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  1. Picking nits here but at this point it's returning North Texas quarterback Jace Ruder.
  2. Certainly lousy timing contributed to this. The GoR expiring let the door open to this. Only thing I give the PAC a small pass on is USC/UCLA going to the B1G caught everyone off guard. But if you’re the conference commissioner you have to know those two schools are unhappy. This goes against current thinking but I would’ve added BYU and Boise years ago. Two passionate fan bases that travel and are easy trips. Not big markets but I’m watching Boise vs UCLA/USC every time. I don’t care about Arizona vs those schools. Plus it interjects new life into the conference. The irony of all this is the Stanford/Cal types and others didn’t want to be associated with those kinds schools. They thought it was about the academics, but it’s about the athletics. Well guess what, the USCs and Ohio States of the world don’t want to be associated with you. And adding BYU and Boise wouldn’t have threatened the teams at the top of the conference. Living out West part of me is bummed it’s falling apart but a bigger part thinks they’re getting what they deserved. And when USC and UCLA are going 7-5 in the B1G and spending millions on travel, they’ll all get what they asked for.
  3. You go exclusively streaming you immediately lose casual fans who will tune into your games. I watch games all day but I’m not getting Apple TV to watch the PAC. Even if they do some free games like MLS I’m probably not tuning in. Basically you’ll only get the fans of the teams and that doesn’t cut it. Also, Fox and especially ESPN will tone down any coverage of leagues/sports they don’t broadcast. Goodbye 75% of your coverage. From the beginning they should’ve had the PAC network in the ESPN fold like the ACC and SEC, they should’ve expanded to protect themselves from defections, and booted Larry Scott years ago. Too many late night games that 3/4 of the country didn’t see. They’ll teach college courses on how bad they f’d this up.
  4. Kinda shitty these good write ups get less engagement than a damn stadium name. Keep’em coming.
  5. I’m not buying your first scenario but ZERO chance this happens.
  6. Maybe we’re getting paid in free pens. This isn’t surprising, we have a history of lacking transparency when it comes to numbers. Edit- First part was a joke, second part isn’t. But hey we’re 22.7% ahead this year of ticket sales at this time in 2018 in months ending in “t”.
  7. Who do you think is the best receiving RB out of the group? Ragsdale?
  8. I hear what you’re saying but not every swing is going to be a home run. Curious to how long the deal is. Hoping every Datcu is basically a huge advertisement for UNT Athletics. It feels like something that works for now, if we win in the AAC maybe that changes
  9. Boise had the best run any G5 will ever have- won one of the most iconic games in recent CFB history, kept an HOF coach around for ten plus years and had a incredible run of winning football yet.... They're still in the MWC and not the rumored selection for PAC expansion and their upcoming schedule (besides Oregon at home) is pretty much equal to ours. I'd be pissed if I was a Boise fan but just shows winning doesn't change everything. 09/02 - at Washington 09/09 - UCF 09/16 - North Dakota 09/30 - at Memphis 2024 08/31 - at Georgia Southern 09/07 - Oregon State 09/14 - at Oregon 09/21 - Houston 2025 08/30 - at USF 09/06 - Eastern Washington 09/13 - Oregon 09/20 - at Houston 2026 09/05 - at Oregon 09/12 - East Carolina TBA - Memphis 2027 09/11 - USF 09/18 - at Marshall 2028 09/02 - Cincinnati 09/09 - at East Carolina 09/16 - Georgia Southern 2029 09/01 - at Cincinnati 09/08 - at Washington 2030 08/31 - at Memphis 2031 09/13 - Memphis 2032 09/04 - at Rice 09/11 - Washington State 2033 09/10 - at Washington State 2035 09/08 - Rice
  10. Love the breakdown. Little concerned about the level of play and depth at LB. Ready to be pleasantly surprised though.
  11. Still want to know if dannymacfan, jonnyeagle, cousin Oliver and Harry have ever been seen at the same time 🙂
  12. Not in the habit of blocking people. Even people whose opinions I don’t agree with I could probably have a pre game beer with. Lord knows I have some unpopular opinions.
  13. You know they draw better than us, right? Had the fifth pick in the draft? Have been in a better conference than us since…forever? The better comparison to Idaho is us, not Wyoming.
  14. This is the direction it seems like it’s going but something tells it doesn’t go there. If NIL gets reeled in, the playing field tightens up. Or if some of the traditional decent teams but not powers (Iowa, Va Tech and those teams) get passed by less traditional teams who spend big on NIL, there might be enough pushback to keep it from going to super conferences. Or if ratings start to go in the wrong direction, maybe common sense prevails. (Who am I kidding?)
  15. I didn’t hate it but like other things in the RV era, it was taken from somewhere else.
  16. Just goes to show the most successful G5s (ever?) have to use promotions to get butts in seats.
  17. You gotta love how he doesn’t blame Larry Scott, the university presidents, the ADs, etc. It’s the fans’ fault.
  18. I can't say I trust anybody yet. But he has a roomful of QBs to choose from and make it work this year. We get solid QB and decision making this year and that'll go a long way in gaining trust from the fan base.
  19. Why would the Big Ten act now, if it happens UO and UW won't get full shares and if anybody leaves the PAC it only increases the Big Ten leverage. They'd be dumb to offer them until the PAC figures it out. I'd be shocked if any of the schools rumored to be leaving sign a hefty GOR. Why would they? Who wants to be attached that much to a possible sinking ship? The only sense any of this needs to make is it's better to be on solid ground than quicksand and right now the Big 12 is more solid than the PAC. Could that change? Sure, but to use your logic if the PAC already had a good deal with everyone in agreement they would've announced it by now.
  20. I’d say it’s 80% they go. But also about 60% the PAC 12 doesn’t exist in five years.
  21. “Relative to expansion, I said coming out of our spring meetings (in West Virginia) that we have a plan. And we have a plan for expansion. And I am not really going to address it today,” Yormark said. “We do have a plan, and hopefully we can execute that plan sooner than later." “But as I have always said, I love the composition of this conference right now..." This ain't over. What was he supposed to say, "Yeah we're going after...."
  22. Pencil me in for the ACC having a down year.
  23. What I want to know is what was the percentage of kids who walked away from football before the portal and now after. I think some who enter the portal never really have the intention (or a much lesser intention) of playing football again.
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