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  1. There is no good explanation for this. I managed to walk over to that tower for four years…even when we played on the road.
  2. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, all I can say is… FINS UP!!!
  3. If a train leaves Cleveland at 1:30 on the Tuesday before Christmas and a horse starts running north at dawn, how much was a bottle of Pepsi in 1982???
  4. After yesterday’s performance, and seeing UAB get beat by FAU, all the games left on this schedule are winnable. I’m not guaranteeing we will win out, but the path is there. And I am DEFINITELY down for a return trip to San Antonio to ruin that community college’s season again.
  5. What do we do with Littrell? We let him coach next week. Then the next, and so on, until it is clear he won’t win a conference title this year. If we wins a conference title, we let him coach next year. If we draw a decent bowl opponent and win, we let him coach next year.
  6. Nope, it’s like dating a crazy, hot girl. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s REALLY bad.
  7. Never fear everyone, Austin Aune is back to his normal self. I’m certain the NFL is salivating.
  8. I just want it on record that I called Gumms being a stud when he was first signed.
  9. Have to give credit where it is due, that was a very pretty pass from Aune
  10. Crowds like last years La Tech game (or close to it) regardless of opponent is what it will take. High level ball players don’t want to play in front of small crowds. Also, an intimidating home crowd will win us some games…I truly believe winning the Texas State game and playing Virginia so tough had something to do with our fans.
  11. So, he's a BMW and not a Bentley? I'm cool with that.
  12. Other programs have come sniffing around (SMU included if you consider them “big boys”) and Mac has chosen to stay put. I think he knows what some of us forget…this place has the potential to be special.
  13. What I was most interested to hear was the fact that we can't schedule bigger name opponents at home because, though we've tried, teams don't want to face our program in our gym. This is when you know you've built a quality program. I long for the days when the reason we can't get opponents to Apogee is because other schools fear a loss.
  14. Go back and watch the play. If he isn’t held as he beats the lineman, he is squared up.
  15. San Antonio community college should have never even been in this game. If Austin Aune is even a decent quarterback, he has two touchdown throws to Shorter in the first half and we’re running the football to ice it.
  16. Isiah Johnson hurt his leg jumping up to celebrate That is SOOOO North Texas
  17. Well folks, just remember the defense played well enough to win
  18. There’s the Aune we all know. Throwing 2 yards BEHIND the receiver
  19. At the rate UTSA is having players go down, Seth is gonna lose this game to their backups
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