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  1. This guy was 5'11" (if that) Tylor Perry - North Texas Mean Green Guard - ESPN Run...pass....and score
  2. Interesting paragraph from that UNT preview: ”New UNT head coach Eric Morris has made a point of letting the press know that he believes the weather will be to the Mean Green’s advantage and sources tell us that even after ESPN and Cal agreed to push the kickoff into the evening, Morris vetoed the idea.” Also, the preview calls Littrell possibly our most successful coach in history. 🙄
  3. What do you expect of people who have never been to college?
  4. I don’t care if you’re from Texas, or even a place hotter, unless you have been in this heat working out for the past month or so you are not ready for it
  5. I know (or hope) that everyone will be drinking lots of water to go with your other beverages. What else is everyone doing to make tailgating bearable? I am considering some of the bucket top misting fans, but don’t know enough about them to drop several hundred dollars if they won’t be an all-day solution.
  6. I am going to say it now (with our team sight unseen), we will win both of those games
  7. In “Week 0” CUSA has two conference games. UTEP vs Jacksonville State (JSU currently up 17-14) FIU vs La Tech No matter how this whole Pac4 thing shakes out, we are SO much better off outside of that league
  8. Third side: A week out from a game where you open against a name opponent you do everything you can to entice people to attend (especially when weather may be a factor)
  9. But if it does happen, hide all sharp objects from the folks in University Park 😆
  10. THANK YOU for doing literally the only thing that will position our program for better things…when the “fans” invest more than their opinions we will be where we need to be
  11. I see no issue. I buy early and make my donation because: 1) I want to sit where I want to sit and hold those seats 2) I want to support UNT athletes
  12. La Tech and probably Tulsa…maybe Tulane
  13. I think this brings up very interesting questions. Obviously, the main driving factor for SMU is their insatiable desire to feel “included” at the big boy table. This is something they have sought for decades, ever since their SWC brethren left them (and they’ve been told “no” when they’ve asked to rejoin them repeatedly). Does this get them back to being seen as one of Texas, aTm, Baylor, or TCU’s peers…especially when you consider that TCU’s path to a P5 conference was actually winning something in football (unlike SMU’s 38 year conference title drought)? They’re also banking on the local interest gained by having ACC teams come to Dallas. Yes, people will buy tickets to see Florida State, Clemson, Miami, etc. (and SMU may actually be able to announce real butts in seats) but what happens when they aren’t beating those visiting teams? Will the people who honestly only came to see the opponent get bored of paying premium prices to watch them beat up SMU? Keep in mind, unlike Texas, OU, Baylor, or Tech, the ACC schools don’t have a local alumni base big enough to keep making up 75% of the crowd. I am sure they are banking on the bump they’ll see in recruiting. There is no doubt recruits in DFW will be excited by the chance to play ACC teams. Now what happens when the kid you want from Desoto finds out momma needs to travel to BOTH coasts to see her son play? And don’t forget, those teams you were so eager to be associated with get to recruit that same kid…only they can show him tangible success that wasn’t during the Reagan administration. Most importantly, is it safe to assume FSU, Clemson and others are going to be in the ACC by the time SMU starts seeing revenue sharing? These teams won’t magically forget how much more lucrative the SEC, Big10, and BigXII contracts are…and Stanford, Cal and SMU don’t make up that ground for the ACC. You might argue that now ESPN can broadcast ACC content on the west coast and in DFW…but do they really capture those markets well enough to make up the $10M per school difference between the ACC deal and the deals in the BigXII, SEC and Big10? And SMU won’t be getting any of the TV revenue distribution during all of this to help offset the negatives. Baylor grew its program on the rest of the Big XII’s coattails…because they were getting paid.
  14. This is hilarious. SMU is about to give the ACC access to the DFW market, not get paid for it…and then watch as the ACC folds over the next few years.
  15. Not to worry, because I honestly doubt this guy speaks for Oregon State (or anyone besides himself for that matter).
  16. If we did that, I would cancel season tickets and demand the AD be fired. The ACC won't be there, at least not in anything close to its current form, by the time those 5-7 years are up...likely not even for the next 3.
  17. To keep it interesting, yes.
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