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  1. Close enough to halfway: Apogee - Grande - Sun Bowl map
  2. According to Dave, it's the first time ever in college football to have a final score of 57 - 31.
  3. I can't see a way to pause either stream
  4. Dave & Hank are literally one play behind
  5. I'm using my Win10 desktop - https://tunein.com/radio/North-Texas-Football-s296948/
  6. now I have Dave and Hank rather than whoever is announcing on the EPSN stream
  7. I seem to recall some people saying we would run a lot this year. 😉
  8. Makes more sense to play TCU than to play Baylor.
  9. Seriously, they could go with "The Washington Hogs" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hogs_(American_football) Or not so seriously, "The Hogettes" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hogettes
  10. Uh, you need to re-cover that poker table in green. 🙂
  11. +1 for suggesting 9 team divisions - like 2 conferences in one!
  12. Thanks - I couldn't find it! Ray definitely deserves a "Ray" vote
  13. It's completely different - it's facing the opposite direction! 😀
  14. I've never watched it, but I knew what you were referring to. But... ever since @Matt from A700 started this thread, I've had that clip in my mind, and you just gave me the excuse to add it. 😉
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