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  1. Depends on whether you consider ULM to be FBS. https://247sports.com/player/blake-fann-46135197/
  2. This was a loss, no amount of justification will change that. This kid can play, and I watched him do so against those bigger guys you reference.
  3. How can you discount a class that included Raveon Hoston? I think he still has us listed as his eventual college destination.
  4. The good stuff starts at the 12:30 mark
  5. I don't think it can be overestimated how great it is to have landed kids from: - SOC - Guyer - Shadow Creek - Aledo - North Shore Just getting our staff known in the hallways of these schools is a win. These are teams that have challenged for (or won) a lot of titles in the past few years, so these are kids that know how to win.
  6. We are a quality school with a lot to offer. Maybe our new coaching staff has finally found a way to communicate that.
  7. Gonna be kinda hard to complain about this offer list (though I’m sure a few will try) https://247sports.com/player/isaac-sohn-46128071/
  8. When are all these commits gonna break their vow of silence and make themselves known???
  9. Yeah, but the NBA is poised to offer them an invite any day now
  10. Never forget that emails can be set to auto-send, so you could hypothetically set them up on Monday and take Friday off.
  11. There was a decent overall crowd on hand tonight, and a really nice student section, so of course we shat the bed.
  12. I don’t know, the “#1 recruiting class” didn’t help them win so maybe North Texas 5th string is the new strategy
  13. Ok, which P5 realized this past week that they lack secondary depth?
  14. First for Miami since 2000
  15. She is not wearing green OR white in those photographs. Don’t come crying to me when you lose at the Miss Universe pageant.
  16. With even competent QB play (60% completions OR absence of back-breaking INT’s) this roster wins 2-3 more games last season.
  17. I’ll have you know, they are leaving for the Big XII next Friday! Or was it the Pac 12 on Tuesday? Or maybe the SEC??
  18. Abou was a non-factor today. Their 7-footer has neutralized him in both games. Although I think this may have been the most balanced we’ve looked in the scoring department, we STILL go to a “Tylor or nothing” in crunch time
  19. Against La Tech last night, our lead evaporated mainly (though not entirely) because Cobe Williams went at his defender and either got to the bucket or got to the line. This was not the first time this happened in conference and won’t be the last because Jam (or preserves, or jelly, or whatever) from UAB will do the same when we face them. My question is this; why don’t we have a guy like that? A guy who can penetrate off the dribble and put pressure on the opposition to either play perfect defense or foul? I’m not saying we abandon our entire offensive philosophy, but i’d like to see us have someone who can get a quick bucket when our offense has gone to sleep (as if seems to do once per game). Our pass around the perimeter and hope Tylor can hit a step back offense will bite us, and likely when it counts most.
  20. You’re exactly right that we need to maintain our traditions, and don’t even get me started on the lack of required allegiance to North Texas’ well-being among AD staffers. Were it up to me, the all whites would be the only thing we wear on the road, and the green jerseys would be the every home game apparel. I’d even discontinue the use of the flying worm because it was something like 10 logos ago (I notice the daffy eagle and clip art eagle don’t make “throwback” appearances). I just want to make sure you’re not driving yourself crazy in this crusade…especially if it is falling on deaf ears over on Bonnie Brae.
  21. It’s the low completion percentage to the opposing team that I’m most excited about.
  22. We offered him out of high school, along with a lot of others https://247sports.com/Player/Paula-Vaipulu-46080006/high-school-229373/
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