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  1. Nah, no pain on my end. If, and that’s a big IF, he goes on to be successful elsewhere, I’ll know that he was given every resource and opportunity while he was here and didn’t get over the hump.
  2. They got the 688 part right. And I only saw 5 deaths due to water exposure.
  3. NO! They played a completely different version of FIU, La Tech, Rice and UAB than we did. It is clearly established that teams put in a whole new roster when they play us and hold out the “good players” for the rest of the schedule.
  4. I’m really starting to think my workout regimen is working. So many women have offered to send me nudes while I stream this game.
  5. Yes, they beat us in rushing yards and passing yards…but lost in the biggest stat of all. 2 turnovers to our zero.
  6. Yeah Wren, give him what he deserves. The chance to coach for his job for the next two games.
  7. I think it was Rodriguez. If he doesn’t make that one handed catch on a bad snap, Rice has the ball deep in our territory or takes it in for a score. He saved this game.
  8. WKU beat FAU, so Seth and Aune have to beat Rice to get to the conference title game. We're screwed
  9. Let me just ask you this simple question. Assuming we win today, if I told you that your choices heading down to San Antonio were: 1) Mason Fine in his prime or 2) Austin Aune on the absolute best day of his career Who are you trusting to lead us against UTSA? And be honest.
  10. What was that crazy thing Rice just did when they got down to the 1 yard line. They did this play where the QB takes the snap from directly behind the center!
  11. Aune does the single dumbest thing I’ve seen in years by eating it on a 5 yard loss…then throws a straight up dime to a WIDE OPEN Shorter for a TD. So, as long as Shorter and Gumms get wide open, Aune may have a career day 😂
  12. It is clear Seth is abandoning what we do well (run the ball) to pad Aune’s numbers. Now we can have records that don’t tell the true story.
  13. My son and I were at Walmart yesterday, and there was this great new invention called a poncho. Much like a lot of other clothing that has been invented within the last several hundred years, it is waterproof. I also realized that God gave everyone this neat thing called skin that is also waterproof. So the only excuse I can come up with for not being here is that it’s not a priority.
  14. Proof that sometimes stats don’t tell the whole story
  15. Are you saying he tried to throw the game??! 😲😲😲
  16. I was a bit skeptical of this explanation, so I checked UTSA’s depth chart to see if others are kicking our tail in recruiting while being “young” like us. Good lord, UTSA better win this year because their starters are VERY senior heavy.
  17. Imagine for a moment being the CEO of a company, and then being asked to become the director of the sales department while a new CEO is brought in. Nobody would entertain this for more than 2 seconds.
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