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  1. Tell me one more time how they’re gonna “sell out” our stadium
  2. I look forward to EACH and EVERY time anyone discusses your 2021 season. KFC1: ”We’re a real school with a real athletic program. We won a CUSA title and went 13-1 in 2021!” Anyone: ”13-1?? Now that is impressive, I’m sure you must have lost to a real juggernaut to ruin a perfect season” KFC1: “Actually, we lost to a 6-6 North Texas squad” Anyone: “Wow, a 6-6 squad? Well then, you must have lost a close one on a fluke play.” KFC1: “Actually, we were never in the game. North Texas ran through us like bad Indian food the whole game…like, ZERO resistance.” Anyone: “Ooooh, so that 2021 season sounds, umm, nice?”
  3. I just noticed UTSA isn’t ranked. What happened?
  4. Wasn’t handed the job…so he’s bailing (my money would be on UT)
  5. Maybe I’m just out of the loop, but what are the different strains of those diseases? Is there an Omicron or Delta polio?
  6. Vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t get COVID. Just like the flu vaccine doesn’t mean you can’t get the flu. But I can tell you, as a fully vaccinated person who later got COVID, the symptoms are far less severe…and that is the point
  7. They’re picked to win their conference and went two rounds deep in the tourney last season. It’s a quality win.
  8. You may need to put “North Texas” in the search box on ESPN+ The UTSA massacre and the Drake basketball game are both still there
  9. Think about it, in the span of a week he could go from coaching in the AAC…to coaching in the Big XII…to potentially coaching in the SEC
  10. I wouldn’t look for GH to be in LA next year 😉
  11. Are they just gonna link Lincoln Riley to every job? A few days ago he was supposed to be headed to LSU
  12. Don’t forget, Drake also made some noise in the tourney last year. I think you are seeing the growth that I told everyone would occur with this young team.
  13. Admins, you can go ahead and lock this thread now. It won't get any better than this.
  14. It didn't work in the rain, and completely shut down in the second half
  15. They can say whatever they want, as long as they hold this L for me.
  16. Three thoughts if these projections come to fruition. First, UTSA’s dream season likely ends with a 3rd straight loss after losing to WKU in the CUSA title game. Second, a game against Houston in the Armed Forces bowl has all the makings of a SL bowl special. Third, maybe I missed it, but where is UT’s bowl projection?
  17. Try every 50 years if you’re talking about beating a ranked team
  18. So, we’re just gonna ignore the fact that he just curb stomped the nation’s #22 team when the top 4 receivers that HE recruited, the #1 running back that HE recruited, and several DB’s that HE recruited are injured and didn’t play? Awful convenient omission from your argument. If Wren lets him go, I’d understand. If he sees a bowl eligible team that had every reason to lay down at 1-6 and gives him another year, I’d understand.
  19. I love that they’re actually engaging in attendance smack. The only problems with talking about our attendance are: - This game was played in 40 degree rainy weather…it’s easy to get people to show up with no elements to worry about - Let’s be honest, ranked or unranked, when people hear that we’re playing UTSA only the most die hard North Texas fans don’t say… - Your unbeaten squad just got treated like a tune up opponent and you’re concerned about how many were there to watch it?
  20. The last time a North Texas coach was 0-5 and rattled off a bunch of wins to reach a bowl, we won 4 straight conference titles. Who was that guy?
  21. I’ll happily eat a big helping. It is obvious that this team still believes in SL, and that’s gonna have to be enough for me.
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