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  1. largekfcbucket

    ODU Uniforms...

    I deem these excellent.
  2. largekfcbucket


  3. largekfcbucket


    This is the toughest DL we've played all year. Be patient with the run game.
  4. largekfcbucket


    Offense seems to be fully back in its regular form. Awesome.
  5. largekfcbucket

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    in order to beat UAB we must get inside their heads. Instead of wearing sick kids' names on our jerseys, we will literally field a team of terminally ill children, fulfilling their lifelong dream of playing a spotlight college football game. The Blazers will be so thrown off that we come out guns-a-blazin and win 70-0.
  6. largekfcbucket

    Uniforms 10/13

    Yeah, not really sure where the flood of downvotes is coming from, but it's cool.
  7. Therefore.... convince me otherwise.
  8. largekfcbucket

    Uniforms 10/13

    Sorry, no, wearing black, the same color as your opponents helmets, at 1 pm does not make sense.
  9. largekfcbucket

    Uniforms 10/13

    i like the combo, but A) why are we wearing black for a 1 pm kickoff? B) why are we wearing one of the primary colors of the opponent? they're wearing black helmets too. this doesn't make any sense as a combo for this game, although i like the look.
  10. largekfcbucket

    Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread

    This one finna be a shootout folks, but if our front seven shows up we can edge them. North Texas 38 Southern Miss 33
  11. largekfcbucket

    It feels different now

    He's on the depth chart for the game as a starter, so he's probably fine.
  12. largekfcbucket

    Official UTEP Game Score Prediction Thread

    UTEP is absolutely awful. No, like, they're far and away the worst team in FBS football. There is no reason not to beat these guys by 50. UNT 59 UTEP 7
  13. largekfcbucket

    Great Venue, Great Fans

    Bard, the same can be said for those in blue and red. As I was exiting the stadium I had quite a few LT fans pat me on the back and one guy even just spent a few minutes sharing his excitement with me - I obliged, as I have been lucky enough to have been there before. At the end of the day, we're all just putting on a colored shirt and supporting a school we attended and love. It's refreshing to see fans like this just enjoy the game and atmosphere of college football instead of getting tangled up in personal spats because "my school is better than your school, dipshit" Best of luck to the bulldogs the rest of the way.
  14. largekfcbucket

    Opening Line Vs UTEP

    It's probably because UTEP has lost 17 straight games and is 130th out of 130 in S&P+.
  15. largekfcbucket


    Eh, I disagree, but it's kind of a moot point. It's okay to lose a heartbreaker once in a while. Happens to everyone.