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  1. If, and that’s a big IF, the merry-go-round stops there, then I don‘t see a divisional game that isn’t driveable or doesn’t perk up at least some ears for home games. Memphis (if they stay) is a big win for the basketball schedule, and Navy is a great football game home or away. Overall, a better conference than where we are.
  2. Show me something official from an AAC source and I’ll get excited. Until then, I’m gonna swear that the past two seasons of losing football must be the sole determinant for conference expansion. 😏
  3. That reads like a SL press conference; says a whole lot of nothing.
  4. You, and many, STILL miss the point. I let go of caring about Jason Bean last year (note that I didn’t start the KU threads designed specifically to shit on a kid no longer enrolled here). I made no mention of Jason Bean in this thread. Jason Bean couldn’t lead this team does not equal Aune could. Jace Ruder isn’t what we hoped does not equal Aune is. The only “obsession” still alive when it comes to our quarterbacks is the obsession with twisting ourselves into knots trying to make a career backup a decent D1 starter…because admitting otherwise means we have to stop pretending he’s been overlooked and have to start admitting he wasn’t a better option than the other subpar options we’ve trotted out. But it’s easier to pretend my (proven over several seasons of in-game production) criticisms of Aune are due to a love affair with a kid that doesn’t even attend our university.
  5. 1. Aune split time with Bean last season and could never stand head and shoulders above a quarterback that many say they are happy to be rid of. He had the entire off-season, all of Spring ball without a true rival, and Fall camp to distinguish himself. He failed to do so, and started a second consecutive season behind a different quarterback. When he was given the reigns this season he has been pedestrian. Every opportunity to prove he could be the answer has been given, and the results are what they are. The quarterback this team needs is apparently not on this roster, still. That falls squarely on Littrell’s shoulders…Aune’s inability to perform is not. Other than that, spot on.
  6. Have you ever met a head coach that said to himself “I can do that here, but I could never replicate this at a place with better resources?” If you ever find me that head coach, not only do I not want him to interview for the North Texas job, I’m fairly sure he’s not successful anywhere.
  7. I see people throwing this around with such utter confidence, and yet not a shred of evidence to back it up. Give me one good reason why Skip Holtz, who isn’t exactly lining up P5 offers right now, we’re not go to a place with better facilities, better pay, better resources, and a better recruiting ground. Many people are pissed off at Seth Littrell right now and wanna take a big crap on this program, and I get it, it’s hard to be a North Texas fan right now. But let’s please stop exercising outside of reality and understand that the rest of the world might still live in it. ”I’m deadset on doubling down on doom and gloom so I can feel vindicated when I’m ‘right’” isn’t a cogent argument, it’s bluster.
  8. Steve Sarkisian’s contract at UT is for six years at 34.2M (let’s just call it 30M to keep the math simple and clean). So, that’s 5M a year. At least three of his assistants have guaranteed million dollar contracts. He also has the most profitable football program in America, so no shortage of resources. What’s the ROI on this? A 4-3 record with signature wins against ULa-La and Texas Tech…and being outscored by a total of 41-7 in the 4th quarters of their past two games.
  9. I AM OUTRAGED!!!!!! I DEMAND CHANGE!!!!! (I can only assume the U-Haul truck is on its way to Littrell’s house now…or did I need a few more exclamation marks?)
  10. 1) Is this season going well? 2) Does it seem like the team has quit? 3) If the team has quit, is it a coaching problem with Littrell? 4) Did we perhaps overpay for Littrell, making it hard to let him go? 5) Is it Wren Baker’s fault Littrell hasn’t been let go? 6) If I state ad nauseum that Wren should let Littrell go, in every thread, will it make the situation magically better? Do these things work on a quantity of words system? 7) Are we happy in our current conference? 8. How does everyone feel about black uniforms? How about gray? If someone could just answer all of these for me, we could shut the board down for the next month or so until basketball season.
  11. Leading 24-16 at the end of three quarters…UT had 1 yard of offense in the fourth quarter. ONE. Lost 32-24
  12. Sure, it would only cost Nebraska $20.4M to buy him out.
  13. I will be at Apogee! I have never witnessed, in person, 1,000 yards being put up and I need to check it off the bucket list.
  14. Yes, I am certain collegiate athletes count you among their fears
  15. Sooo, I really wanna know how our o-line grades out. If it weren’t for about 70 plays, we’re right in this game.
  16. No amount of wishing it to be true will make it so. He has started every season as the backup for a reason. That reason is that he isn’t good. If he’s “The best we have” then we need to go ahead and accept 1-11 right now.
  17. Aune honestly makes me miss this guy…
  18. If I’m a kid who hasn’t seen the field and had ANY other decent offers, I’m looking at the portal right now. if I’m Kason Martin, I’m heading for Fry Street right now.
  19. In the last 4 games, North Texas has trailed 127-14 in the first halves combined Let that stat sink in. Littrell shouldn’t be employed in the morning. If I were this bad at my job, Argyle would be on fire right now and half the citizens would be dead.
  20. I don’t want to EVER hear someone again say that “Aune is really a good quarterback.” If you compare him to a 85 year old blind man with a bad knee, then I might accept that he should be a backup.
  21. Liberty’s OC just called their QB and said “Next week, just pick literally ANYTHING you wanna call in the huddle. I’m taking the night off and taking my wife to dinner. If you put up less than 70, you’re getting cut”
  22. The play calling is total give up. Even the announcers are making fun of SL’s cowardice. “Your defense can’t stop anything and you need to pick up two yards. What do you have to lose?”
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