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  1. This is the only proper complaint in this whole thread.
  2. Actually, this is how it’s done. We think about Boise or TCU winning games against bigger brand opponents but almost every year they played FCS teams. The only team I remember doing this was Fresno and for a two year stretch where they had a few big upsets and got some publicity but then lost games in the MWC and didn’t build on it. Then their teams got worse and they started getting smoked. Check out Fresno 2014. If you think we should go back to playing ranked opponents, that’s a different argument.
  3. I stopped at 2018 but from 2006-2018 TCU played an FCS team every year but one.
  4. So Jace Ruder might break records of Gino Torretta? Or Donovan McNabb? That’s wild.
  5. So does Aresco come out and make a statement? And if he does or doesn’t does that mean anything?
  6. Seen it reported a few places that the Apple offer is only good through the end of the week. With what’s going on, nobody is going to sign it.
  7. Am I weird for complaining about the “concerts” but ok scheduling FCS teams?…..don’t answer that. I’d go to Kalamazoo for a fall football game.
  8. It’s definitely not a good possibility but neither is Stanford/Cal to MWC. Im just not sure what moves the AAC has right now. Can’t see them going for WSU or OSU. The CSU/AFA thing only happens if the PAC tries to stay alive by taking MWC teams.
  9. This wouldn’t be bad- AAC West Division North Texas SMU AFA Colorado State UTSA Tulsa Tulane Rice Am I missing anyone?
  10. It’s something like if you want to give a year’s notice, you have to give it before June 30th and it’s 17 million. After the date a year’s notice it is 34 mil. SDSU could’ve given notice after June 30th and paid 17 mil but they wouldn’t join until 2025. That’s my reading.
  11. They owe $50 mil to Comcast. Not sure of the terms of how they are paying it back.
  12. CBS is reporting that Washington is wavering. I don’t see how you say no and can’t think of any team moving to a better conference and regretting it. You make the money work somehow.
  13. The interesting thing in all this is the play seems to be extend invitations soon after losing teams. The Big 12, AAC, Sun Belt, and even CUSA didn’t wait long. The PAC took a wait and see approach and both their members and TV got antsy about it. Bit of a simplification and the PAC may have thought they were too high and mighty for G5 teams but if they add four right after the LA schools left, maybe it doesn’t come to this.
  14. Seems Crow was a fan of Larry Scott to the very end. No wonder he wants to stay on a sinking ship.
  15. So you’d bring them on for sports that don’t provide revenue and would just be more competition for those non-revenue sports? Just for a little name clout? They should be in competition for the directors cup, i think they have 30+ sports. 36 to be exact.
  16. Cal brings nothing to the table. They aren’t a national brand, don’t travel, and haven’t been relevant on the field in a long time. Are people in the Bay Area tuning in in big numbers to a Cal vs Purdue game? I don’t think so. I think they averaged less than 40k at home last year. Stanford is a different animal but would you take them alone? They certainly aren’t a big enough brand to drag Cal with them. I know we’ve been saying this for a while but with the decline of ESPN, are we at a tipping point with tv revenue? Why add more teams to a pot that might not increase? Will Ohio State want to get the same share as Cal down the road? If Stanford doesn’t get better, does a 3-6 Stanford team versus a 4-5 Illinois team draw any viewers? It means nothing standings-wise and zero rivalry interest that similar Purdue vs Indiana game would bring. It just seems bringing on Stanford and Cal is just watering down the product. You can’t bring on everybody
  17. If we could get AFA and CSU to the AAC I’d rather take that. I live out West and wouldn’t want us to be in this.
  18. There may be a workaround to that. If a bunch of teams go to the PAC there’s probably some kind of clause that allows teams to exit.
  19. I've been in bands, I'm going to nitpick this. I'll even to grandpa yelling at clouds level and say they did right in 1994.
  20. I'm all for pre game entertainment but calling it a concert series, getting me all excited and then seeing it's cover bands, in Denton of all places........come on.
  21. I'm a little less bull-ish on this group mostly because I'm not sure how much cohesion they'll have with the quarterbacks. Also, the offense under Morris might rely more on precision than downfield athleticism. I love Ward and Burns I just wonder if they can adapt quickly. Just be prepared for a more short passing offense. Last year we had seven guys over twelve yards a catch. WSU didn't have one.
  22. Utah will not be left behind in this. If they at any time want the Big 12, they will take them. Just my opinion but after UW and UO I think Utah is the best prize. They had the third best attendance in the PAC last year and have had way more success on the field than any other of the PAC. As the poster above said, forget OSU and WSU, go for Colorado State and Air Force.
  23. I love looking at this kind of stuff but the problem is we never have enough consistent winning to see how that would change attendance. Two good years under Seth wasn't enough momentum to overcome a losing third year (or overcoming that killer Tech loss), much less what could happen over a four or five year stretch.
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