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  1. largekfcbucket

    Rank the UNT 2018 Schedule

    1. SMU. We need to actually contribute to the rivalry and the metroplex (and G5 fans) will take notice if we beat them. 2. FAU. Revenge? Eh. I just really want to beat them. 3. LA Tech. They were, like, 3 points away from being 10-2 last year. 4. Arkansas. All I ask for is a good game. I don't demand a W. Just go out there and show we can compete with P5 athletes. A W would be nice though. Nice as in I'd never shut up about it to my hog friends until the day I croak. 5. UTSA. Even the rivarly up and assert our dominance of I35. 6. UAB. I have no facts to back this up, but this game just doesn't scare me. I don't know why. We handled them pretty easily for most of the 2017 matchup. We'll be better. We should beat them. Meh. 7. Liberty. No slouch whatsoever and on the road, I can say this game makes me a little nervous. 8. USM. Hope they're better and give us a better game. 9. ODU. Might be a trap? I don't know anything about ODU football, sorry 10. UTEP. We should beat them this year, but they've actually played us *RELATIVELY* well recently despite struggles. I actually want UTEP to rebuild properly. Them being good helps us out and we need some beef in the west. 11. Rice. Have fun using a run first offense in Texas/CUSA, Rice lolololololololol 12. Incarnate Word. Really hoping I'm not wrong here.
  2. largekfcbucket

    Uniform talk?

    I have mixed feelings about the greys. I generally prefer JUST green and white - the Iowa combo is undoubtedly my favorite. All white looks so damn good. That being said, I think they can make grey look cool if they mix and match it. I didn't like what they did with it last year.
  3. largekfcbucket

    UNT Swag Question Here's what you're looking for.
  4. largekfcbucket

    Uniform talk?

    No new uniforms this year, but we will certainly see new combos. I really want them to rock the green helmet, green jersey, white pants more often. What a clean, slick combo.
  5. largekfcbucket


    I'll be there. Buy my broke college ass beer.
  6. largekfcbucket

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    Lord knows my fat ass could use it. That being said, I'd rather enjoy wins from my couch.
  7. largekfcbucket

    Is 2018 another 2014?

    If we go 4-8 this year I will do suicides in the brisk December cold at Apogee for 12 hours straight.
  8. largekfcbucket

    SMUt tailgating

    I want to tailgate for the SMUt game. I am a student, and I've meandered at every tailgating scene for every home game during my young tenure, but my pops and one of my closest friends are coming down for SMUt. I want to set up shop, get some good brisket going, all that good stuff. Does one have to reserve a spot, or is it a first come-first serve basis? Also, plug your tailgating spots and I will come say hello and steal your food.
  9. Also worth noting: Hedlund in his 3 years at Arkansas never missed an XP. 91/91. Unfortunately he did go 14/24 in career FGA and only went 1-5 on kicks longer than 40 yards
  10. He is also capable of this, FWIW. Dude didn't get an SEC scholarship for nothing. Have a little faith!
  11. largekfcbucket

    Loaded FAU will be aiming for a repeat

    Yes, but having the game at home might give us an advantage to at least try to set our own tempo and give the offense a little more comfort. Especially considering by this game we'll be a much more figured out team than we were when we played them in 2017.
  12. largekfcbucket

    Loaded FAU will be aiming for a repeat

    My hope is our guys are fired up enough after getting their asses handed to them twice to take them down. Hell I'd even take a close loss lol I just don't want some 55-10 nonsense happening in Apogee.
  13. largekfcbucket

    DRC: Shadow Creek WR Kealon Jackson commits to UNT

    Have we ever cracked a top 50 class? I am a second year fan/student and genuinely don't know. That'd be badass if this was the first.
  14. largekfcbucket

    First time to go to Apogee. Help?

    I'm bringing an Aggie friend to the game. He will be wearing Mean Green and yelling loud with me and @AustinFromUNT leading the student section. One conversion at a time.
  15. largekfcbucket

    First time to go to Apogee. Help?

    I am a student and I live on West Prairie. You can park at my place. All I charge is beer.