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  1. Was that Booger Kennedy talking with coaches and players?
  2. I got in about half an hour after the showcase started. I didn’t see Head’s first drive, but what I did see of him, he throws a nice ball. Saw his final two series and only one shoe top pass in those series. Everything else was crisp, fast, and on target.
  3. He’ll get paid very well, probably slightly more than what he was making at OU. He’s a young guy and a millionaire and USC is one of the storied destinations in college football. Also, Southern California’s pretty great if you’ve got a lot of money. I think this is a definite part of his calculus. The PAC-12 South is ripe for the taking. The SEC West…is not. In the PAC-12 South, you can have an off year and still be in the mix; the SEC West will demand perfection. if it’s true that he has NFL aspirations down the road, the better choice of the two paths in terms of wins and losses is the PAC-12. Because we don’t have a lot of exposure to Southern California high school football here, it’s difficult to appreciate how much juice there is in L.A. alone. If he can make USC a destination again for that top tier LAHS talent, he will become a college football god.
  4. Let’s find the lowest tier outdoor bowl game with the highest probability of rain and go for it!
  5. It’s the combination of camera angle + stadium lights + poor drainage + artificial turf.
  6. Bill Clark’s decision to play not to lose on 4th and two chain links instead of appreciating the moment and playing to win 100% cost UAB the game. It kills me to say it, but UTSA is ridiculously good this season. That game winning drive was some legendary stuff.
  7. We are bad and the referees are bad. Both things are true.
  8. You’d never see that call blown so badly in Six Man football. Disgraceful refereeing.
  9. FIU and USM are legit bad teams, definitely worse than Marshall. Sadly, FIU is the closest comp to UNT at this point in the season in CUSA, so one legit bad team will have to win that matchup. Rice is bad, but they are likely better than we are.
  10. The only three possible or probable wins left for us are Rice, FIU, and USM. Rice is possible, not probable. FIU and USM are probable, and I think FIU is our best shot at a win. I think the bigger issue here is that it’s very probable we’re going to get absolutely thumped by Liberty, UTEP, and UTSA. UTEP and UTSA thumping us ought to be as clear a message as can be sent from the field about the direction of this program to our leadership and The 17. You know who else will get that message? The MWC and AAC.
  11. Just like respect is earned, not bought nor coerced, being a desirable conference addition for a more attractive destination conference is earned. We can talk all we want about our intangibles and our eye-catching bullet point demographics, but until we’re consistently competitive in our current conference in at least two major sports, we’re the smelly kid begging the popular kids to pick us. If we’re competitive and we draw eyeballs with our competition and start racking up signature wins on a consistent basis, no one will care how we smell. Talking about being taken seriously in realignment by a destination conference before we start winning where we are is some real cart before the horse energy.
  12. Missouri’s QB is so bad I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hit the transfer portal and end up here.
  13. UTSA put away Memphis today; maybe ending the season with yet another conference opponent drilling us will motivate AD Wren to do something.
  14. 2021 CONFERENCE USA WEST CO-CHAMPIONS in big font, then, at the bottom, in teeny tiny font, WEEK 1
  15. UAB is putting on a clinic on how to play undisciplined football and win. I hope our usual undisciplined suspects are paying attention.
  16. Yep, it’s definitely a “offensive PI on the QB that should have been a personal foul” kind of game. 😳
  17. With regime change at USC, maybe now wouldn’t be a bad time to check in with GH.
  18. This feels like what I remember of the first half of the Portland State game. I left that game right before halftime to help my mom sign papers to put my dad on hospice care. I really hoped that I’d not be reminded of that game again.
  19. The PAC 12 would be absolutely nuts to turn away some combination of Baylor, OSU, TCU, and Tech. The reality of college athletics has always been dollars and cents. In our new name & image rights reality, the bigs need as many new eyeballs and markets as possible to be real players. If I’m the PAC 12 commissioner and I’m looking at my opportunities to tilt the field in my conference’s favor, there’s this cash cow and then there’s a bunch of pocket change. This moves establishes my conference in Texas, brings in great football, basketball, and baseball programs, and brings millions of new eyes to my broadcasts. Put another way, if the PAC 12 doesn’t make this move, if such a move is available to them, then they’re going to put themselves in an uncompetitive NIL position from the jump.
  20. The only sports fan in Texas as delusional as a Longhorn fan is a Dallas Cowboys fan.
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