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  1. I’m viewing it through YouTube TV I guess. It was confusing to get it started and I missed the first 3-4 minutes of the game. I did have to login to ESPN+ and YouTube TV to get it to work.
  2. I like the fact that coach has us playing 3 SEC opponents as tune ups for Conference play.
  3. I will say this. We don’t need to get down if this continues and we don’t win. By the time it’s all said and done this year, I predict we still win CUSA and play in the tournament. Meanwhile, Arkansas will end up a top 10 team as their young team gels.
  4. The length and quickness of Arkansas is taking us out of our game early. We are fortunate that they haven’t shot the 3 well or the lead could be more. Let’s go UNT!
  5. As a Mean Green fan who grew up in Arkansas (Razorback fan too), this year’s Arkansas team could be scary good. Coach Musselman has depth and so many lineup possibilities this season it’s crazy. While he prefers to only run 8 players out per game, Musselman’s Razorbacks are easily 10 deep. In addition to the matchup nightmares presented to Arkansas opponents (by its size, speed, and athletic combinations), almost every player on their team can shoot the 3. One interesting player to consider is the Razorback’s Connor Vanover (7-3 Forward). Coach Musselman discussed the possibility this Sum
  6. John Savage (as many mentioned) Jim Mudd - even though he played only 2 seasons in Denton, he appears near the top in several all-time school categories. He averaged 25.2 points per game and 11.5 rebounds/game. In addition, he earned All Missouri Valley Conference team honors both years and at one time was the ninth leading scorer in the nation. Playing in the Missouri Valley Conference, Mudd went up against many formidable opponents including Cincinnati (#1 in the country), Bradley, St. Louis, Houston, and Wichita State. His battles with Cincinnati’s Oscar Robertson were amazing.
  7. Interesting discussion here. I get why most SL defenders state that he changed the culture. There’s no doubt that, when SL took over our program, it was in a downward spiral. I give him credit for his first few years and how he changed the team’s records from losing to winning seasons. He did change the team by setting us up for winning seasons (thus breaking the losing culture we were experiencing prior to his arrival). In turn, the program experienced increased fan excitement and support (indoor practice facility, etc). I’ll give him credit there. To be fair, you have to look a
  8. While I think the QB position is in fairly good shape for next year, who’s going to block for them? We HAVE to bring in linemen for next year and beyond. I do believe many of the youngsters will step up next year at the skill positions. However, it won’t matter if your QB has no time and is running for his life or there are no running lanes open for the RBs.
  9. UNT 69 LaTech 49 A shootout develops with a Mean Green offensive explosion in the second half to pull away for the win. During the after game press conference, SL remarks “Who needs a defense, if you can score 69!”
  10. Hey, if I need to look like a fool to help earn a victory, sign me up weekly! So glad I was wrong!
  11. UNT 24 UTEP 28 Coach Mumbles loses another game that they shouldn’t and he proceeds to put everyone to sleep with his monotone, unemotional, and usual ridiculous postgame interview. Time to clear house!
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