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  1. Portland State will always be my worst Mean Green game for two reasons: we were supposed to win and instead got our doors blown off and I had to leave the game at halftime to go sign the paperwork for my dad to go on hospice care.
  2. I’m liking the edge in this game. Our guys look like they’re fired up, which is something we don’t always get to see.
  3. Sometimes, it really does feel like we’re the cooler of G5 football. We leave the Belt, and the Belt gets nice and salty. We show up to Conference USA, and it turns into a pillow fight.
  4. Co-sign. This is the responsible decision, and it’s disconcerting that UTEP’s President is throwing shade about it.
  5. If there is one thing I’d love to see banished for the remainder of this season, it’s the uniform fetish talk. Folks, we’re getting blasted week in and week out. Until we can be competitive on the field, can we please dispense with how awesome the uniforms are?
  6. At what point do we start worrying about what getting drilled week in and week out is going to do to our commits and targets? Are we already worrying?
  7. Going fast is not a virtue when you can’t reliably move the ball forward.
  8. This is the worst special teams game I’ve seen in the Apogee Era.
  9. It’s a chicken-or-egg problem. Our inept offense hurries up, leading to quick three and outs, which puts more pressure on our inept defense. SLOW. DOWN.
  10. They’re comparable in that they’re all scholarship FBS football players. That’s about the end of how comparable they are.
  11. Folks, I owe everyone an apology on that 4th down conversion by the Ponies. I momentarily thought “thank goodness, we’re going to hold them to a FG,” and I clearly angered the football gods.
  12. Looks like the best chance of that happening is to wear them out so much scoring the first six TDs that we can somehow hold them to two FGs the rest of the way.
  13. If I’m the D, I’m asking Littrell to ditch the up tempo. Down three starters already and we’re breaking land speed records to go three and out.
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