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  1. Know what's scary? A new Klan. https://twitter.com/atotheco/status/1543274866807382018?s=20&t=Cctlv56fL-ebakn4muWmpg
  2. "They're not here to hurt me"...(just kill the vice president) https://news.yahoo.com/not-hurt-trump-urged-secret-180549776.html
  3. Totally more scary than creating anti-abortion laws that make a 10 year old rape victim give birth. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2022/07/01/ohio-girl-10-among-patients-going-indiana-abortion/7788415001/
  4. So scary. Not nearly as scary as the mensa candidates running for governor in Arizona though.
  5. "Among the ten best in North Texas"....aren't there about 10 even when you throw in the private universities?
  6. Failing to see how Stanford would be in the not so good category, they won the Director's Cup like 25 years in a row. I know football is king but they're in a much better position than Oregon State.
  7. Wow this sucks. I hate college sports now.
  8. Nothings lower than the Portland State game.
  9. It's been pretty stagnant in terms of territory for a while. Ukraine did launch an offensive to retake Snake Island though. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/06/21/russia-ukraine-war-latest-news-putin-odesa-nato/
  10. Nobody who thinks for themselves wants to hear anything candeath owens has to say.
  11. That's definitely what we needed here, another national review op-ed about muh gas prices. It's funny that any time people complain about rent, or groceries, or just getting by, the answer from conservatives is always to make adjustments to their lives and work their way out of their own problems. So here's a thought: don't like gas prices? Move closer to your job. You can't? Find a job that will let you work from home. Get rid of your 18mpg Suburban or F150 and stop living with an 80 mile round trip commute every day. Stop living in god awful exurbs where every neighborhood is designed for a car and not walking. Go for a nice walk to Tom Thumb instead of spending $100 to fill up that oversized vehicle. Get a bike. $5 fuel prices are future, no new refineries have been built since the 70's, and we're not going to build any new ones under any administration because we're boiling the earth into being unlivable. MEANWHILE this is what 40% of your city tax dollars go.
  12. Not sure how long these corporate landlords are gonna be able to rent to people who don't meet their requirements. They all want 3x's the rent on $2200 homes while the average renter doesn't make close to that. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/north-texas-renters-see-rates-surge-17-5-in-may/2988060/
  13. Right. Tell us how many Republicans voted to impeach the 2nd time around? Tell me why the Georgia state legislature passed a law that overrides voting results based on their discretion? Thankfully it's only a minority of extremists and we're not about to reverse Roe v Wade or undo any number of privacy decisions from the last 100 years. I was worried 44% of Republicans were looking for Trump to run in 2024, but I guess it's just a few larpers in the streets making noise.
  14. Do you think the random states you plucked don't also have people moving there? Are they selling at astronomical values because nobody wants them or something?
  15. Also, sell your house or stay in it, but don't buy one right now. The bubble is bigger than 08 and probably going to pop again in the next year or two.
  16. Hey guys, while you're here, read about some good news if you don't wanna get pulled into culture war nonsense. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/health/nyc-cancer-trial-delivers-unheard-of-result-complete-remission-for-everyone/3721476/ It was only 18 patients with a rarer cancer, but it killed the cancer in every one of them.
  17. *shrug* Gets him closer to death, hopefully. Vladimir Putin has taken 200,000 of Ukraine's children, claims Zelensky
  18. Putin got the cancer Ukrainian intelligence reported this a few weeks ago, now U.S. intelligence is.
  19. I hate to use a Mussolini analogy, but the chicken's feathers are slowly being plucked in Russia. And this is assuming that Putin is in good enough health to see this thing through, because there's evidence he's possibly not. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2022/03/05/russians-fleeing-as-nation-faces-economic-collapse/?sh=63321a370897
  20. The guy that was obsessed with my T levels in a thread you participated in, you think he's just assuming with that post? *shitty Biden impression* come on man
  21. You called me an a-hole, I responded nicely, and now you're being misogynistic for no reason. Get some therapy friend!
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