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  1. FirefightnRick's post in Fans To Vote For Flag Design Outside Apogee Stadium was marked as the answer   
    I am very excited.  It's been a long hard "Battle" to get it to this point...which is one of the reasons I named it The NT Battle Flag.  
    And many thanks and appreciation go to its founder, Talon and alumnus Jim "drex" Hobdy, and a huge defender of it, alumnus Bill "SilverEagle" Covert.
    And just let me know when an upgrade is needed.  We'll go get another larger one for y'all to fly.
  2. FirefightnRick's post in It's inevitable: Conference USA as we know it is going to change was marked as the answer   
    Speak for your self.
    Still not as bad as the nosedive we've been on for a decade and a half.   Just read the audit from last summer.  That and the fact the previous administration lost $80 million of tax payer money and it's a wonder we have an athletic department at all for the new folks to run.
  3. FirefightnRick's post in Mark Tikhonenko transferring to UNT was marked as the answer   
    Nah...he's good to go.
  4. FirefightnRick's post in MGB: Details of McCasland's contract with UNT was marked as the answer   
    As an alumn and fan, ....we're so damn gun shy from being eaten alive with zero accountability around here historically, that when reading this quote it nearly made me well up in tears.  I pray it's an honest position and I think it truly is.
  5. FirefightnRick's post in Ten Year Reunion was marked as the answer   
    Fun Times!
  6. FirefightnRick's post in SMU womens golf coach (Jeanne Sutherland) talking smack was marked as the answer   
    Just in case anyone needs a reminder of what the will call line at SMU looked like last year 45 minutes before kickoff.

  7. FirefightnRick's post in Big guys shag punts to cap spring practice was marked as the answer   
    As alumn and Mean Green fans we have to evaluate how much money we make and then decide what level of support we can afford to give towards supporting the Mean Green. We have to decide if we are even going to support them at all? Is it worth it? Are we going on vacation? How much is our house payment? Do the kids have a college plan to pay for? , What are the results? What improvement did we make? What questions remain? Are we going to stay the family course and strive to be the best providers we can be for them? Or are we going to hold back a little and give to the Mean Green? Did we work overtime this spring? Did we set a bit of it off to the side for the fall? Or did we blow it all on bills, piano lessons and braces for the kids? Can we do better? Can we strive to take on even more debt, or are we going to pack it up and curl into a fetal position and give in to the the pressure and allow our wife to purchase that new purse or pair of shoes? The questions lay before us. Are we willing to pay the price to find the answer to those questions? That's what we have to find out this coming fall and go forward with our plan to strive to be the best we can be.

  8. FirefightnRick's post in One thing I did like..... was marked as the answer   
    ....that I didnt have to drive home after witnessing that.

  9. FirefightnRick's post in What if it isn't a conspiracy? was marked as the answer   
    This game told me a lot about the competitive nature of my loving wife. As you can only imagine what it must be like married to me as she has been more than sensitive to my fanaticism for NT and an understanding only a loving spouse can have. After that game we walked down on the field and Army and the Mean Green were exchanging respects for each other's school songs as you've seen them do, and I say to my wife..."I guess I can swallow this loss considering it came to a bunch of guys who may be putting their lives on the line for us one day". And my wife immediately turned around to me with that stare you get when you accidentally leave the toilet seat up at night and said... "Im never watching another game until Todd Dodge is gone!", then turned and walked straight to the truck. And she held to that promise. Her next game was Mac's debut against Houston two years later.

  10. FirefightnRick's post in A little birdie told me was marked as the answer   
    And the new Texas coach is....

  11. FirefightnRick's post in Gone Hedge Trimming... was marked as the answer   
    Well, we made them shit their pants there for a little bit. It was so quiet in the third when we tied it up. DAMN that was awesome!!!

    Had we connected on a couple of plays things might have been different. Still, a 14 point game with 4:45 left to go against #9 isn't too bad, but I wished we could have run the clock out there at the end and kept it that way. Overall a lot of fun..

    I'll say this.... we got a defense people! Late in the game after they kicked that field goal to go up 17 our defense came off the field pissed off because through it all they were in it for the win. FOR THE WIN FOLKS!!!!....against gainst #9 Georgia....late in the game!

    When was the last time we could say that?

    That corner we have been trying to turn may be within sight!

    It's monsooning here now. Gonna be a slow drive back to Suwanee.

    Tulane.... You better buckle it up tight cause the REAL green is coming.

    The future.....IT's ALL GOOD AND ALL GREEN!!!!

  12. FirefightnRick's post in North Texas Mean Green Battle Flag....some history. was marked as the answer   
    Jim, brother, you know how much you mean to me. You did so much for this school...YOUR Alma Mater....when you worked for our AD dept...wearing countless hats all the while out-performing any marketing effort we have ever seen since with much bigger budgets and staff,...and giving me my first job out of school and all. So when a paid employee of our school set his sights on something you had started, something that was so cool and unique to North Texas, it just enfuriated me.
    So glad that ordeal turned out for the better.

    BTW, for those who are interested in seeing Drex's latest creation with the NT Mean Green Battle Flag they still had a few of them available at Voertmans a few weeks back. It's an awesome new creation that everyone can use regardless where you live.
  13. FirefightnRick's post in Why cant we fire Benford was marked as the answer   
    After this coming March we will still owe $1.280,000.

    The only other option is pay and reassign him and go with an interim, then hope TB moves on to another head coaching job.

    Reality is TB is here for at least another 2 years if not three. Stephens got three and Dodge was able to coach nearly midway through his 4th.

    What I want to see is someone be held accountable and make sure we never hand over one of our major three jobs to inexperience ever again.

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