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  1. I don’t have a favorite for our next head coach, but I want someone with the stones (or creativity) to work plays like this into our playbook. IMG_5337.MOV
  2. I heard it was a list of five. Dylon, Dylon, Dylon, Dylon, and Dylon.
  3. This is no surprise. The guy recruited them here, he was in the locker room with them, and he (more than) likely is a mentor to them. They are supposed to be emotional when their coach is gone. Luckily Smatresk isn’t a football player and could make a business decision.
  4. If this is true, I genuinely wish him the best. He was no longer the answer for moving us forward, but he was a good man and I thank him for his efforts while here.
  5. You literally answered your own question in the second to last sentence. But let’s be honest, even as you typed that you knew there is no real comparison between Steve Ramsey and Aune
  6. Did you know he played in the Yankees farm system?
  7. I preached that for 4 1/2 years while in college as a member of Talons. Then I preached it for the past 20 years to fellow alumni who can’t be bothered to even know we have a game that Saturday. But I had a realization when my family left the watching party on Friday and my oldest daughter (who I have indoctrinated and pushed towards attending North Texas since before the day she could understand words) said to me “dad, why do you want me to go to a school that doesn’t even take sports seriously? They know that coach and quarterback are bad, why won’t they fix it?” I didn’t have an answer for that. I can’t honestly answer why she (or I) should be more emotionally invested than the university is.
  8. I have attended the 5A and 6A state title games with a group of friends (all NT alumni) for over a decade now. Those games are being played Dec 17. There is a less than 0% chance I break that tradition to watch Seth Littrell get out coached and Aune play lawn darts in a bowl game.
  9. Define fine, because either of those coaches would have recruited FAR better and Lincoln Riley would never let Aune hold the QB job for multiple seasons. We’d be asking them to win a conference currently dominated by University of Phoenix applicants’ safety school. So, yeah, I’d expect they would do “fine”
  10. Early front runner is this new guy, Leth Sittrell
  11. Enlighten me then, who is ultimately responsible for his team’s success/failure??
  12. That alone should spell SL’s demise. If you are the President of North Texas and realize you are this far behind San Antonio Community College in ANYTHING, you make a change immediately.
  13. I think I should have been harder on him. 2 picks, and another where he was saved by a defensive hold nowhere near where the INT happened. Did anyone hear that he played minor league baseball? That’s the only thing of note you can mention..unless you want to talk about meaningless yards and TD’s in games where he’s already thrown us out of contention
  14. If we had a decent QB, I want those timeouts called. I NEVER want the ball in Aune’s hands when the defense doesn’t have to respect the run.
  15. It isn’t an either/or proposition. The defense gives up a lot of garbage points AND Austin Aune is just as likely to throw into the dirt as he is a receiver’s hands. We have had SEVERAL plays where we got behind the defense…Mr. back foot heave just can’t hit them
  16. Why in the hell do you burn time outs to give Austin Aune the ball with just over a minute left? UTSA knows what we all know….AUSTIN AUNE HAS NEVER BEEN CAPABLE OF BEATING A TEAM WITH HIS ARM
  17. UTSA’s defensive backs coach: Just be patient, Aune will throw us a couple
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