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  1. Rice, UTSA, Middle Tennessee, La Tech, and Apogee. Now, if we were counting Sun Belt stadiums that number would climb a bit
  2. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Honestly, the only people this should shock are the members of the “I judge quarterbacks by how they act on the SIDELINE, but hope they can also play” crowd
  3. Kinda anti-climactic, they owe some people money every year
  4. So he committed after we finished back-to-back 4 win seasons, posts regularly to social media about his excitement for being a part of the Mean Green…and we think this season will be the deciding factor? Sure, that tracks.
  5. Be careful posting that kind of positivity around here. We have some who seem to survive on a steady diet of a lack of faith (and we wonder why more people don’t attend games…with those that do “support” us being so negative and clearly the best salesmen).
  6. I’m not to worried about their sizes, we have seen (recently in fact) that good production can come from a player their size in a 4-man front. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/aaron-bellazin/966 https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/brandon-mccoy/1014
  7. 6-6 regular season, after starting out ugly….lose the bowl game for a final record of 6-7
  8. My doubts have nothing to do with his leaving Arkansas, they are all based on his actual performance at North Texas. I am certain that the "but but but he had the best passer rating of any CUSA quarterback on a Saturday evening with cloudy skies and the temperature between 65 and 82 degrees" crowd will now come for me, but there is simply no denying that he shared Bean's propensity to loan the ball to the opposition and he was rotated with Bean by this coaching staff for a reason.
  9. I don’t know, ask any random 10 fans 3 months ago who they thought the top 3 receivers would be this season and see how many times his name comes up
  10. I just want it on record that he was my “dark horse” pick when the question was asked* *I also called Darden as special his first year
  11. I’ve seen this 30 for 30 probably ten different times, and I never fail to walk away with the same two thoughts. 1) I have no sympathy 2) There is no “history” at that school that doesn’t involve cheating
  12. Coulda saved a lot of time and just led with this.
  13. And our starting forwards and midfielders came off the field multiple times. Make no mistake, the only place North Texas didn’t dominate was the scoreboard. I have played in and watched hundreds of soccer games and aTm was not a better team.
  14. “Second, the broadening of the Big 12 with college football programs on the rise, as well as programs that expand the Big 12 footprint into new television markets, makes sense.” They say this…and then mention SMU as a possibility?
  15. If this sound doesn’t get you excited, something is wrong with you. Can’t wait to start my tailgating on Sep 3
  16. I certainly cannot. My first apartment in college was directly across the street (now a parking lot). Our parties always had a few “wanderers” from “The Inn” that came over.
  17. Obviously the event today was intended as a kickoff for the football season, and I’m anxiously counting down the days. Still, the thing I came away with today was a sense of excitement for our OVERALL athletic department. The women’s golf coach was a pleasure to hear from and it seems their arrow is pointing up. Softball sounds like a powerhouse in the making…and OU, Oklahoma State and (I believe) Purdue come to US this next season. Basketball is clearly the strongest mens program right now, and it’s impossible to hear Grant speak and not want to get some season tickets. Seth said all the coach speak you would expect, and I am now cautiously optimistic about what the defense may be this year. I feel like there is a reason to keep the Mean Green optimism up all year long.
  18. So Fine averaged more yards per game and Ramsey had a higher TD’s per game average. No real big statistical edge here. Sometimes I feel like our fan base trips over itself to point out how much better players (and coaches) from the “good ol’ days” were
  19. I just want him to avoid putting the ball on the turf
  20. This may be the scariest image you'll see all year.
  21. UT’s President may need some aloe vera for that burn 🔥
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