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  1. I saw that my logo design from a few years ago popped up on Twitter today. It reminded me that I have be wanting to revisit the design. Someone had mentioned before that they'd prefer the tri-lettering of 'UNT' rather than 'North Texas' spelled out, since it would look more symmetrical. They were right, so I made a version with that change. I also tweaked the helmets a little bit, by cleaning them up, adding some rotation, and making the logos bigger and more like they are on the actual helmets. I guess the Safeway Bowl isn't for another couple of weeks, but I still get pumped about it every y
  2. Nice to see this thread being revived every year. That logo is one I designed in 2014. I never liked it all that much. It needed a few more tweaks, especially around the "laces" in the middle. I'm more proud of the logo I put together a few years later, that captures the essence of Matt Simon's DMN quote. I kept the Safeway logo, because why not, this is really just for fun. I won't be making any kind of profit from it. Would be nice to put it on t-shirt though.
  3. I really enjoyed the statue unveiling. That crowd was something else! I'm glad I brought my camera along, to take a few pictures of Mean Joe Greene, during his speech.
  4. Resurrecting this thread because I have put together a new logo for the Safeway Bowl. Graphic design is a bit of a hobby of mine, and I've had enough free time this week to turn this artwork out. I really enjoy the lore behind the Safeway parking lot comment from Matt Simon, so I hope I captured the essence of that here. Please enjoy, and GO MEAN GREEN!
  5. I created a version of this logo before last year's game. I tweaked it a little bit, so that it can be re-used whenever. Do with it what you will.
  6. I thought Yellow was the area around the Atheletic buildings. The grass field I was referring to is North of the softball field. However, it sounds to me like that is not an official parking lot. I will likely just park in Orange and walk over the bridge.
  7. I would imagine that the school gets the revenue for the lots that are on UNT property. They likely contact with CSC to run the lots on event days. Now, I have a question. I have yet not been to a game this season. I did go to the Spring Game and I parked in the grassy field off of Bonnie Brae, which is just across the street from the Pressbox side of Apogee. Does anyone know if they are allowing people to park there for regular football games? Is it a cash lot, or do they require a pass? Thanks!
  8. I did something very similar with my opening day ticket from Apogee. I ordered a print from Johnny Carroll. He does aerial photography work. Here is the gallery on his site: http://proofs.dtxphoto.com/Commercial/aerial/apogee/19030212_6sN3XP#!i=1479915864&k=SMkxrgN This is what I did with an 8x12 photo I ordered from his site.
  9. Has anyone come across an aerial photo from the opener? I saw multiple aircraft flying overhead during the game, so I'm hoping someone was up there taking pictures. Would like to eventually frame my ticket stub with a nice photo of the stadium on that day.
  10. I think I wait for whatever Smitty cooks up. Plus, no doubt he'll have versions that would fit properly on a widescreen monitor.
  11. So is this a new direction in marketing for the Jolly Green Giant products?
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