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  1. We have to focus on improving our O and D lines. Controlling the line of scrimmage is key to consistent winning and championships in CUSA. Unfortunately, our current coaching staff is enamored with recruiting only skill position players (which as a priority should come after you build a program with solid line play).
  2. Old Denton bad mojo never left this program. I’m afraid we need to clear house, cut our losses, and try to get out of this funk.
  3. At this point, Seth is just collecting a check. I’m tired of the apathy, excuses, and lack of results.
  4. Very possible. If his replacement builds his team through recruiting strong line play, then we will finally be headed in the right direction. You have to control the line of scrimmage.
  5. Perhaps. Cal dropping out after its loss today.
  6. I’m about to the point that I say...unless we win the conference championship, we need to clear house on our coaches. No accountability, no emotion, and no results in big games.
  7. It’s 3rd and 1 and we try to get cute and throw a screen?
  8. That return exemplifies the difference in each program. They have more speed, size, and depth.
  9. The defense is showing up now. This is why we desperately need a offensive line to help the offense capitalize on these stops.
  10. I agree. But, what coordinator would realistically want to come with the current situation of our offensive line? Your QB has minimal to no time to throw and the line can’t consistently open lanes to run in. This drastically limits your play-calling and stifles creativity.
  11. Our future recruiting classes need to be focused on one thing...building our lines. When we play a quality opponent, we are exposed for our weakness up front on offense and defense. We have to better compete in the trenches. As my former coach used to say “Games are won by blocking and tackling.” We do neither particularly well.
  12. The Jekyll and Hyde identity of this team is getting old. I think the coaching staff needs to be held accountable for its inability to find a consistency in its performance. There’s been enough time for this staff to address their performance in important games.
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