-day.
  14. 2018 WKU ain’t the WKU of recent years. Tech will beat them. I think FAU and UAB are going to be their...and our...bellwethers.
  15. It’s a definite head scratcher. They had established Easly. Tech adjusted to the dump pass, but our line was still opening up lanes for Easly. It certainly looked and felt like GH got too cute with the play calling. Was he not watching Ferguson maul our tackles and blow off chip blocks to hurry, knock down, or sack Fine every time he dropped back? That was some Chaz-Green-Against-The-Falcons stuff.
  16. I’m going on nothing but hunches, but I’ve suspected ever since this bowl’s inception that it’s nothing but a huge money laundering event.
  17. Let’s get Troy’s DC to Denton.
  18. Bottom line: can't give the other team the ball that many times and hope to win. This is frustrating because this would be a competitive game with one TO or no TOs.
  19. If someone sits behind me and yells at anyone on the sidelines for any reason, I'll ask him politely to stop. If he continues to do it, I'll ask stadium security to talk with him. I don't pay for season tickets to have someone bellow in my ear the whole game.
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