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  1. Now, now, let's not loose our cool over this.
  2. Jahari Long, 2020 Point guard - Rivals.com
  3. I just hope he doesn't have us all saying everybody plays the fool in a couple years. I'm just telling it like it is.
  4. So LITTRELL was successful in recruiting LATRELL???
  5. The Pit could look like this regularly* *obviously without the commencement exercise in the middle of the floor
  6. All I see is bad blocking, receivers who are outclassed by the DB across from them, and an offensive playbook that throws the ball BACKWARDS for some strange reason. Still looks better than anything we had last year.
  7. Let’s be honest. At Memphis he was trying to beat out the QB’s on their roster. At North Texas he’s trying to overtake…Aune.
  8. #1- SL has NEVER, not once, proven he can win when it truly matters #2- Despite having what seems like 30 different QB's on this roster over the last half decade, we still don't have one that makes you say "yeah, that's the guy!" during games #3- A WR room that has been full of "potential" for a while now still hasn't come close to matching what we had with Darden, Bussey, and Guyton #4- While we bring in transfers from FCS and D2 schools, our opponents bring in transfers from the P5 ranks. You can say until you're blue in the face that people were "productive" at lower levels, but talent is talent is talent (if you don't believe this, watch film of games from years past). #5- I can't quite put my finger on the exact reason, but this feels like the least excited I've been for a season in a long time. Like, less excited than the last few years of Dickey or McCarney eras.
  9. You give me that roster (in their college playing days) and any of the following, Josh White, Ryan Woolridge or Javion Hamlet, and I’ll put $10,000 on them to win CUSA this year.
  10. Shannon Shorter has been added as well
  11. Agreed. And then they should leave them on the bench all game so we have something to gripe about
  12. Admins, feel free to move this but I really wanted to get this in front of the biggest audience possible. On June 11th, I will be repelling off of a 6-story tower to raise money for the Children's Advocacy Center of North Texas. The money raised will support therapy sessions for children who are brave enough to come forward about abuse. I encourage everyone to click the link below and give! Children's Advocacy Center for North Texas, Inc. - Argyle Police Department's fundraiser (networkforgood.com) Also, if you are local, that same day my police department will be hosting our 2nd Annual Child Safety Fair. It is free and will include a LOT of activities, information, and giveaways to keep kids safe. https://fb.me/e/mKaHLkhsM
  13. I’ll be looking for that production when Dion Novil isn’t on this team
  14. I certainly don’t see Cardwell or Booger (or Abbe, or Pruitt, or Sarge McCoy) on this roster…so maybe we need all the bodies we can get to hope for success by committee
  15. Teams that go 0-12 are also full of players with "game experience."
  16. Kansas and Iowa State will enjoy beating him until it’s Auburn and Missouri’s turn
  17. Hold on, are we talking about the school he went to…or the school he left?
  18. Just thinking out loud here, but don’t you have to start something in order to continue it?
  19. So, back-to-back-to-back-to-back NBA Finals appearances and two titles in his first excursion away from Cleveland, and another title the second time he left, is what you’re resting your argument on? Seriously man, do you just hand the keyboard to a monkey with a learning disability and say “Have at it!”??
  20. And just think, the likely starter this year couldn’t start the season over that Kansas xfer OR the guy who transferred in the next year.
  21. I went to get donuts for the family today. One of them was frosted to look like Spider-Man
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