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  1. largekfcbucket

    Terrible "What if?" Scenario

    Yep. We're not immune to any loss on our schedule. That's why these scenarios seem so pointless to me. Can't and don't care about anything past Saturday vs. LA Tech.
  2. largekfcbucket

    Terrible "What if?" Scenario

    UTSA is an awful team. UNT is a great team. If we're good enough to go 11-0 with wins over LA Tech, Arkansas, UAB and FAU, we're good enough to beat them. Why are we even thinking about hypotheticals like this in Week 5? C'mon.
  3. largekfcbucket

    Seats Becoming few at Alamo Drafthouse

    How was the visual/audio quality?
  4. largekfcbucket

    FAU Game on Thursday, Nov 15th at 8:30pm Worth It?

    This student will be there.
  5. largekfcbucket

    Week 4 Unis: Codename Necessary Roughness

    These are pretty cool. I prefer the reverse, however - green pants/white helmet/white jersey that we wore @ USM last year. Hard to go wrong with any of these combos.
  6. You're welcome.
  7. largekfcbucket

    Official Liberty Game Score Prediction Thread

    We must reset. Can't crap the bed this week. I think the team knows that. UNT 48 Liberty 28
  8. largekfcbucket

    Where to rewatch Arkansas game?

    Last year games were popping up on youtube almost 12 hours after every game. Now it's impossible to find any source of the full game. Anyone have a link for me?
  9. largekfcbucket


    More like Chad Moron.
  10. largekfcbucket

    Uni's for Arkansas...

    Yeah, it's just a dumb sentiment. Oregon began the entire "UniSwag" movement. Everyone else followed suit. I just think it's dumb to call any team in green cool uniforms "Oregon".
  11. largekfcbucket

    Uni's for Arkansas...

    God, the whole "Oregon ripoff" comments piss me off. Literally every FBS team has stolen the whole "UniSwag" concept from Oregon. Teams that are green like us, Baylor and USF are doomed to forever be "Oregon ripoffs".
  12. largekfcbucket

    Uni's for Arkansas...

    Easily our best combo. Not even close.
  13. largekfcbucket

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    40-24. Good guys. Cole Hedlund continues his Heisman campaign.
  14. I will be there with the students who are traveling!
  15. Band is not going. Just asked SA on twitter. Talons, cheer squad and Scrappy are going. Womp womp. It's not a UNT game without the green brigade.