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  1. If we part ways with SL after this year, I want Brennan Marion for a couple reasons, in descending order: 1) He has won at every place he has been 2) His offensive philosophy (that employs some triple option concepts along with the spread) would allow a team at our level to use a scheme that people have to prepare for 3) I’m always in favor of qualified minority coaches getting a shot at a head coaching job
  2. Impressive, but this is one night of summer league. No real comparison can be drawn between the #2 pick in the draft who isn't playing for a roster spot and a guy from La Tech who went undrafted.
  3. Cheerleading is much easier when you have something to sell.
  4. Name the big game Seth Littrell has won. "Big Game" meaning a game with a championship or bowl title on the line, not a game against an SEC foe who would go on to finish 2-10 that year. I'll hang up, listen, and wait....
  5. Two things… 1) We have more wins than Texas Tech over the last 5 years 2) Kansas has less than 10 wins…but one of them is Texas
  6. Looks like a good player. I wonder where he will transfer to
  7. If you think things are the lowest they could be, do this mental exercise. Would you rather: A) Be where we currently are, or B) Be informed that Littrell has been let go and Todd Dodge will be signing a 5-year contract?
  8. On another note, anyone notice that in his tweet where he announces he's transferring he says he's going to play at "another level"? A not so subtle shot across the bow?
  9. This is a BIG announcement. They just might have the quarterback that can help them overcome the Jayhawks and Cyclones.
  10. You don't have to "find" a team when a team has already reached out to you and made an offer ($$$MU$$$).
  11. Regardless of how his teams do (and they are doing phenomenal), we could not ask for a better ambassador for our school than Mac
  12. Anyone notice that Draper is listed as a guard while JJ is listed as a GM?
  13. This could make Coach Hedlund’s rejection of SMU’s overtures to remain at North Texas all the more interesting
  14. Going to El Paso for the first time and want to know where the best place to stay is. Near the stadium? Downtown? Are the apartment rentals worth it? @El Paso Eagle @greenminer???
  15. He inherited some staffers who should have been gone when Dickey was here, much less several coaches later.
  16. He’s got a cousin named intracta who is really quite stubborn and impossible to negotiate with…luckily her twin sister equita who always gives you your fair share.
  17. I traveled to those away games. NONE of those stadiums (not even Malone in Monroe) were the dump that Fouts was. And, unless I missed them as I drove through the parking lots, there weren't portable generators brought in just to keep the lights on...and that is saying nothing of the locker rooms. Remember the time we turned the lights off in the Baylor locker room, not because we wanted to but because we literally lost power? Or, how about the time the athletic department gave away a bus trip to Austin to see us play...but had to take the fans off of that bus to put the players on it because the players' bus broke down? I do, because I was on that fan bus. We can keep trotting the fan fiction of "but he played in 5-3A the whole time" out all we want, but what we can't do is ignore that nobody else in that league of "start ups and leftovers" managed to put together a similar run in that league. Somehow, even with the 10 combined NFL draft picks that came from those schools between 2001-2004, they didn't do what lil' ol' North Texas did. And, can we please gather the guys like Brandon Kennedy, Patrick Cobbs, Jonas Buckles, Andy Blount, and Johnny Quinn and tell them, directly, "Guys, you only won because the teams you played were so incredibly bad."
  18. As a male student I never had a need for the on-campus clinic or its offerings. I also feel I should have been able to pay library fees only when I needed to look something up. Hell, while we're at it, I really only attended football and basketball games so I want a refund on the portion of my student fees that paid for golf, track, cross country, tennis and soccer. I mean, it's not as if I was signing up to attend a university that offered a total college experience and the fees were spelled out to me up front. 😏 *And, if my sarcasm didn't come through well enough, keep in mind that I fully intend to send one child through North Texas in about 4 years and two more through in about 10 years...fully expecting to pay the fees for every single thing North Texas has to offer.
  19. I'm actually going over the edge on June 10th and will be their "Kick Off" rappeller the night prior to the other participants because our department's Child Safety Fair event is 10a-2p on the 11th (speaking of which, I invite you all to bring your kids or spread the word to friends to bring their kids to the Safety Fair...there will be a TON of information and free stuff. Event link here: https://fb.me/e/mKaHLkhsM )
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