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  1. This is also exactly what you say when you’re explaining why you’re dating a stripper
  2. My kids each walked up and grabbed one. The people manning the table gave me a blank stare when I asked what the MGSF gift was…but they let the kids grab whatever they wanted.
  3. Anyone else think we could just boot GoMeanGo, replace him with a Mad Lib generator, and see no difference in content?
  4. The guy who is trying to prove himself as our full-time starter held back his legit track speed (because that’s what Jason Bean has) because his coach “didn’t want teams to have film on him?”
  5. I like Ruder too, and am glad he’s our starter, but the bolded part above is some of the most extreme homerism I’ve seen. If Ruder was as fast as Bean he would have had at least one TD on those scrambles.
  6. Let’s have the whole conversation, shall we. If you took all “285,000” alumni AND all 32,000 undergrads AND all 136,000 Denton residents…then an attendance of 20,000 for North Texas is pretty depressing* *Depressing until you compare it to a school situated smack dab in the center of a city of 1,300,000, that has pushed their “pony up” campaign into every other city/town they can desperately reach out to (including Denton), and is coming off actual winning seasons, and was playing an FCS team from THIS state…and still can’t get anyone to give a damn
  7. Now THAT is the kind of academics smack he was begging for!
  8. Wow! That is impressive. Impressive that, in a city of 1.3 million, “Dallas’ Team” couldn’t get any of them to care about the first home game. Don’t worry, we’ll bring the crowd for you like we always do.
  9. Crowd is gonna be at least a few hundred shorter. A lot of the high school band kids that came out here have already left because of heat related issues, some kids passing out.
  10. He threw for 163, 2 TD, no INT’s Had 53 yards rushing…the rest of the team had 30 total. Not winning any Heismans, but there is ZERO else going on with that offense.
  11. From fraternities, to trophy wives, to conference membership, it’s the SMU mantra…”You may have no interest in associating with me otherwise, but I’ll pay you to let me hang around”
  12. Very interesting over on the shetland pony board as they realize that NOBODY sees them the way they do.
  13. BYU, UCF, Cincinnati, Houston considered top candidates for Big 12 expansion, sources confirm https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32134459/byu-ucf-cincinnati-houston-considered-top-candidates-big-12-expansion-sources-confirm
  14. You will, but some simply can’t get past their initial assessment and secretly wish bad things on a young man (and crap on KU football) because it’s easier than “I may have been wrong”
  15. For all the UT-Walmart fans…the longhorns plan to play both quarterbacks in their opener and will decide after the game who they like (against a ranked opponent). There was no declaration of “we’ll pick someone and stick with them” in the article I read.
  16. I swear, if we could just keep all the Denton talent home, we’d have a top 25 national class
  17. I won’t lie, I think I might take the #2 option. That’s several proven speedsters, amazing possession receivers, and utility guys.
  18. It is arguable that this might be the best collection of WR talent we’ve had. There are guys with P5 offers, speedsters, and legit size. So my question is, which receiving corps would you take, assuming all are in their college prime: 1) This year’s receivers + Jaelon Darden and Casey Fitzerald, or 2) Johnny Quinn, George Marshall, Brock McGrew (assuming he catches the balls), Jalen Guyton, Jamel Branch, and Brelan Chancellor To keep it simple, stick to the given options and assume we aren’t considering players from the 50’s
  19. Is that really the spirit you’re most afraid of in this particular thread?
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